Sliding Glass Door With Screen On Inside?

Sliding glass doors with a screen on the inside part have both benefits and drawbacks. They’re ideal in windy areas but they also negatively impact aesthetics. They can be mounted both on the inside and on the outside of sliding glass doors.

Have you ever wondered why some homes have patio sliding doors with a screen on the inside? It turns out it’s both a preference and a requirement in some cases. Sliding door screens can be added indoors to prevent rattling in high wind areas. But they can also be added to the outside part of the door for a more aesthetic look.

This issue is more prevalent than many belief. Many homes in certain windy areas add this screen indoors. But those who don’t live in windy areas think it’s just a bit strange. Here are the main advantage and drawbacks to consider when you’re about to put a sliding glass door screen on the inside.

The Pros of Using a Sliding Glass Door With Screen On Inside

There are 3 main benefits to adding a sliding glass door screen on the inside. There could be even more advantages in tight spaces where a screen cannot be added on the outside.

  • Dogs sitting outside can’t damage your glass door’s screen

If you have dogs or pets who live outside you know they always follow you into the house. They start scratching the door and they even jump on it in the morning when they’re hungry. There’s nothing you can do with these excited dogs.

However, this becomes an even larger problem when the sliding glass door’s screen is on the outside. Dogs can rip it apart. Flies and bugs can get into your home frequently as dogs can tear that screen up multiple times per year.

If you have a high-energy dog you should consider switching the outer screen to the inner part of your sliding glass doors.

  • You don’t have to remove the screen during the winter for ice buildup

Heavy snow and wind can cause trouble for your screen. Ice can form on the glass door screen and if pushed a bit too hard it can crack the screen altogether.

If you live in areas that get a lot of snow such as the Northern states you should add the sliding glass door with a screen on the inside so that your patio doors look in top shape even on the colder days of the year.

  • No more rattling from the breeze

The same states of the North are known for getting high winds even in the summer. This is why the screen can rattle all day long creating audible discomfort. If you work from home, this surely becomes one of the reasons which prompts you to switch the screen on the inner side of the sliding glass doors.

The Cons of Using a Sliding Glass Door With Screen On Inside

But it’s not all about the advantage of this courageous move. You can also suffer a lot with the screen on the inside. Apart from the jokes you have to hear from guests, the screen on the inner side of sliding glass doors comes with the following issues.

  • A lot of bugs can get in when closing the glass door at night

Many bugs can get into the house when you open the screen to close the sliding glass door at night during the summer. This is one of the main reasons people switch back to a screen on the outer side of the sliding glass doors so that they don’t have to deal with all of the bugs coming into the house all at once.

  • Dogs sitting inside of the house can damage the glass door’s screen

Dogs are man’s best friends. This is why many dogs live in the house with the owners. These dogs can ultimately destroy the screen on the inner side of the sliding glass doors when they want to go out. They scratch and bit the screen until it rips in an effort to draw the attention of their need to be outside.

  • Bad aesthetics

You can argue some sliding glass door screens look better than others. However, they certainly make your place look cheap when installed on the inside. There are no home magazines or home living forums showing great pictures of living rooms and patios with sliding glass doors that have screens on the inside. There’s a good reason why you don’t see this in architecture magazines either. It’s simply considered outdated.

Final words

However, our home living shouldn’t be influenced by trends and what magazines tell us. A house should be a comfortable space to relax and live with your family. This is why you can put the screen on the inner side of your sliding glass patio doors if the wind rattling annoys you. There are high chances you’re going to put it inside if you live in an area that gets heavy snow in the winter as well.

Even if you live in California next to the ocean the breeze can cause annoying rattling during the night. Staying up all night just because home living magazines don’t approve of your choices is not something to be proud of. In the end, everybody puts the sliding glass door screen were best suitable for the location of their home.