Troy-Bilt vs Honda – Which Lawnmower is Better?

Honda lawnmowers are superior to Troy-Bilt in durability and engine reliability. While more expensive, Honda lawnmowers are ideal for large yards. Troy-Bilt push and self-propelled lawnmowers use Chinese-made engines which often mimic the mechanics of Honda engines.

Honda is one of the most respected brands in the lawnmower industry. Troy-Bilt is an affordable lawnmower brand gaining popularity through its excellent store presence (mainly Home Depot). Both are valuable while under warranty but Honda lawnmowers are expected to last more than 10 years.

If you’re debating between Troy-Bilt and Honda lawnmowers you’re probably at Home Depot. The store carries these brands and it sells the mowers in their thousands each summer. But which can you get? Is it worth paying more (sometimes twice) to get a Honda? Or are you just fine with an efficient no-thrills Troy-Bilt lawnmower?

Troy-Bilt vs Honda – Key Differences To Help You Choose

Troy-Bilt and Honda lawnmowers are some of the best lawnmowers under $500 and some of the best lawnmowers under $1.000 for top-of-the-line products. Worthy options for Troy-Bilt include the following.

  • Troy-Bilt XP21 Self-Propelled Mower
  • Troy-Bilt 28” Self-Propelled Mower

Honda lawnmowers might not be the fastest self-propelled machines but they have optimized OHV engines (see who makes the best lawnmower engine) for fuel efficiency, noise levels, and lower vibrations.

  • Honda 21” Nexite Self-Propelled Mower
  • Honda Nexite 21” GCV200 Mower

While there are a few other good Troy-Bilt and Honda lawnmowers many aren’t as easy to find if you aren’t shopping online. Otherwise, these are the differences between Troy-Bilt and Honda mowers listed above.

  1. Warranty

Warranty length is one of the differences between Troy-Bilt and Honda mowers. Troy-Bilt offers 3- year limited warranty. Honda offers a 5-year warranty.

We’ve constantly recommended gardening machines and tools that are covered for at least 5 years on As happy customers ourselves we know what’s important and the hassle of trying to find simple (think oil compartment cap) spare parts for mowers that are out of warranty. Many places don’t even sell these and you end up on eBay buying from some obscure seller you aren’t sure has the credentials to take your money.

  1. Cutting height position adjustments

Honda generally has 7 height adjustment grass cutting positions while Troy-Bilt only comes with 6 height increments. These differences are small but important. Why? It’s because 7-height adjustments lawn mowers are rare and because you can easily mow the lawn to different heights in different areas of your yard for more professional results. It can be said Honda is a professional-like brand while Troy-Bilt does a very good job for the average consumer.

  1. Vibrations

Honda invests a lot of attention in perfecting its engines. We’ve seen its amazing results with engines such as the GVC200. While this engine has less than 6hp, it has low vibrations and low gas consumption. To an extent, even the best OHV MTD Troy-Bilt engine can’t compete with it, even if copycats of Honda engines are seen arising every year.

Managing vibrations is not as important on small yards. Things are completely different when mowing large yards.

  1. Mowing tall grass

Honda’s lawnmowers are a bit more forgiving with tall grass. Consistent performance on long grass recommends the lightest lawnmowers such as Honda for rare mowing sessions, which we’re all guilty about at times.

  1. Maneuverability

Another area where Honda is a bit easier to live with is maneuverability. Since its mowers often rely on 9” ball bearing wheels it’s easy to understand why Honda machines move so easy on the lawn. These ball bearings are particularly helpful in tall grass where other mowers struggle, but not necessarily Troy-Bilt as these aren’t the heaviest lawnmowers either.

  1. Mulching and bagging

Many users report superior mulching with Honda lawnmowers over Troy-Bilt lawnmowers. Bagging results are superior with Honda machines as well. While there are many ways of dealing with the lawn, it’s always nice to have a good bagging capacity to deal with grass clippings. Honda doesn’t even try to copy other lawnmowers in this regard, apparently. But Troy-Bilt also prides itself with a few mowers that require no oil changes. We’ve seen these claims with other brands before. But in the end, this doesn’t matter as long as the machines work well.

Final words

Customers typically pay up to 20% more for an equivalent Honda lawnmower when compared to Troy-Bilt lawnmowers. However, Honda is the superior lawnmower with 5 years engine warranty and a lifetime deck warranty. Troy-Bilt offers an industry-standard 3-year warranty and it also invests less in research and development. Honda makes superior engines with reduced vibrations and fuel consumption.

In the end, you can’t truly go wrong with either of these brands. If you can afford to get a Honda it’s highly unlikely to regret the purchase. Issues with Honda lawnmowers not starting are very rare. Troy-Bilt cord lawnmowers might take a few more tries to start at the beginning of the seasons. But both Honda and Troy-Bilt lawnmowers need good gas, frequent oil changes, and a cool dry storage place to last as long as expected.


Is TroyBilt Honda?

Troy-Bilt uses Chinese and Briggs and Stratton engines. Honda makes its own engines in different chassis with superior performance both on short and on tall grass. Hondas also get a longer warranty as to the result of using higher-quality engines. See how other lawnmowers compare in our Briggs and Stratton vs Honda lawnmowers comparison.