Sherwin Williams vs Valspar (9 Key Differences)

Sherwin Williams and Valspar paints are sold at Lowe’s and independent retailers. These are different-category paints as Sherwin Williams makes premium products while Valspar makes mid-range paints.

Sherwin Williams is a premium paint for interior or exterior use. It costs $6 more per gallon of standard semi-gloss paint than mid-range Valspar paint. However, the main difference is in the distribution channel as Sherwin Williams addresses customers in its stores (as well as other retailers) while Valspar is mostly known through Lowes distribution.

Sherwin Williams Paint

A swift look at the Sherwin Williams paints that compete with Valspar (most Sherwin Williams paints are not in competition with Valspar but with Benjamin Moore).


Showcase paint by Sherwin Williams is made to stain clean longer. Ideal for busy homes, this paint blocks stains and it also comes with scrub resistance so that you can keep your surfaces as new longer.

Ovation Plus

Ideal for high traffic rooms and high humidity environments, Ovation Plus is a Sherwin Williams paint that lasts. It’s a 5 out of 5 paint for washability.


Infinity is similar to Showcase but it offers clear 1-coat coverage with lifetime protection if you prepare your surfaces properly. Infinity paint and primer mix from Sherwin Williams is also one of the best antimicrobial paints.


Sherwin William’s Ceiling paint is used on old flat and textured ceilings. If you need to efficiently cover stains and discoloration in old ceilings this paint is among the best ceiling paints you can find at the moment.

Valspar Paint

Valspar is quickly rising in paint rankings and challenging premium products. Since it’s highly available at Lowes painting professionals to know it well. Here are the main Valspar paints you need to know about.


Valspar 2000 is a paint made for home use. It typically covers up to 450 square feet in eggshell, flat, satin, and semi-gloss finish per gallon.


Valspar 4000 is a paint made for commercial use. You can find it in eggshell, semi-gloss, and flat finish. If you decide to use it at home you might only find it feasible for new constructions.


Signature is the Valspar paint you buy when you value scuff-resistance more than any other paint quality.


Swap ‘Ultra’ for ‘Regular’ and you get a better idea of what this Valspar paint is all about. It’s an everyday paint with scuff resistance.


One-coat Valspar Reserve is ideal for colors that look vivid for longer. West-facing rooms, East-facing rooms, as well as objects that are in the sun longer benefit from this paint.

Pro ExpressCoat

Pro ExpressCoat Valspar paint is used for touch-up work.


This paint is used for various texture ceilings.

Cabinet and furniture

Valspar also makes furniture paint. You can also find all-weather exterior wood stains made by Valspar.

Valspar 2000 vs 4000

Valspar 2000 is made for residential use while Valspar 4000 is ideal for commercial use. 1 gallon of Valspar 2000 or 4000 should cover just over 4000 square feet when applied in a single coat. All come in semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell finish while Valspar 2000 is also available in satin finish.

Sherwin Williams vs Valspar in 9 Key Differences

While both Sherwin Williams and Valspar are good paints they have their flaws as well. For example, not all Sherwin Williams paints available at big box stores are of ultimate quality. However, here are the key differences between these paints.

  1. Sherwin Williams is easier to apply

We can all agree Sherwin Williams is generally easier to apply. This is specific both to beginners and to contractors who find 1 coat applied on properly-prepared surfaces is sufficient when choosing one of the best Sherwin Williams paints.

  1. Valspar costs less

The cost of paint is important, but not as essential as you might think. Labor cost is more important. However, if you truly care about pricing you’ll go with Valspar which is constantly up to a few dollars cheaper per gallon than Sherwin Williams.

  1. Sherwin Williams matches Valspar (Purdy, Krylon, and Dupli Color paint) colors

One of the main differences between Sherwin Williams and Valspar is color matching. Sherwin Williams stores will match just about any color on the market.

  1. Valspar color names confusingly vary by retailer

Valspar surprisingly decided to sell its colors under different names at Lowes compared to independent retailers. This might make it a bit difficult to truly get accustomed to all the brand has to offer as a professional.

  1. Sherwin Williams makes Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray is one of Sherwin Williams’ colors of the year. Mindful Gray is a bit darker than Agreeable Gray but both colors are ideal for living spaces. You can apply both Mindful Gray and Agreeable Gray in the same house for a bit of visual diversity.

  1. You can’t find all Sherwin Williams paints at Lowes

Sherwin Williams sells all types of paints but not all of them through Lowes. If you want the best the brand offers you’ll have to make it to one of their stores in Sherwin Williams’ supply chain.

  1. All Valspar paints are stocked by Lowes

Most Valspar paints are available at Lowes. This means you can sample each paint from the brand in one place, which is not possible with a brand as large as Sherwin Williams which feels like a corporation.

  1. Sherwin Williams stores match colors faster

The main reason professionals choose Sherwin Williams over Valspar is time-saving. You get quick color matching at Sherwin Williams’ stores as per customer desires. Color matching is a service offered by Lowes for Valspar and Sherwin Williams but it takes considerably longer. Time is an asset for contractors.

  1. Professionals prefer Sherwin Williams

In the end, the result Sherwin Williams offer are superior to Valspar. At the same time, Sherwin Williams costs more and the price difference is justifiable. Sherwin Williams is ideal for pristine commercial-like results while Valspar generally addresses residential users first.