PPG vs Sherwin Williams Paint – Which is Best?

PPG and Sherwin Williams sell a wide range of quality and premium interior and exterior paints. For cheaper paints, you can choose PPG while better coverage and long-lasting results can be achieved with Sherwin Williams paints.

PPG paints are easily available at PPG stores and Home Depot (in limited versions). Sherwin Williams is partly available at Lowes as well as at Sherwin Williams stores. If you aren’t sure about which paints are best for your home you can shop at your local PPG or Sherwin Williams representative for in-depth product presentations.

If you’re trying to decide between PPG and Sherwin Williams you are choosing between 2 very good brands which can cover your home’s needs from A to Z. What can you paint with PPG and Sherwin Williams?

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Exterior walls
  • Wooden floors
  • Tile
  • Exterior walls
  • Decks
  • Garage walls
  • Garage floors
  • Fences
  • Driveways

PPG vs Sherwin Williams Paints Compared

Sherwin Williams is superior in paint quality and this can be seen in what user reviews say about their products. The company is truly specialized in paints that look good and which last long.

For example, HGTV Sherwin Williams paint (Lowes’ exclusive) is ideal for staying clean longer. In the end, isn’t this what we want from all areas that might require touchups in the future? The eggshell finish of this paint gets a mark of 5 out of 5.

This is not to say PPG paints are bad, but their reviews show a more nuanced interpretation of quality. If you decide to buy PPG paint don’t just blindly trust all of them, look for the best. An example of a good PPG paint is the Ultra Hide Interior which comes with a silk finish.

PPG vs Sherwin Williams price

PPG wins in terms of price. Most people care about paint price quite a lot since you need a lot of it for a house and since you will pay even more for labor.

If price is your main concern in discerning between PPG and Sherwin Williams we recommend a PPG paint such as PPG Diamond. This versatile paint comes in interior and exterior formulations with either flat, eggshell, satin, or even semi-gloss finish. The paint is worth the money even if it doesn’t resist scratches as good as Benjamin Moore or other pricier paints.

PPG vs Sherwin Williams colors

PPG is better for basic colors you see in gardening or home living magazines. Sherwin Williams also does these well but it excels at special colors that make your home or garden shine. If you’re already tried a few colors over the years it’s time to upgrade to something special and Sherwin Williams has it.

PPG vs Sherwin Williams availability

Customers are tied to either Home Depot or Lowes to get PPG and Sherwin Williams paint. The difference is you can buy the best PPG paint at Home Depot but not the best Sherwin Williams paint at Lowes. This is why you should only consider these brands when budgeting as you can look for higher-quality Sherwin Williams paints at nearby stores when money is no an issue.

Which is better for homeowners – PPG or Sherwin Williams?

PPG is ideal for homeowners who’re about to paint for the first time. Sherwin Williams makes better paint but you need to already have some painter skills to truly make the paint justice. Furthermore, you will get a very good impression of how PPG paint looks by asking around the neighborhood as many of your neighbors already have their homes painted with it.

Which is better for professionals – PPG or Sherwin Williams?

Painters don’t care all that much about PPG and Sherwin Williams paints. They care about not mixing the colors as this would then be hard to replicate exactly for the entire house.

Professionals also offer quotes based on labor not on paint costs which means they care about hourly rates first as it costs the same to have your house painted with PPG as it does with Sherwin Williams.

Closing thoughts

Colors are the main difference between PPG and Sherwin Williams. PPG is good at basic colors while Sherwin Williams offers interesting alternatives. Both PPG and Sherwin Williams make very good exterior paints which prove they last even in adverse weather conditions.

Pricing differences can also be small, especially after you pay labor costs. This is why you should try the paint that you can find closes to you first, either through Home Depot or through Lowes. It’s not worth driving one or two hours more just to choose one brand over another.


Is PPG the same as Sherwin Williams?

No, PPG and Sherwin Williams are different companies. PPG is a paint brand under a company that also owns Glidden and Dulux. Sherwin Williams primarily sells its premium pants through its distribution network.

Is PPG better than Behr?

Behr Ultra Premium is better than PPG paints. Other Behr products offer similar results to PPG and Glidden paints. Both Glidden and PPG have similar results but are inferior to Behr’s top-line products.