Will Home Depot Cut Plexiglass to Size?

Home Depot doesn’t cut plexiglass. The large size of plexiglass sheets prevents the seller from offering cut to size services. You can only buy full sheets of plexiglass from sellers such as Home Depot.

If you love DIY projects around the house you might be wondering about cutting plexiglass. Since most Americans love Home Depot they tend to shop all things home here. But in most situations, a full sheet of plexiglass of acrylic sheet is just too much and you need it cut to size.

Does Home Depot Cut Plexiglass to Size?

No, Home Depot doesn’t cut plexiglass to size. The risk of accidents during cuts or during transportation with unfinished edges is high with plexiglass. You can only buy plexiglass at Home Depot and you’re either going to cut it yourself or hire a contractor to cut it at home for you.

Where can I get plexiglass cut near me?

The easiest place to get a plexiglass cut is on Amazon. It gets delivered to your door already cut to size. Most sellers who cut plexiglass to size are typically those offering small pieces (up to 8” x 10”) suitable for pictures and frames as large plexiglass is more expensive to ship.

Why Home Depot doesn’t Cut Plexiglass?

Home Depot is a great store with insufficient space and staff members to cut plexiglass to size. There are multiple ways to cut acrylic sheets from rounded edges to straight edges. This takes time Home Depot doesn’t have to invest with each purchase. Here are the main reasons the store isn’t offering the service, at least for the moment.

  • Insufficient store space

A sheet of plexiglass can measure as much as 96”. This requires a proper working table and proper power tools to cut. This is why Home Depot doesn’t offer the service as it would take up a lot of storage space and a dedicated area for the cuts alone.

  • Insufficient staff members

Staff needs to be trained for plexiglass cuts. Each store has a limited number of staff members which is typically held up stocking shelves and helping other customers out.

  • The time it takes to make precision cuts is considerable

Each cut is different as each customer is different. One customer wants a round hole for the AC tube while others want rounded edges for higher safety. There are endless types of requests and the time needed to deal with all of them is simply not something a retailer of this magnitude can offer at this moment without solely focusing on plexiglass.

The Best Home Depot Alternative for Cutting Plexiglass to Size

It can cost between $10 and $30 to have plexiglass cut to size. You can make considerable savings on large projects by cutting plexiglass yourself. We already know plexiglass doesn’t shatter and the operation is safe if you know how to do it.

How to Cut Plexiglass – Do It Yourself Without Help from Home Depot

Cutting 1/8” (thin) plexiglass – you can cut thin plexiglass with a utility knife (found at Home Depot or anywhere else). You need to use a guide such as a ruler and pass at least a few times through the same spot to make a deep groove in the plexiglass. You can then break away the pieces easily by hand.

Cutting ¼” plexiglass – medium-thickness plexiglass can be cut with rotary tools. You can use rotary tools for all types of irregular cuts which can’t be made precisely with a utility knife such as straight cuts.

Cutting thicker plexiglass – a jigsaw is used for cutting thick plexiglass. It only works on thick plexiglass as thin acrylic sheets tend to break under its cutting pressure. Make sure to only cut plexiglass ¼” or thicker with a jigsaw for smooth results.

Plexiglass sheets cut to size might be a premium service these days even with Home Depot. But you can save time and money by doing everything yourself. A good pair of safety glasses and a utility knife are a viable alternative for cutting plexiglass yourself.

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