Sherwin Williams Duration vs SuperPaint Vs Cashmere vs Emerald – Which to Buy?

Duration is the most durable Sherwin Williams paint. Super Paint is ideal for an eggshell finish. Cashmere has a nice shiny surface. Emerald is a premium version of Cashmere you can also scrub when needed.

What’s the difference between the various Sherwin Williams paints? It’s all about in the type of finish you’re after.

All of these paints are theoretically easy to clean. They offer impressive results that seem to last for years. However, there are differences in how these turn out and even in ease of application.

Duration vs SuperPaint Vs Cashmere vs Emerald – Sherwin Williams Paints Compared

Duration, SuperPaint, Cashmere, and Emerald are leaders in paint performance and ease of application. Asking for the differences between these paints is going to bring up a lot of conflicting information. The purpose of this article is to separate the best uses for these paints so that you know what you’re spending your money on.

Store clerks push Cashmere

Cashmere is affordable and easy to apply (compared to entry-level paints not SW paints). This is why most staff members in paint shops recommend this paint first. It’s true that it has a lot of sales but it’s not the best from Sherwin Williams. However, if you want shiny quality on a budget Cashmere is the choice.

Duration is made for the ultimate durability

Duration costs more than Cashmere. It’s made to last years and people say it maintains its colors well beyond reasonable expectations. If you can spend more and if you need paint that lasts this is the choice for you.

SuperPaint is an eggshell finish ideal for families as it scrubs easily

SuperPaint is ideal for that eggshell finish you can scrub. If your kids tend to mess around the walls this is the paint for your house. Make sure to apply it in 2 coats for that true eggshell finish even if you seem satisfied by one SuperPaint coat only.

Emerald is expensive but lovely for a matte finish

Emerald is an ideal paint with a matter finish you can scrub. A bit more expensive than other Sherwin Williams paints, Emerald is a leader when it comes to durability with occasional scrubbing.


Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Cashmere – What’s the Difference?

Cashmere has a smooth surface that is durable, but not as durable as Duration. It’s also not the type of paint you scrub as much as Emerald which is a premium paint which also comes in quarts.

Sherwin Williams Cashmere vs SuperPaint

Cashmere is the entry-level shiny paint from Sherwin Williams. SuperPaint offers a better eggshell finish but at a higher price. You choose Cashmere for large jobs on a budget and SuperPaint in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Duration

A matter finish characterized Emerald the best. However, rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens benefit more from Duration, a paint made to last years and years.  Emerald has a comparable price to Duration but it will always be up to 5% more expensive.

Sherwin Williams Cashmere vs Benjamin Moore Regal

Cashmere is the affordable choice that still looks good compared to Benjamin Moore Regal. However, Regal paint has more of an eggshell finish with higher durability.

Sherwin Williams Cashmere vs Behr Marquee

Sherwin Williams is comparable in price to Behr Marquee. However, Cashmere is superior in terms of coverage, especially for beginners and those into small DIY jobs around the house.

Sherwin Williams Duration vs Emerald

Duration is better for dealing with dirt both inside and outside of the house. Emerald has a harder finish, similar to an eggshell but it’s not as durable.

Sherwin Williams Duration vs SuperPaint

Duration is the improved Sherwin Williams paint made for lasting results. SuperPaint is still a mid-range paint with ideal interior and interior dirt-wicking capacity. Duration is ideal for new homes and new projects where paint needs to last at least 10 years.

Sherwin Williams Duration vs Resilience

Both Duration and Resilience are mid to high-range paints in ease of use. Duration takes the first spot when it comes to durability while Resilience is recommended in high humidity areas as exterior paint. Resilience develops a moisture barrier quicker than other Sherwin Williams paints (about 2 hours).

Sherwin Williams Duration vs Emerald cost

Emerald is recommended for a harder finish which resists stains. This paint has a thicker protective film than Duration and Resilience paints. However, Emerald also costs more than Duration.

Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Benjamin Moore Aura

Emerald sits in a lower class compared to Aura. Benjamin Moore uses a distinct tinting system for its Aura paint. Aura is ideal for easy coating and best for washing off fingerprints, splatter, and dirt.

Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Benjamin Moore Advance

Advance paint is ideal paint for furniture as it cures to a hard finish. Its best results are offered by professionals using a paint sprayer. Emerald is ideal for walls with its matte finish.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint vs Promar 200 and 400

SuperPaint has a superior finish to both Promar 200 and Promar 400. While more expensive, SuperPaint is ideal for an eggshell finish. If you prefer satin finish you can choose other cheaper paints.

Do you need primer with Sherwin-Williams Cashmere?

You don’t need a primer when applying Cashmere paint on surfaces previously painted. However, all new porous surfaces can benefit from primer coating for easier application.

Is Sherwin Williams Cashmere good for bathrooms?

Cashmere is not ideal paint for bathrooms. The paint sweats in the bathroom and some of the marks it leaves on the walls don’t come off easily.

Is Cashmere Low Luster washable?

Cashmere low luster is washable and it can even be scrubbed. Even Cashmere pearl and medium luster can be washed and scrubbed properly for a clean look.

Which is better Cashmere or SuperPaint?

Cashmere is the better paint for beginners. It features self-leveling agents that make it ideal for first time painters. SuperPaint is thinner and more expensive but better in darker colors (typically applied by professionals).