What Granite Table Top Saws And Can You Still Get One?

Granite table top saws used to be a revolution in the woodworking industry. These were highly popular in 2009 and 2010 when they were even sold by Home Depot. Today, granite table top saws are rare but they offer something steel table top saws can’t.

Before you skip this article altogether you should know you can still buy granite table tap saws. Chinese manufacturers still make them in high numbers. Some retailers also still stock them in the US. Most table saws with a granite top are also found on the second-hand market.

What Is a Granite Table Top Saw and What Are Its Strenghts?

A granite table top saw is a regular table saw designed with a granite top. Granite is a rock that is known for its durability. The rugged profile of granite makes it as durable as steel when used on table saws.

What led to the innovation of using granite tops in table saws?

It turns out even some of the best table saws were made with an uneven surface. Some of them even started showing corrosion within a couple of years. A trend started in 2009 which did not have the traction needed to make it to the mainstream. However, some DIYers are happily using the same machine acquired back then to the surprise of many.

Flatter and heavier

Granite can be used for flatter table saw tops. The ability to cut granite to perfection is not a high-level skill and just about any manufacturer can do it without relying on third-party brands. The combination of a smooth straight surface with the high granite weight makes these table saws better in the eyes of many.

They require a bit more attention with miter slots

Sure, granite is prone to breaking, just as any type of rock. Did you know how many recalls retailers saw on these products? Just around zero complaints have been registered for the products even if table saw reviews show some beginners managed to chip their corners.

Heavy at a weight of over 400lbs

A standard granite table top saw (such as those made by Ridgid or Steelworks) used to weigh more than 400lbs. The heavy machinery was difficult to move. It was also the perfect surface for just about any materials you needed to cut at home or on a construction site.

Not affected by water

Another distinct advantage granite gives table saws is the ability to keep the rust away. Granite repels water and it doesn’t rust, even with constant rain pouring on it. This is what makes these investments durable and worthwhile since table saws are not exactly known for being cheap purchases.

Granite vs Steel top table saws – which one is better?

Which should you choose between a granite and a steel top table saw? In terms of stocks and availability, steel top table saws are going to win. Widely available in the US in stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and online, these are easier to acquire. But what about worthiness?

  • Granite steel tops don’t require as much cleaning as steel top table saws

Granite steel tops are known for being made for professionals or enthusiasts. They require less cleaning compared to steep top table saws. At the same time, granite looks like a premium material and it can elevate the look of your workshop to a new level regardless of what other materials and tools you have in there.

  • Granite table tops can chip at corners quicker

It’s a reality that granite table top saws chipped at corners when materials were slammed on them. However, cracking granite table top cases are rare to impossible to find. This is why they might be just a bit more durable than you might first think.

  • Granite table tops don’t work with magnetic feather boards

Another disadvantage granite table top saws have is their inability to be used with magnetic feather boards. You won’t be able to easily fix your materials with these magnetic attachments which might be a deal-breaker for you.

Which old granite table top is better between Steel City and Ridgid?

Steel City is widely credited for first launching granite table top saws. If you can find one from this brand it would be the first choice over one of the few remaining Ridgid granite table top saws.

Final words

Some of the best granite table top saws are not in retail anymore. While they were highly durable and wildly flat compared to cast iron alternatives they were very heavy for the average consumer.

The best bet is to only buy one of these (if you can find one) when you don’t want to move it anywhere else. Finding a permanent space for your granite table top is a must since a few people are needed to move it as easily as one of the modern table saws.

On the other hand, these are considered a work of art, the kind of tools that aren’t made today. It might still be worth checking out if you can find one at a good price.