Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams – Which Paint Is Better?

Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are top-quality paint brands. Kelly Moore has the edge in-home painting while Sherwin Williams has better industrial coating results. You can’t go wrong with any of the brands for any type of DIY project.

Professionals use both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams paint for all types of jobs. They choose based on availability or preference as the difference between the 2 brands is minimal.

No paint manufacturer has a proprietary formula for making paint. True innovation is rare and access to quality ingredients tends to make the difference. In the Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore paint it’s Benjamin Moore that turns out better. Making less paint allows BM to make quality paint with US ingredients. But what about Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams? Why do so many contractors love these paints and why are they so divided over which is best?

Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams In a Head to Head Comparison

Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams make some of the best paints you can find in the US. Both companies have a large selection of products (compared to brands such as Pittsburgh Paint).

Product line

Interior and exterior paints from Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are among the top 5 in the country at any moment. This tells you everything you need to know about their quality. Here’s how these brands differ.

A few Kelly More favorites

Almost all Kelly Moore paints are made to high standards. The following lines are known for offering top results.

  • DuraPoxy

Floors, doors, furniture, and metal can be painted with this incredible acrylic urethane paint. While not unique, it’s still made better than most of its alternative paints.

  • Premium Professional

The eggshell enamel pain of the Premium Professional line is ideal for walls. You can wipe it clean as often as needed and its eggshell surface is certainly made to last.

A few Sherwin Williams favorites

Sherwin Williams benefits from a wider in-store presence compared to Kelly Moore. You can find Sherwin Williams paint in all US states, in Canada, and even in Mexico. Retail presence is important for convenience.

  • Cashmere paint

Cashmere is one of the best paints with an acrylic latex formulation for buttery coverage. It comes in a low sheen, medium lustre, pearl finish, and eggshell finish. All of these versions are covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Captivate paint

Captivate is the affordable Sherwin Williams paint. It comes as a paint and primer mix and the best part is it has affordable prices, even lower than Pittsburgh paint.

  • Emerald paint

Emerald from Sherwin Williams is a popular exterior paint that washes dirt away.  This UV-resistant paint is ideal for no maintenance.

  • Resilience

Resilience is an excellent moisture-resistant exterior paint. It’s also a top low-temperature application paint. The best part is it’s not a lot more expensive than Captivate paint.


Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams offer similar-quality paints. Not too much paint is needed either for brushers or rollers. Ideal results, at least for beginners, come with airless sprayers for both of these brands, particularly on non-porous surfaces where paint streaks can be an issue. However, neither Kelly Moore nor Sherwin Williams makes paint that’s as runny as Pittsburgh paint.


You need to expect higher prices for both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams. The affordable paints from these brands such as the Captivate line are to be skipped as there are better options, albeit at different prices.

However, you get what you pay for with paint. You might be interested in saving on paint but this won’t make your room, floors, or patio look like those in magazines for sure. Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are only recommended for professionals and professional-like results since they cost more and since they’re made with higher quality resins.


Kelly Moore is only available in 9 states while Sherwin Williams is sold across the US, Canada, and Mexico. This is also the reason why Sherwin Williams is the more popular paint of the two brands.

Almost all professionals recommend a certain brand based on personal experience. As many haven’t yet tried Kelly Moore it’s also expected for pros to recommend Sherwin Williams.

However, retail stores such as Ace might be the place where you can give Kelly Moore a try as well. You need to try both brands to see how they look in your house and around your house if you’re interested in sticking to a single brand for all future paint jobs.

Furthermore, it’s also important to consider the tools you’re using these paints with. Only the best brushes and only the best airless sprayers for home use should be considered as you’d be wasting money with entry-level painting tools and not doing these brands any justice.

Which paint should you choose between Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams?

You can consider Sherwin Williams the brand to go for if you’re new to painting. A better customer service team is among its benefits even if the print quality is similar to Kelly Moore. On the other hand, if you live close to a Kelly Moore location you won’t lose out on quality by favoring the brands for their proximity. You’d have to be one of those lucky people who live in the few states Kelly Moore has a physical presence in unless you’d find their paints online.