To Case Or Not To Case a Google Pixel 6?

Working from home comes with its own perks. Apart from having a cool office space within walking distance to the kitchen, you may also learn you don’t need as many protective cases for your devices since you don’t travel as much.

One of my current phones is a Google Pixel 6 which I sometimes use with a case while other times I use it caseless.

You can go caseless with your Google Pixel 6 if you have phone insurance. Otherwise, the slippery nature of the phone puts your device at risk when dropped. Scratches are a smaller issue due to the toughest Gorilla Glass Victus.

Dropping your Pixel 6 is the biggest risk as it has a slippery glass construction. Scratches are minimal to non-existent given the Victus glass.

Good rubber or silicone Google Pixel 6 cases might not be needed if you work from home and your phone sits on your desk all day. You might consider a strong Pixel 6 case if you work from the office and you commute every day.

6 Reasons to use a Google Pixel 6 without a case

Let’s face it, we all wear phone cases because we have to. Phones these days tend to look great, even the cheaper ones. Needless to say, Google Pixel 6 looks different from Google Pixel 5. Here’s why you might want to use it ‘naked’.

  1. Gorilla Glass Victus (the most durable Gorilla glass to date)

Gorilla Glass has been improving over the years. Victus is tough, tougher than what we’ve seen before. However, many argue the rugged nature of the glass is mainly visible in its resistance to scratches and necessarily in its resistance to drops and shattering.

As a result, you can rest assured your Pixel 6 resist more scratches than you think. Yet again, you still need to be careful with it and it helps to keep your phone on a soft surface on the desk with you.

If you’re the type of person doing things around the house all the time, you certainly need a case for your Pixel 6. From mowing the lawn to doing basic woodworking, this phone isn’t made out for physical tasks that constantly test its drop and scratch resistance.

  • Question-asking camera setup design

Another reason not to use a case is the amazing design of the camera bump. The bump visible on the top of the backside always gets people’s attention. Some know it’s a Pixel while others ask ‘what kind of phone is that. It’s still an ice-breaking in many social situations as folks aren’t as used to Pixels as they are to iPhones and Samsung S phones.

  • A flat screen that makes the phone easy to hold

The 6th generation of Pixel phones comes with a flat screen which means you have more swiping space. Curved screens might not work with any type of case but flat screens are practical and easy to go with either with or without the case such as in the situation of the Pixel 6.

  • Not going naked adds bulk to an already large phone

At 6.4 inches, the Pixel 6 is a large phone. Adding a case certainly adds bulk to the phone. Sure, bulk means protection, but it also means your phone might look out of place in certain situations.

One of these situations is when attending formal events. You cannot pull out a massive 6.4-inch phone with a thick rubber case around it from your tuxedo no matter how hard you try. A caseless Pixel 6 looks much more subtle.

  • Magical phone colors

While there are many see-through phone cases to choose from, there’s no denying they all take away a bit from the look of the phone. The color of the phone is important when you can choose from the following elegant options.

  • Sorta seafoam
  • Kinda coral
  • Stormy black

Even if you use the phone with a case, you’d still want to take it off at times as you want to showcase what the phone has to offer.

  • You can get phone insurance

Last but not least, you can get phone insurance for your Google Pixel 6. This means you’re covered no matter what happens. Some people simply don’t like phone cases and in their case, there’s no safer option than to go with phone insurance.

  • A limited number of (unique) cases

I’ve been looking for great Pixel 6 cases for a few months. It seems most are out of stock and the entire selection just seems limited compared to iPhone 13 cases. You might want to check the cases you can find in local stores as you never know what quirky design most appeals to you. Otherwise, you can go caseless.

4 Reasons to use a Google Pixel 6 with a case

Using a phone case on a Pixel phone certainly has its advantages. It saves you from the trouble of dealing with a cracked screen or a malfunctioning phone. Here’s why you’d want to use a case with your Google phone.

Glass is still glass

No matter which type of coating glass has, it’s still glass. This is why you need to be extra careful not to drop the phone. Sure, dropping it might not break the phone completely, but it might cause visible damages that are bothersome,

It’s a (very) slippery phone

Google Pixel 6 phones are slippery. Some call them very slippery. These phones might not be as expensive as a flagship phone from the main company rivals, but it’s as slippery as its rivals.

Having kids running around the home office

Regardless if you work from home or not, people sometimes bump into you. Those who work from home know they might even need to hide their phones from kids. If you’re a parent, make sure to put a case on your Pixel before it’s too late.

What’s your take on the caseless/cased Pixel 6? Which case do you have or are you using the phone without a case?

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