Omnia Furniture Review

Omnia Furniture is a small US brand known for its leather sofas. With a growing online presence on stores such as Wayfair, Omnia sells some of the best top grain leather sofas in the price range of $2.000 to $3.500.

Omnia sofas aren’t the cheapest on the market but they are represented by soft quality leather sofas, sectionals, and chairs. You can now buy Omnia Leather furniture at better prices with better leather as some lower quality leather was reviewed by customers in the previous years.

The filling of the sofas is foam which makes these sitters the perfect option for long evenings in front of the TV. They are a step above the regular sofas you find in stores such as Lowes or Ikea but this furniture even comes in endless elegant timeless colors for a personalized living space.

Is Omnia Furniture a Good Brand?

In general, Omnia is a good furniture brand. Like many other small manufacturers, it depends a lot on the customer service of its dealers. Small dealers tend to get a very bad reputation with Omnia while large dealers such as Wayfair are credited with better responsiveness.

  • Great sofas

You shop Omnia mainly for its sofas. Leather City 88” square sofa is a perfect Omnia example. Simple, comfortable, and made with top-grain leather, this is a sofa made to last. It typically retails just shy of $3.000 and it can be one of the ideal sofas as an upgrade from regular cheap sofas you normally find in rented homes.

  • Good chairs

Omnia leather chairs, ergonomic chairs, and armchairs are characterized by a traditional design. Some might call these outdated designs, but it all depends on the look the customer is going after. While some of the best top grain leather armchairs are cheap, this is not the case with Omnia. An Omnia chair can cost as much as an Omnia sofa.

  • Short warranty

We aren’t fans of short furniture warranty even if these policies tend to get even shorter from one year to another. There are plenty of good sofas out there but they even have issues following up on their warranties, as we can see below.

  • Great colors

Wood and leather finishes at Omnia are above the average expectation in this price range. Brooklyn Bisquit or Denver Bordeaux are some of the most versatile colors in homes with plenty of natural light. Modern interpretations of blue, mushroom brown, or pecan make these leather colors an even greater choice for the consumer looking for that luxurious sofa.

What do Omnia Furniture Reviews Say?

Omnia furniture reviews are mixed. Delivery issues, delays on orders, and some claims or ill warranty responsiveness take away from what would have been a perfect brand.

  • Some issues with warranty claims

Most Omnia sofas are backed by a 3-year warranty. Unfortunately, many of today’s buyers aren’t truly interested in getting an Omnia sofa given some of the manufacturing defects aren’t covered by warranty. Sewing seems to be problematic with cushions as are some legs or missing parts altogether. It all depends on your dealer but it’s best to stick to the big brand dealers to avoid any potential delays in repairs, even under warranty.

  • Great leather

Corrected grain leather sofas have been reported with Omnia sofas. Extra pain which would eventually come off characterized this type of leather. Extra paint was applied to even out the low-quality leather.

However, top-grain leather is now used widely across the spectrum of Omnia sofas which is encouraging.

It’s best to discuss the type of leather your preferred sofa comes with together with your sales advisor. You might be shocked to find out some types of leather issues aren’t covered by warranty and any possible repairs would be based on your money. Needless to say, sofa leather is rather expensive.

  • Omnia Leather Sofas attract compliments

All in all, Omnia sofas stand high when it comes to improving their product quality. Many customers are happy about visitors offering compliments on their sofas. Soft but supportive cushioning as well as soft-touch leather makes these sofas the cherry on the cake when it comes to home furnishings.

  • Stitching can be improved

Stitching and sewing are the most difficult parts of making leather sofas look good. There are a few interesting types of leather used by Omnia but you can tell which of these are of lesser quality by how the stitching looks. Softer leather or quality leather is easier to work with.

Is the Omnia Leather Sofa Worth it?

Omnia leather sofas are only worth it when buying from a reputable dealer. It’s not unusual for these sofas to show discoloration or leather rips within the first few days of use. Getting Omnia sofas fixed can take longer, given it’s a family-owned brand.

Omnia is a small brand that makes luxurious sofas, chairs, and theatre chairs. Most of these are of good quality but they all depend on the type of leather Omnia uses to cover the cushioning. Otherwise, Omnia sofa and chair cushions and frames are expected to last for years.

Do you need a quality leather sofa?

What are the benefits of buying a leather sofa? Unique designs, long-lasting materials, and easy-to-clean surfaces make leather sofas ideal for the upmarket home. The material also has its drawbacks. It costs more than textile alternatives and it rips quickly when you have kids jumping around the house.

This is why you need to ask yourself if a leather sofa is right for you. Omnia certainly delivers sofas that last, given you get one without any manufacturing defects.

From previous customer reviews, we can conclude that almost all of those who had some issues with Omnia eventually got them fixed, particularly when buying through a reputable seller. On the other hand, Omnia furniture is not as easily available as other leather furniture brands such as Bradington Young or Stressless furniture. If you have the patience for these sofas to arrive you might get a rare design your home can look more attractive with.