What Materials Are Ikea’s Cabinets Made From?

Ikea kitchen cabinets are mostly made from particleboard. A veneer is an alternative material for Ikea kitchen cabinets considered most similar to ‘real wood’. Ikea also uses MDF materials, metal, and glass to make some kitchen cabinets.

Engineered wood is the primary material used to make the outer shell of Ikea cabinets. Real wood is used for the support frames of the cabinets.

Users can get Ikea kitchen cabinets with or without doors and drawer faces which can be ‘real wood’ but purchased from third-party sellers.

Ikea kitchen cabinets have a long warranty system differentiated by their materials. 5, 10, and even 25 years warranty is common on Ikea cabinets.

If you’re the type of person interested in solid wood kitchen cabinets Ikea is not going to be high on your list of priorities.

Still, these cabinets last long and they aren’t as expensive as other luxurious all-wood kitchen cabinets.

In fact, Ikea uses veneer to mimic the look of solid wood either for countertops or for the kitchen cabinets themselves.

List of Ikea cabinets by their materials

Real wood (solid wood) – Knoxhult, Sektion, Torhamn

Veneer – Sektion, Maximera

Fiberboard – Axstad

Particleboard – Knoxhult, Sinarp, Enhet

Glass – Sektion

Why doesn’t Ikea use real wood kitchen cabinets?

Ikea uses ash wood to make some of its cabinets such as those in the Tornhamn line. Most Ikea cabinets are made from particleboard, fiberboard, and veneer as cheaper options that are also lighter and easier to install.

Have you ever wondered why Ikea isn’t going the classic route of all real wood cabinets? It turns out the giant furniture manufacturer has a European approach to kitchen cabinets which aren’t as durable as classic American cabinets made out of hardwood.

This isn’t to say Ikea cabinets are bad since many are backed by quite extensive warranties. But there’s a difference between hardwood and particleboard that can’t be ignored. Here are the most common reasons why Ikea isn’t making too many solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Low shipping costs

Shipping costs are very high for furniture. Ikea needs to move a lot of furniture fast. It does this around the world.

To do this, it cannot price its furniture at a premium level and it can’t offer real wood cabinets that are made from maple or oak as these would simply be too heavy. In this case, too heavy means clients would have to pay hefty shipping costs.

Lower prices for cabinets

Lower prices for kitchen cabinets cannot be attained with oak and maple cabinets. It’s important to know that almost all of their cabinets are competitively priced.

Does Ikea make solid wood kitchen cabinets?

Ikea makes a small percentage of solid wood cabinets, mainly using ash wood. Most of their cabinets are made from particleboard and veneer. Solid wood is also used as structural support for cabinets made from particleboard.

Here are the typical materials are known as hardwood or similar to real wood you can find Ikea cabinets.

Ash wood – this is a type of hardwood of North American origin

Veneer (also called real wood) – this material refers to a type of natural wood glued to engineered wood

Should I get kitchen cabinets from Ikea?

You can get kitchen cabinets from Ikea without worrying about longevity. Sure, they don’t look like classic solid wood kitchen cabinets, but they have their advantages.

  • Great minimalist design

Ikea is very good at creating minimalist designs. It has done this with its kitchen cabinets for decades. From a design perspective, Ikea always got it right.

  • Good warranty

You can get a good warranty on your Ikea kitchen cabinets. There’s no doubt to believe these will last at least a decade.

  • Installation

Ikea works with installation companies in the US. You might need to pay for installation. However, it’s always worth having Ikea kitchen cabinets professionally-installed as they look the best when properly aligned.


Which Ikea kitchen cabinets are made with real wood?

Only a small percentage of Ikea cabinets are made with real wood. Ash wood is used to make them. Most other cabinets are made using engineered wood such as particleboard and fiberboard.

Are Ikea cabinet doors solid wood?

Most Ikea kitchen cabinet doors aren’t made from solid wood. Clients can purchase cabinets without doors and get hardwood doors from other third-party sellers.

Are Ikea’s cabinets cheaper than Home Depot cabinets?

Ikea cabinets start at the same price as Home Depot cabinets but they are generally cheaper. Ikea is known to standardize production costs until it makes its furniture competitively price.

Are Ikea cabinets cheaper than Lowes cabinets?

Ikea cabinets are generally more affordable than Lowe cabinets without installation. If you install them yourself you’ll end up saving money. Otherwise, you might pay more for Ikea cabinets.

Where are Ikea cabinets made?

Ikea cabinets made in China are manufactured with Chinese wood. Ikea also makes cabinets all around the world with local wood.

Which Ikea kitchen cabinets are made with real wood?

Knoxhult, Sektion, and Torhamn cabinets are made with real wood. This is mostly ash wood, a type of hardwood of North American origin.