Kitchen Cabinets: Lowes, Home Depot, or Custom?

Both Lowes and Home Depot offer multi-brand kitchen cabinets that are similarly priced. Lowes and Home Depot offer ready-assembled cabinets as well as custom-made cabinets through interior designer consultations.

Kitchen cabinets are the most important pieces of furniture in the kitchen. They provide cooking and storage space. But where should you buy these cabinets from? Is it Lowes or is it Home Depot? Or maybe it’s best to have your kitchen cabinets custom-made.

Lowes vs Home Depot Cabinets

Both Lowes and Home Depot kitchen cabinets are similar prices starting at around $160 for a standard size base/wall cabinet. A larger number of colors favors Home Depot cabinets when it comes to the ultimate space customization.

Why choose Lowes cabinets

The lowest cabinets are very popular when it comes to kitchen renovation. Lowes remains one of the most important centers for home furnishings. Here are a few good reasons to consider the retailer for kitchen cabinets.

  • Unfinished cabinets

You can find a range of finished and unfinished cabinets at Lowes. If you want a special type of paint or if you’re working with a team that will further customize your cabinets you might want to choose their unfished cabinets.

  • Colored finished cabinets

Lowes also offers a range of finished cabinets of various colors. These are known for their benefits when it comes to saving time as you can simply match a color to your kitchen walls to have the job done quickly.

  • Good range of cabinets

Lowes stocks kitchen cabinets from various brands which means they offer various designs. Most of these are popular. One of the ways these cabinets can be verified is by Lowes’ only review system.

Wall cabinets – you can choose from hundreds of customizable wall cabinets

Base cabinets – these cabinets are sold with or without doors

Sink cabinets – these are made for sink installation

Corner cabinets – practical and efficient in corner

Pantry cabinets – ideal for pots and pans

Custom-designed cabinets – the best option for designer-approved custom cabinets

Outdoor cabinets – unique durable kitchen cabinets to be used for outdoor kitchen furnishings

Why choose Home Depot cabinets

Home Depot is as good when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Many of these can simply be chosen based on how they look since Home Depot sells them in more colors compared to Lowes.

  • Soft kitchen cabinets

Soft-close kitchen cabinets are stocked by Home Depot. These are crucial when it comes to an elegant method of closing doors and drawers without noise.

  • Rollout cabinets

These types of cabinets are ideal for high practicality. They are recommended for a wide range of kitchen utensils.

  • Glass kitchen cabinet doors

Glass kitchen cabinets are sold by Home Depot. These offer a see-through option for a modern kitchen space.

  • Butcher top and laminate countertops

A long list of butcher top and laminate countertops is offered by Home Depot. These are recommended for a hardwood look. They are the ideal alternative to Ikea’s veneer countertops.

  • 4-week custom cabinets shipping

Even custom cabinets are delivered relatively quickly by Home Depot. You can have them delivered within 4 weeks, which is still faster than with most other companies that build custom cabinets from scratch.

Which cabinets should you choose between Lowes and Home Depot?

Both Lowes and Home Depot offer a free consultation for kitchen cabinets. Home Depot has more colors to choose from (100+) and quick 4-week delivery on custom cabinets. Lowes has very good unfinished cabinets that can be customized as well as durable outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Reasons why you’d want to choose custom cabinets instead

If you aren’t satisfied either by Lowes or by Home Depot you might have a carpenter build custom kitchen cabinets. This route is typically great when it comes to a unique kitchen. But it can take longer.

Here’s how to have an experience similar to Lowes and Home Depot when going with a contractor for custom-made kitchen cabinets.

  • The benefit of a designer/architect’s input

Designers work with kitchen cabinet makers. However, even architects can offer great input and a professional alternative to kitchen cabinets that are designed in line with your home’s design.

  • Licensed contractor installation

Licensed contractors often offer free installation, which isn’t always the case with Lowes and Home Depot.

We’ve recently seen how even cheap Ikea particleboard cabinets can look professional when they’re installed by a professional.

It’s important to find a retailer that either offers free installation or that has low installation fees as they can add up to more than 25% of the acquisition cost of some kitchen cabinets.

Lowes vs Home Depot vs custom kitchen cabinets – which one is right?

Kitchen cabinets can easily cost a few thousand dollars. The best approach is to get a quote from all possible sources. 3 quotes on the cabinets themselves + installation should offer you a good idea of what to expect.

If the prices you get are somewhat similar you need to consider materials and warranty as differentiating factors.

Transportation costs might also come into play, especially if you live a few hours’ drive from a Home Depot or a Lowes store.


Are Lowes kitchen cabinets good?

Lowes kitchen cabinets vary in quality depending on the manufacturer. Lowes sells ready-made kitchen cabinets from various sellers. It also makes custom kitchen cabinets for a more unique look and a better fit.

Are Home Depot kitchen cabinets good?

Home Depot is known for having free consultations on kitchen cabinets. It also has around 100 custom kitchen cabinets colors to choose from to match almost any kitchen design.

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