Where Are Bosch Tools Made?

Bosch tools are made in Malaysia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Mexico, China, Hungary, and Romania. The first international locations of Bosch were focused on France with free trade based on the new EU.

German-made Bosch tools are primarily available for the US market. A small part of Bosch tools made in Germany is available in the United States. This includes products such as grinders, cordless drills, sanders, and other cordless tools. The US is also served by Mexico-made Bosch tools due to the country’s proximity. Bosch tools made in Mexico available in the US include routers and rotary hammers. Bosch table saws and hand saws typically come from China.

Who Makes Bosch Tools?

Robert Bosch GmbH makes Bosch tools. The German brand is independent of larger corporations and it manufacturers and designs its products. Bosch tools are renowned for being developed in Bosch’s factories around the world regardless of the country (not the case with many other power tool brands).

Over the past decade, Bosch has also expanded its factories in Europe. State subsidies helped Bosch open new production facilities in Romania (mostly electronics) and Hungary (engineering support).

Who Owns Bosch Tools?

Robert Bosch owns Bosch Tools. The brand is a unitary international design and manufacturing company that serves multiple parts of the world (60+ countries) under the brand ‘Bosch’.

Where are Bosch Drills Made?

Bosch drills are made in Malaysia and Hungary. It’s common to find Malaysia-made Bosch drills in the US and Hungary-made Bosch drills in Europe.

All Bosch manufacturing facilities are operated by the same manufacturing standards. There’s no difference between a drill made in Malaysia and a drill made in Hungary. Bosch employees typically undergo similar manufacturing guidelines and they attend multiple training courses so the tools are assembled to Bosch standards.


Are Bosch dishwashers made in China?

Bosch dishwashers are made in China, the USA, and Germany. The Ascenta series has been outsourced to China while many other Bosch dishwashers are made in the US with international parts. US Bosch dishwashers are made in North Carolina and not Germany. Dishwashers from Bosch are made all over the world, just as other Bosch tools.

Are Bosch washing machines made in Germany?

Bosch only makes the Series 8 washing machines in Germany. Manufacturing can also be subject to international outsourcing. Most product engineering and development is made in Germany, however.

Are Bosch fridges made in Germany?

Germany is where some high-end Bosch fridges are made. Most Bosch fridges are made in China. Some Bosch facilities also make refrigerators, especially those in Greece and Spain.