Sherwin Williams Extra White vs Pure White – 7 Differences

Sherwin Williams Extra White is brighter than Sherwin William’s Pure White which has a dreamy profile. Extra white works well to lighten up rooms that only get North and South windows whole Pure White is ideal for rooms, walls, or furniture with plenty of West and East natural light.

Both Sherwin Williams Extra White and Pure White can be used in a similar room together. Trim is typically painted with Extra White so that details pop better.

Extra White can be used on kitchen furniture while Pure White can be the main color of the walls (without the ceiling).

If you’re debating which white color is the best or which Sherwin Williams white color is the best you’re in for a treat. SW has some of the best whites on the market and some of them have made it in various white color of the year awards. You can find these colors by the following code.

  • Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7005
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7006

Sherwin Williams Extra White vs Pure White In 10 Differences

It’s now time to see how this white Sherwin Williams paints compare in key differences and best use practices. Of course, everything is relative in home decoration, painting walls, or painting furniture and you might need to purchase samples to see which of these colors looks best in your given case.

  1. Light Reflection

Sherwin Williams Extra White has a light reflection level of 84. Sherwin Williams Pure White has a light reflection of 86. This makes these colors similar but Pure White reflects more light, as expected given it’s a high voltage shade of white.

This being said, you will get a lot more reflective light in a room with multiple light sources (windows and artificial light) when going for a higher light reflection value paint. If you love your ceiling lights, decorative lights, and LED lights in the kitchen you might need to go with Extra White to avoid too much reflective light.

  1. Matching Colors

Sherwin Williams recommends pairing Pure White with March Wind (7668) and Perle Noir (9154). As a result, Pure White is recommended with neutral color combinations.

Sherwin Williams recommends pairing Extra White with Smoky Azurite (9148) and Charcoal Blue (2739). This is why Extra White is recommended with the high-voltage type of colors or electric colors.

Typical matching ideas, in reality, can include Pure White walls with March Wind Trim. You can also go with March Wind Trim walls and Pure White Sherwin Williams furniture, especially in the kitchen or living room.

Extra White is ideal for rooms where you have at least one darker color wall as a result of enjoying too much natural light. You can also match Extra White with Charcoal Blue furniture or countertops.

  1. Where to use

You can use Extra White in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, or hallway. You can use Pure White in the same rooms. Both Extra White and Pure White look best with a bit of contrast which can be trim, wall artwork, or darker color furniture or floors.

  1. Trim paint

Which is best as trim paint between Extra White and Pure White? Extra White is better on trim and ceilings. It makes the color more vivid and the added brightness is going to lighten up entire rooms. It’s best to avoid using Extra White on trim.

Pure White or Divine White for trim painting? Satin or semi-gloss Pure White is better for showing trim details. Divine White (6105) works better in a flat finish for trim. Learn more about SW paints in our Sherwin Williams Duration vs SuperPaint vs Cashmere vs Emerald post.

  1. Amount of natural light

How much natural light does your house get? This is the main question you need to answer if you still can’t decide which paint to choose between Extra White and Pure White. The lighter your house gets the more you’ll lean towards Pure White. The less amount of natural light a painted area gets the more you’ll lean towards Extra White.

  1. Exterior use

Sherwin Williams Extra White makes your home’s exterior look better for longer. The darker Pure White makes your home look a bit faded and you might not like the profile of your house with a darker color when you spend as much on paint.

  1. Homes with pets

People with pets generally prefer Sherwin Williams Pure White. This darker color is among the few whites you can choose to keep your paint looking as good as possible for longer with dogs and cats running around.

Sherwin Williams Extra White vs Benjamin Moore Super White

Super White is a sparkling white color slightly brighter than Extra White. You can choose it over Extra White for classic white that is still not pure white.

Sherwin Williams Extra White vs Benjamin Moore SeaPerl

Benjamin Moore SeaPearl is a darker off-white compared to Sherwin Williams’ Extra White. It’s recommended over Super White, Pure White, and Extra White for an air of tranquility. It can be ideal for offices and bedrooms, places where your mind needs to focus or relax.

Final words

Sherwin Williams makes some of the best whites out there. There are 48 whites to choose from but Extra White and Pure White are some of the most popular choices. Both are similar but still very different. Tranquil or vibrant, these represent a different type of white for a different type of atmosphere.

In a world where how colors make us feel is starting to become more important than how colors are matched according to magazines and designers we tend to associate our choices with feelings and expectations. From this perspective, both these 2021 Sherwin Williams colors are a top choice for home use and a lesser option for commercial or residential spaces.