Top Tips For Selling Old Granite Countertops

Old granite countertops can’t be repurposed all the time. If you can’t sell it you might as well recycle it or try to find local granite fabricators who can cut it to size to fit a new kitchen or another location.

Old granite has low resale value. You can make anywhere between 0 and 20% on granite that has been used for more than 5 years. Sometimes you have to spend money to have old granite countertops removed as the demand for them is almost inexistent.

What To Do When Selling Granite countertops

If you’re remodeling your kitchen you might find it’s quite difficult to repurpose old granite countertops. Unlike old cabinets which can be painted and given new life, granite is difficult to cut as it takes skill and professional tools to given new dimensions. Here are a few paths you can take when trying to get rid of old granite countertops.

Sell it online

The first tactic is to try selling the granite countertops on Craigslist. This sounds easy but the demand for such second-hand products is low. Still, the occasional old granite countertops for sale on the website signal there’s at least occasional demand for such products, especially for those remodeling kitchens on a budget.

Cut it and use it outdoors for pathways

A second method of dealing with old granite countertops is to cut them into varying small pieces which can then be used on pathways or as outdoor decoration. If you love gardening DIY projects you might as well have the big granite countertop cut to multiple smaller pieces which are easier to repurpose around the house or outside of the house.

Use it on the grill area

Granite countertops aren’t affected by rain or changing temperature. You can use it outdoors for a small patio kitchen or an upclass barbeque area. While still large, you can have the countertop cut in 2 pieces so that you can create a chic barbeque and food prep area outside of the house.

Add it to your second home’s cabinets

If you have a weekend home, a wood cabin, or any second home you might as well consider repurposing the granite countertop for an occasional kitchen while away from home. Chances are the countertop is not going to be an exact match for the new kitchen but as long as it’s bigger than needed it can always be cut to size to fit smaller cabinets.

What Not To Do When Selling Your Granite Countertops

If you want to have even the smallest repurposing chances for your old granite countertop you need to know what not to do with it in the first place.

  • Don’t remove granite countertops yourself

Removing granite countertop by yourself is impossible. Removing it with friends is still quite difficult. It’s best to let professionals remove it as you can damage it irreversibly by breaking or chipping the countertop yourself.

Local granite fabricators are typically not offering removal services on their own. They might remove granite countertops when they need to be cut to a smaller size, but this involves paying for transport. You might need to call all of the local granite fabricators to find a company willing to come and professionally remove it for you.

  • Refer from donating it to charity

You can always donate the granite countertop to a local charity organization. But how do you know the charity has the money to cut it to size and offer it to a family in need? If you want to donate the countertop is best to put an ad online and cut it yourself before paying the transport fee to its new home. Local charities might first accept the donation but they often don’t know the cost of cutting granite countertop.

  • Refuse the first buying offer

Refusing a buying offer is a pure mistake. These are so rare in the old granite countertop market that it’s almost impossible to overlook. If you have a decent offer that makes you at least some money you should accept it. Some old granite countertops sit on Craigslist for months at a time without any sale. You need to lower your expectations when it comes to making a return. If you know how much it costs to cut granite you also know the buyer also has to pay that extra cost, so it might cost more than you initially believe.

Final words

Selling old granite countertops is not easy. They are very heavy and hard to handle, as seen even in highly-praised granite countertop furniture such as Wolf cabinets. If you can’t turn your granite countertop into something useful such as a granite countertop desk for your home office you might as well consider selling it online for a modest price.

However, since you’ve already paid full price for it, you might as well think about creative ways of using granite pieces around your house or your backyard. Pinterest is your friend in this case, especially if you love DIY projects.