Lowes or Home Depot For Paint? (The Shocking Truth)

Lowes and Home Depot sell accessible interior, exterior, and cabinet paints. Similarly priced, they are mainly targeting home users who also have access to a wide range of painting tools such as rollers and paint sprayers.

Have you ever wondered where’s the best place to shop paint between Home Depot and Lowe’s? If you’re one of the lucky customers who live close to these stores you might be left wondering about the best location to shop paints. However, the reality is that it doesn’t truly matter where you buy your paints from since they have very similar quality.

Home Depot Paints

Home Depot is a top destination for homeowners. You can find all types of paints, tools, and accessories here. The level of customer service advisor can be rated 3 out of 5 here. Staff is generally known but not specifically knowledgeable about many painting issues that are outside of the norm.

Home Depot sells the following paint brands

  • Behr Marquee
  • Behr Ultra
  • Behr Premium Plus
  • Rust-Oleum
  • PPG Timeless
  • PGG Diamond
  • Glidden Premium
  • Glidden Essentials

If you’re shopping at Home Depot you might as well go for Behr paint. Staff members are most knowledgeable about this top brand than others in the store. At the same time, Behr is good quality paint with comparable results to some of the best paints such as Benjamin Moore and Kelly Moore. To some, Behr Premium Plus is also an alternative to a rare premium paint known as Pittsburgh Paint.

Lowes Paints

Lowes is a great place to shop all things paint-related. The staff is generally as knowledgeable as Home Depot staff. They can be rated 3 out of 5 for paint knowledge. You can expect Lowes staff to direct you towards Valspar paint and towards HGTV Sherwin Williams paint, a sub-branch of the ultra-popular Sherwin Williams paint (read more about Sherwin Williams vs Valspar).

Paints available through Lowes include the following.

  • HGTV Sherwin Williams
  • Valspar
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Thomson WaterSeal
  • Purdy
  • Kilz

All of these can be considered good paints for the money. It’s nice to see a cheaper Sherwin Williams paint in the store. It’s also nice to see one of the favorites for durability at low prices (Rust-Oleum).

Specialty paints – Home Depot vs Lowes

Some paint jobs can be very specific. They require different paint formulations and they can sometimes be hard to find in large stores.

Home Depot carries the following types of specialty paints.

  • Craft paint
  • Countertop paint
  • Appliance paint
  • Bathtub & tile paint
  • Automotive paint
  • Pond paint
  • Pool paint

Lowes carries the following types of specialty paints.

  • Rubberized coating
  • Industrial enamel paint
  • Resurfacing kits
  • Marking paint
  • Marine paint
  • Pool paint

Paint tools

Tools of the trade are at least as important as paint itself. There are almost endless options for cheap and expensive paint tools. Here at HouseGovernor.com, we recommend airless sprayers even for those new to these tools as they can offer better results if you’re not a roller master. Of course, these might cost more, but you can use them for decades with minimum maintenance.

Home Depot paint tool brands

  • Graco
  • Wagner
  • Fuji
  • Titan
  • Preval
  • Husky

It’s nice to see the big names such as Graco and Wagner at Home Depot. These brands have started producing airless sprayers for home use that are smaller, cheaper, and more versatile.

Lowes paint tool brands

  • Graco
  • Wagner
  • Titan
  • Kobalt

Lowest also sells airless sprayers at similar prices to those at Home Depot. You can’t choose between Lowes and Home depot when it comes to painting tools.

Home Depot vs Lowes Pricing

Pricing is somewhat similar at these two large retailers. Some paints are cheaper at Home Depot while others are cheaper at Lowes. Both target entry-level and mid-level paints with no interfering in the premium paints market.

Home Depot vs Lowes proximity

If price, tools, paints, and customer service are almost identical at Home Depot and Lowes you might choose based on location. The cheapest store to your home is best as you might need to run back for a new can of paint whenever you’re working on a project yourself.

Home Depot paint vs Lowes paint vs specialty store paint – The Shocking Truth

While Home Depot and Lowes have endless isles or interior and exterior paints its specialty paint stores that outrank both of these. Home Depot and Lowes are inferior to these stores in staff knowledge and selection of premium paints. You can’t expect top painting results with paint from Home Depot or Lowes.

Exceptions apply to this, of course. However, you will often be required to do all of the research on paint when shopping at Lowes or Home Depot yourself. This research isn’t required as specialty stores have staffs that know everything there is to know about surfaces, primers, temperature, coating, and tools.

Furthermore, many specialty stores are focused on one brand alone. Most see limited brand selection as a shortcoming. However, focusing on just a single brand as a paint store allows you to know the ins and outs of that brand’s products. This is not possible for the high volume of brands in Home Depot and Lowes.

So who has better paint between Lowes or Home Depot?

Both Home Depot and Lowes are ideal for cheap paint. However, you should stay away from most of their paints except Behr (Home Depot) and Sherwin Williams (Lowes) which offer superior results in both indoor and outdoor paints.

Home Depot’s Behr is superior to all other paints you can find at the retailer. Sherwin Williams paint at Lowes is better than anything else you can buy at the store.


Does Lowes carry Behr paint?

No, Lowes doesn’t sell Behr paint. You can only find the paint at Home Depot and selected small paint specialty stores.

Valspar Home Depot or Lowes?

Valspar is only sold at Lowes. It’s the store’s alternative to Behr, a paint-only Home Depot sells. You can match multiple types of colors with Valspar paint, including Behr’s.

Benjamin Moore – Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Benjamin Moore is not sold by Lowes or Home Depot. This paint is only sold through Benjamin Moore’s specialty paint stores. It’s a premium paint which means it’s not available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Does Lowes or Home Depot sell Sherwin Williams paint?

Lowes carries a line of HGTV Sherwin Williams paint. This is only a small part of paints made by Sherwin Williams as most are sold through the brand’s stores.