What is The Best Place to Buy an Alternator From?

Amazon, Autozone, and NAPA are the best places to buy an alternator. While these aren’t the cheapest alternator sellers they offer fast shipping, long (or lifetime warranty) as well as quality products made to last.

The cheapest place to buy an alternator from is your local repair shop. Alternator rebuild shops sell repaired second-hand alternators that can be up to 50% cheaper than new alternators. Some of them offer up to a 3-year warranty.

However, an alternator is not a purchase you want to find the cheapest products with. An alternator powers the electric components of a vehicle (lights, air conditioner, stereo, etc.) and it recharges the battery. It has a crucial role and you don’t want to save on the purchase.

However, alternator prices vary considerably from one place to another. Shipping prices can also add up to 20% to the final cost.

The Best Places to Buy an Alternator From

There are a few online and physical locations you can consider for buying an alternator. Delivery charges should be standard.


Amazon is one of the best places to buy an alternator from. Various online shopping filters allow you to choose your vehicle’s year, make, and model to see if the alternator fits your car or truck’s engine.

You can install an alternator yourself with the right tools. It’s best to read the alternator’s manual and to check explanatory videos before the job, however.

Ordering an alternator from Amazon is easy. The best part is you can check user reviews and only order the products that are popular and highly rated. Amazon’s popular rating system is still the most trustworthy in the online world.


Autozone sells the most reliable alternators. While these products aren’t as cheap as alternators on Amazon you can rest assured they are properly vetted before stocking. You can pay between $90 and $300 for an Autozone alternator.

One of the perks of shopping at Autozone is free in-store delivery. You can pick up your alternator at the nearest Autozone which also allows you to save time as nobody wants to waste hours and days repairing a car.


NAPA is one of the safest places to buy a trustworthy alternator. You can find alternators, alternator belts, and alternator connectors here. If your car battery is also out you can consider making the most of NAPA’S $20 back policy when you ship your old battery. All in all, you can get a good deal at NAPA but the place is mostly recommended for buying high-quality alternators.

Alternator rebuild shops

The cheapest place to find an alternator is with alternator rebuild shops. Given there aren’t too many of these left around the country you might find it difficult to identify such a repair shop near you. However, you can get some of the best savings on alternators when going through a repair shop. The only problem here is trust. Can you go on driving knowing you have a repaired alternator?

O’Reilly Auto

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers free next-day delivery and a good choice of alternators. The best part about shopping at O’Reilly is the availability of car parts as well as a limited lifetime warranty for alternators.


Another option is shopping at RockAuto. While this is not a place that is generally user-friendly for online shopping you can find good deals at the retailer.


Does Autozone put on alternators?

No, Autozone doesn’t install alternators. The vehicle parts merchandiser only sells and tests alternators. You might get your old alternator tested if you manage to get it to Autozone yourself.

Should I buy a new or a used alternator?

You should only buy a used alternator if you get a warranty on the product. The benefits of buying used include a low cost for what is one of the most expensive electric parts of a vehicle.