What Color Do Blue and Orange Make? (Solved)

Blue and orange typically make brown. The result of mixing blue and orange is a light or pale brown. Complementary hues such as blue and orange can be mixed in different percentages to alter the final result into a darker brown or a lighter brown where more blue darkens coloration and more orange lightens it. Off-blue and off-orange can mix into dark green and even purple as well.

If you’re trying to create your own paint for DIY tasks around the house you need to know how to mix colors. If you’re trying to create brown there are endless color combinations you can consider (blue, red, yellow, and orange). But if you only have leftover blue and orange paint you might be wondering what you might get out of it.

Since good paint can be quite expensive (why not try PPG or Sherwin Williams paint?) you need to consider your options and whether you want to invest in a third color for a more different result.

Blue and Orange Make #c69c6d brown

When you mix blue and orange you get a pale brown color which can also border khaki. This color is neutral or pastel which makes it ideal for painting walls as it’s not obtrusive. Green and red can be added to blue and orange to make #c69c6d brown tints.

Orange and blue mix

Blue is a primary color while orange is a secondary color on the color wheel. They mute each other when combined as a result. Blue with a touch of orange becomes not as bright while blue with a lot of oranges becomes faded blue. Orange with a bit of blue becomes dark orange similar to clay color. Orange with a lot of blue makes rust color. When you combine 50% blue and 50% orange you get faded brown (#c69c6d).

Where to use blue and orange paint mix around the house

Brown shades such as those obtained through mixing blue and orange are ideal as modern home paint. You can consider brown for the following.

Walls – brown walls are relaxing to live with, unlike other vivid colors such as yellow or peach. Brown paint is available in distinct shades at Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, and Lowes.

Cabinets – brown cabinets are ideal for homes with white walls. Brown and white go well together.

Floors – painted wooden floors and painted tile can look a bit different when brown is the color of choice. It adds a bit of brightness to floors compared to black-painted floors.

I mixed blue and orange by my paint isn’t #c69c6d brown

The amount of orange and blue you mix together impacts the final color to a large extent.

  • Orange with a small amount of blue creates a shade of gray. Blue with a small amount of orange creates a bright gray color.
  • Deep dark blue with bloody orange make purple (#7F407F)
  • You get a dark green color when you mix pale orange with bright blue color.

Common issues in why your blue/orange mix isn’t coming out brown

This being said, experimenting with different shades of blue and orange is ideal to see which color you end up with. Paint is often mixed with different colors and solvents and the final results might be different in your case. Here are 2 main reasons why you can end up with a totally different color.

  • Your blue isn’t 100% blue

Blue can be light blue, dark blue, navy blue, and tens of other variations. The more different the blue paint or color is the more different of a color it will create when mixing orange. We all think of blue as blue, but there are all types of blue colors to consider.

  • Your orange isn’t 100% orange

The same applies to orange. Pure orange (that looks like an actual orange fruit) is the sole color that will lead to a brown hue when mixed with blue. Yellowish orange and red-orange are going to give you other colors as mentioned above.

Does blue and orange make green?

Yes, blue and orange can make green, particularly dark green. If you’re mixing paint in an effort to create a dark green color you need to use yellow-orange with bright blue. Pale orange is crucial as is a light shade of blue as darker orange and darker blue are going to mix to brown color and not a green color.


Does brown go with gray?

Brown and gray go together as a neutral color. Ash grey and red-brown are seen out in nature with tree trunks and falling autumn leaves. Living rooms are areas where brown and gray go best together for a tranquil room effect.

Do brown and blue go together?

Brown and blue are colors that go well together. However, they don’t seem as natural as brown and gray which is a combination much more common out in nature. Brown and blue offer a hotel-like color combination when designing your home with brown furniture, brown carpets, and blue curtains or blue walls.

Does brown go with black?

Brown and black are colors that go well together in clothing. Brown and black paints aren’t as popular of a combination for home living except when used to decorate man caves or home offices.