What is The Best Way to Heat 1000 sq ft? (Solved)

Electric heaters are the best practical solution for heating 1000 square feet. Gas heaters are a cheaper option while pellet stoves offer more heating power but with a higher upfront cost.

Heating 1000 sq ft might not be an easy task when you’re on a budget. You might be looking to heat a house, a garage, or even an apartment. But how do you prevent high utility bills when you want to heat such a large space?

Unlike when using the best heaters for 500 square feet you need a bit more power to heat 1.000 square feet. Luckily, there are good options you can consider regardless if you live in Montana or New York.

Just how much heat is needed for 1000 square feet?

It’s estimated you need up to 60 BTU per square foot in a cold climate and up to 35 BTU per square foot in warm climates. You need a heater with a 30.000 BTU capacity to efficiently heat 1.000 square feet. These are considered high-capacity heaters as most are limited to around 20.000 BTU.

Heating up such a large space also depends on plenty of other factors such as the following.

Insulation – the entire building of 1.000 square feet needs to be properly insulated for the heaters to be truly efficient (check out the best place to buy insulation in our latest post).

Walls and building plans – the more walls you have inside 1.000 square feet the more power you need from your heater. Open-space 1.000 sq.ft. rooms are easier to heat.

Building sun exposure – if you live in an area where there’s sufficient sun exposure during the winter you can consider using a less powerful heater.

The Best Ways to Heat 1000 square feet – Which Heaters to Use?

The best heater for 1000n square feet is a heater that has at least 30.000 BTU capacity. It can use different types of fuel or electricity, but it has to be high-capacity.

Electric heaters

An electric heater is the first option that comes to mind. However, such powerful electric heaters aren’t easy to find. You need at least 1.500 Watts in the best electric heater for 1.000 sq.ft. to heat the place. However, you can even heat 2.000 square feet homes with 2 x 1.500W heaters efficiently without any other heat source.

But how much does it cost to heat 1.000 square feet with an electrical heater? It can cost up to $0.12 to heat a 1.000 square feet space with a 1.500W heater (at full capacity) and $0.08 (at low capacity).

EdenPure Copper Smart is one of the electric heaters with a temperature range between 40 degrees and 90F you can adjust.


  • Very practical
  • Safer than other heating methods
  • Easy to calculate the heating cost


  • You might need 2 x 1.500W heaters for 1.000 square feet with plenty of walls

Gas heaters

Gas is now cheaper than electricity and it offers a very good option for garages, homes, or apartment heating. The best gas heater for 1.000 sq.ft. has a minimum power output of 30.000 BTU.

You can connect a gas heater to the main gas line in your home to install a powerful gas heater. This can cost a few hundred dollars with a licensed professional.

After you’ve identified and connected the main gas pipe (LP gas tanks can work as an alternative) you can a natural gas heater such as Mr. Heater 30.000. Ideal for living rooms and other large open spaces, this heater can save you money and keep you warm during the winter.


  • Very powerful heater for the money
  • Plenty of good gas heaters to choose from
  • Installed in hours by professionals


  • Gas heaters have limited capacity above 4.500ft altitude

Pellet stoves

A pellet stove is the most powerful method of heating 1.000 sq ft efficiently without using wood. Based on practical and easy-to-clean pellets, pellet stoves can easily heat up to 30.000 square feet. While pellet stoves aren’t the best heaters for 500 sq ft due to their high heat profile they start to show their potential from 1.000 sq ft up.

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP-22 is one of the ideal pellet stove heaters for 1.000 square feet and up to 2.800 sq ft. It can heat up your space even in the coldest winters.


  • Very efficient at maintaining high temperatures
  • Easier to live with compared to wood stoves
  • Only requires pellet loading a few times per week


  • It needs a chimney

Wood burning stove

Wood burning stoves are the classic method considered to heat 1.000 sq ft. You can find good wood-burning stoves that can be as expensive as pellet-burning stoves. But the high initial investment can pay off with low wood costs in some areas of the country.

Ashley Heath AW112OE-P is a wood burning stove that handles spaces of up to 1.200 square feet. You can use it as the sole heat source of your home or as an additional heat source especially since it features a large see-through window that creates that cozy wintertime home atmosphere.


  • Ideal for remote homes
  • Made for high indoor heat
  • Easily found in capacities of up to 70.000 BTU


  • It requires more cleanup compared to pellets, gas, and electric heaters

Final words

Heating 1.000 square feet is not an easy task. But an electric heater for 1.000 sq ft or a wood burning stove for 1.000 sq ft can do the job efficiently. The power source or fuel source also dictates your heating bills during the winter. However, you need to ensure proper insulation for your large home or large garage you plan to heat to make the most of these heating solutions. This will ensure they don’t always run at full capacity which makes heating cheaper.