What Other Brands Use DeWalt Batteries?

DeWalt batteries are compatible with Klein, Graco, Surebonder, and Mac tools. These batteries are used on cordless tools DeWalt isn’t manufacturing. They need no adapter to work as native batteries.

Have you ever wondered about which batteries fit which tools? What about DeWalt? Do DeWalt batteries fit other brands?

Most people say no to these questions. But most importantly, they need to find out DeWalt batteries are compatible with other brands, and there are quite a few of them.

The ‘trick’ is these batteries are mainly used on tools not directly competing with DeWalt, such as air sprayers.

However, this is great news for all homeowners and all professionals who want to invest in DeWalt tools but aren’t sure about battery compatibility for a large collection of electric tools.

Which Brands do DeWalt batteries fit?

DeWalt is a world leader in professional power tools. Its cordless 18V and 20V batteries are so good they are often said to be the best.

But in today’s world, homeowners can’t rely on a single brand of tools for all of the tasks they have around the house if they don’t have the time to do some deep research.

If you love DeWalt (why wouldn’t you?) there are good chances you love tools as well. There’s no need to look for lesser brands with more tools such as Ryobi as you can use the same batteries to power a selection of tools.

You Can use DeWalt Batteries With Klein Tools

Klein is known for its manual tools. Cutting to high precision is where Klein shines. Some of this expertise has been transferred to power tools. Klein electric tools are compatible with DeWalt batteries.

  • Cable cutters

You can use DeWalt batteries on Klein cable cutters. As an electrician or as a DIYer, this is a step forward as you can have fast and accurate results with any type of cable around the house.

  • 7-ton cutters and 12-ton crimpers

A series of 7-2 and 12-ton crimpers are also compatible with DeWalt batteries. These powerful batteries work wonders with the crimpers professionals use.

  • Impact tools (impact driver, impact wrench tools, and 90-degree impact wrench)

Klein impact tools are also compatible with DeWalt batteries. These are mostly targeting professionals such as mechanics. But you can also use DeWalt-powered Klein tools in a garage with no electricity.

You can Use DeWalt Batteries With Graco Tools

DeWalt batteries are compatible with Graco tools. These are known as premium tools in the air spray world. The ability to use them without power gives users the option of spraying a garage, a house, or a car even without nearby electricity.

Graco is the most impressive brand DeWalt batteries are interchangeable with. These popular yellow batteries power some of the most respected tools in the painting world.

You can pain an entire house inside out with Graco tools, save money on contractors, and use no corded power. As a professional, you can invest in Graco tools (you can earn your airless sprayer investment back after only 1 job) for professional results.

  • Cordless handheld airless sprayer

The Graco cordless handheld airless sprayer is now compatible with DeWalt batteries. This airless sprayer takes its paint from the bucket and replacing standard power from a wall plug to batteries only allows you to finish a job quicker.

You can Use DeWalt Batteries With Surebonder Tools

Surebonder is a great brand for bonding things. It has great battery compatibility. Surebonder is also the brand with the highest battery compatibility range as seen in the tool that follows.

  • Hot glue gun

The Surebonder hot glue gun is compatible with DeWalt batteries. But Surebonder hot glue guns come in other versions compatible with Makita batteries, Milwaukee batteries, and Ryobi batteries.

You Can Use DeWalt Batteries With Mac Impact Tools

Mac tools are very good for garage work and general work around the house. They can also be used as professional tools. The best part is you can power Mac tools using DeWalt batteries.

  • 12V Impact wrench

A classic 12V impact wrench with a powerful 12V DeWalt battery is a great combination. You can use it for just about any task, small or large.

  • 20V Max Impact wrench

An even better choice comes with the Mac 20V impact wrench, powered by 20V DeWalt batteries. Ideal for large demanding projects, it can be a tool for enthusiasts and professionals.

  • 20V Brushless Driver

The 20V durable brushless Mac driver is ideal with DeWalt batteries. Installing those shelves won’t be a chore with this combo.

  • 12V Cordless ratchet

12V cordless Mac ratchets are compatible with DeWalt batteries. Small and easy to hold in hands, these are now shipped with batteries that last hours.

Can I use DeWalt 18V battery in a 20V tool?

You cannot use DeWalt 18v batteries in 20V tools. 20V DeWalt batteries aren’t compatible with 18V tools either. Battery voltage is non-negotiable and 20V is seen as an upgrade from 18V power.

Final words

DeWalt batteries are arguably the best in the world. There is a general misconception they aren’t compatible with other brands. But they work on Klein, Graco, Surebonder, and Mac tools. They are also compatible with all other brands when using an adapter (which adds bulk to the tool).

Since DeWalt is a king in power tools its batteries are often used with various adapters. However, these add bulk and if you like compact tools the temporary solution is not going to impress you.

The best plan is to buy tools in advance thinking about the brand you love the most and its battery compatibility. As seen above, DeWalt battery compatibility is also strong, unlike many residential users and professionals might first think. There’s no power loss when using these tools with DeWalt batteries.


Do DeWalt batteries work with Craftsman?

No, DeWalt batteries aren’t compatible with Craftsman tools. Craftsman is a brand design for residential and light commercial use while DeWalt is made for heavy commercial use. Combining strong batteries with limited-capacity tools is not the wisest idea.