Will Lowes Cut Tile For You?

Lowes doesn’t cut tile for you anymore. The company used to cut tile purchased at Lowes stores in the past but their tile saws aren’t available for cuts anymore. You can either rent a wet saw or buy a wet saw to have the tile cut to specific sizes at home.

Lowes doesn’t cut tile anymore. Frequent chips (which make tile unusable) might be one of the causes the store doesn’t even consider cutting tile purchased from Lowes. Cutting tile was also time-consuming and most customers can get it done at home with a small investment of a wet tile saw.

Does Lowes cut tile for you?

Lowes used to cut tile for you up to a few years ago. This is not the case anymore as the tile-cutting saws have started to disappear from many Lowes locations. You can still buy tile and saws needed for perfect cuts at Lowes.

Tile can be cut by contractors in your home. Most of them have wet saws to cut tile and they save time running to Lowes for each cut. Contractors can also use wet tile saws you purchase at Lowes. Some Lowes stores used to rent out tile saws, but reports show even these locations are rare to find today.

Why would you even cut tile at Lowes?

The main question is why would you even consider cutting tile at Lowes? You need to make the markings yourself and in some cases, these are simply wrong. What you think is a straight line needs to be angled. Furthermore, even when Lowes cut tile for you it only made straight cuts. It’s almost impossible to have straight cuts on the tile in the kitchen and in the bathroom with all the appliances we have today.

This is why you need good cutting tools and a skilled professional to cut tile for you, on the spot. Simple straight cuts are easy to make when you mark tile correctly. But what about those round cuts or detailed cuts? In this case, a grinder with a tile blade or a handheld wet saw is needed. Lowes staff doesn’t have the technical skills needed to make these detailed cuts to a high standard even if they’d offer tile cutting services.

Why using a wet saw is better than cutting tile at Lowes?

Lowes used to cut tile, but not all types of tile. For example, they were now known for offering the best marble tile cutting results, and this type of tile needed to be cut at home.

But the question remains, why would Lowes cut tile these days when it takes time and storage space which can be better used elsewhere? Furthermore, what is the competition doing? Does Home Depot cut tile? These stores are always offering very similar services for the products they sell and they often copy each other in customer car policies.

How to cut Lowes tile on your own?

A good 4 ½” wet saw is ideal to cut most types of tile you find in stores. This saves you the trouble of running around various shops to make hundreds of tile cuts. Furthermore, you also end up spending less as some places charge a few cents per cut. When you factor in hundreds of cuts and the cost of gas it’s best to cut tile yourself without relying on Lowes.

You can cut ceramic tile with a manual tile cutter, which is the cheapest and easiest solution for storage. A manual tile isn’t ideal for smooth edges, however. For natural stone tile, you can use a wettable saw. A handheld wet tile saw is ideal for detailed cuts.

All of these tile cutting tools can be purchased and sold on Craigslist for a considerable percentage of the original purchasing price. They can also be rented from stores like Lowes.

Final thoughts

If you’re a contractor you can easily rent your tile cutting tools at Lowes to save time driving to and from the store. If you’re a DIY tile enthusiast you can invest in a wet tile saw which you can then sell when your project is finished.