Why Are Sub Zero Refrigerators So Expensive?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are luxury appliances. This high-end brand is made in the US and it has a certain exclusivity appeal as one of the most expensive appliances brands in the country.

Have you ever wondered why Sub-Zero Refrigerators are so expensive? But what about if Sub-Zero refrigerators are worth it? These 2 questions are very common when discussing large appliances for homes and restaurants.

But it has been a while since Consumer Reports explained this matter. Since then, the brand has grown both inside and outside of the country.

Sub-Zero makes some of the most luxurious appliances. Adding them to a home’s kitchen increases its value. A $7.500 refrigerator certainly makes the kitchen look a bit more appealing.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are made by a high-end brand

Sub-Zero is a luxury brand in the refrigerators world. It’s the Holy Grail when it comes to refrigerators. The brand heavily invests in research and development simply not following the crowds. This makes it highly appealing to a small segment of the market that knows what it wants.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are luxury appliances

These refrigerators are luxury appliances. They aren’t made for everybody. These are some of the most prestigious refrigerators to splurge on when you want to treat yourself.

If you’re building a home to rent, these are also some of those few appliances you can write down in your ad. For sure, simply naming Sub-Zero appliances will already filter out potential tenants and only prompt those truly interested in seeing the property to call.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are made in the US

These refrigerators made in the US are made by people earning a true living wage. This drives the cost of the products high, for sure. Sub-Zero refrigerators are made in Wisconsin and Arizona. The brand has its manufacturing facilities and its fridges aren’t assembled by the same factory applying a different badge on the same fridge.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are innovative

The research behind refrigerators is comprehensive. The Classic series, the Designer series, and the Pro Series are some of the most impressive refrigerators you can find today.

Of course, developing something that is different costs a lot in today’s manufacturing climate. This means the refrigerators have to cost more if made by different sometimes better standards.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are expensive to service

These different mechanisms and parts also drive servicing prices high for Sub-Zero refrigerators. They can cost as much as $1.000 to service. However, this is similar to all types of high-end or luxury appliances. They are simply made for those who don’t mind paying as much for servicing costs.

Sub-Zero makes built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators cost more than stand-alone refrigerators. There’s no denying these costs are constantly driven up by certain preferences such as custom sizing. However, by definition, built-in refrigerators have to fit a certain type of kitchen where things aren’t just thrown together.

This means you eventually end up paying more for the refrigerator. But whatever the case, you will even pay more for the custom kitchen cabinets that often go with these refrigerators. A kitchen that costs $20.000 only in cabinets isn’t rare with Sub-Zero appliances.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are rare

Then there’s the scarcity aspect. Sub-Zero refrigerators are rare because they’re expensive. This is why so many rich people or people who are willing to spend more on kitchen appliances choose Sub-Zero products. These are some of the most pretentious luxury appliances you can find.

So should you put a Sub-Zero refrigerator in your kitchen?

There are a few instances when purchasing a Sub-Zero refrigerator is recommended. You’d be glad to know these are appreciated in the following situations.

  • If you want your kitchen to like those in magazines

A special kitchen always demands special cabinets and high-end high-quality materials appliances. This is where Sub-Zero refrigerators look best in.

It might take a bit of saving up, but it’s always worth investing in a kitchen if you spend a lot of time in it. For people interested in the ultimate cooking experience there simply is no worthy alternative.

  • If you don’t mind setting a servicing budget aside

Setting a certain budget aside is a must for a homeowner. However, this budget needs to be constantly set aside once the warranty is up or if you have a problem that isn’t covered by the warranty. Make sure not to spend all of your money on expensive luxury appliances as these things happen.

  • If you plan to rent or sell an expensive home

Home remodeling and building homes to sell is one of the markets Sub-Zero refrigerators feel best in. These Wisconsin and Arizona refrigerators drive the home’s price by at least 1% and they can be used as a bargaining chip by good estate agents.

Final words

Sub-Zero refrigerators are a status symbol. They aren’t necessary. They aren’t even the best luxury refrigerators. Instead, these are some of the most reliable appliances to increase the value of a home.

They are also some of the most valued appliances when it comes to building a perfect custom-built kitchen. Make sure to go for the designer series if you want your home to look really good, just like in the magazines. The Sub-Zero Pro series is the recommended choice for commercial use in places such as restaurants, hotels, logs, etc.