Kelly Moore Paint – Is It At Benjamin Moore’s Level?

Kelly Moore Paint is made to a high standard both for professionals and for those new to painting. Mainly sold through Kelly Moore shops, the paint comes in either latex or acrylic formula for indoor, outdoor, or combined indoor/outdoor use.

One of the most underrated premium paint brands is Kelly Moore. Often confused with Benjamin Moore, this paint brand offers a limited selection of products but all made to a top-level finish.

Eggshell enamel interior paint and matte finish exterior paint are among Kelly Moore’s best-sellers. Eggshell paints of the company are popular because they’re easy to clean with a damp or dry wipe. Their matte finish paints are ideal for all other situations where a level of gloss is simply not acceptable.

Kelly Moore – A Good Paint Manufacturer

Kelly Moore is a leader in quality interior and exterior paints. The company has fewer products than its rivals but it does offer some of the best results for overall durability and aesthetics.

Kelly Moore Paint Quality

As with all premium brands that don’t have a considerable market share there’s little information on Kelly Moore’s performance. Kelly Moore reviews typically focus on a single type of paint and often mislead buyers into thinking the same results can be attained by an untrained individual with a trained painter. Furthermore, the quality of the paints is different as well.

There’s a premium Kelly Moore paint you need to know about

Kelly Moore paints can be ordered online or shopped in their physical locations across the country. It’s best to shop these paints on Kelly Moore’s website if you have to drive more than an hour to reach one of their stores as the fuel cost isn’t worth it.

Typical expectations from a brand such as Kelly Moore

  • When you buy paint that costs a lot you expect the following attributes.
  • One coat of paint only
  • A little paint should go a long way
  • A choice of various sheen levels
  • Specialized ceiling paint
  • We investigate further to see if these expectations are met by Kelly Moore.

Types of paints

Acrylic urethane, eggshell enamel, sating enamel, and flat enamel are the main types of paints you can purchase at Kelly Moore.

Types of finishing

Varying from eggshell to flat enamel and flat acrylic, you can find the right type of finishing for your house at Kelly Moore. From this perspective, there are no differences between the brand and other companies such as Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paint, Behr, or Sherwin Williams.

The extra mile

The professional paints from Kelly Moore are highly recommended above their standard paints. These low VOC paints are better for your health.

Low VOC paints are made with up to 50 grams of volatile compounds such as solvents.

Professional painters use low VOC paints when they paint a small portion of a house such as a room or a wall as people still need to live in the house without that unpleasant paint smell or fumes.

Successful application of Benjamin Moore paints of the professional line is seen on walls, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, OSB, and plyboard.

A word of advice on Kelly Moore pricing

Kelly Moore is one of the most expensive types of paints for home use you can buy. Even buying it in bulk is not going to offer you any significant discount.

However, it’s generally worth getting this paint, particularly the premium professional version which is what regular people associate with premium brands instead of an expensive paint that isn’t performing much better than a cheaper one from a hardware store.

Where can I use Kelly Moore Paint?

You can use Kelly Moore to paint living rooms. Kitchen areas should be painted with premium paints. Bathrooms also benefit from their eggshell finish as it’s easier to wipe the walls clean with this hardshell finish. Offices and particularly the home office can also benefit from the standard Kelly Moore paint as these are typically cleaner.

Is Kelly Moore’s paint worth it?

Yes, Kelly Moore paint is worth purchasing if you’re after universal paint that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Direct-to-metal Kelly Moore paints are also some of the best.

However, these paints are simply too expensive to justify in a rental home. You might keep them to yourself and only apply them if you live in the house as they are premium products.

Kelly Moore vs Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is considered the superior choice to Kelly Moore in the application. While Kelly Moore has very good finishing it’s easier to apply Benjamin Moore with all types of painting tools. Furthermore, Benjamin Moore has extra hybrid interior-exterior paints.

Kelly Moore vs Behr

Kelly Moore is both better and more expensive than Behr colors. While you can match Kelly Moore shades in Behr paint you cannot expect the same durability and ease of application.

Kelly Moore vs Sherwin Williams

Kelly Moore isn’t as accessible as Sherwin Williams. Unless you live in one of the 9 states Kelly Moore has stores in you can go with Sherwin Williams as you never know when you can need more paint to finish a job and run back to the store.



Is Kelly Moore the same as Benjamin Moore?

No, Kelly Moore is an independent paint manufacturer. Benjamin Moore has the backing of an umbrella company which allows it to have a better store presence and a larger line of products.

Does Home Depot sell Kelly Moore Paint?

No, Home Depot doesn’t sell Kelly Moore paint. Furthermore, Kelly More is only physically available in 9 states out of 50 and online.

Does Lowes sell Kelly Moore paint?

Lowes doesn’t carry paints from small independent premium brands such as Kelly Moore. The store is known for offering other top-quality paints instead.

Is Kelly Moore good paint?

Kelly Moore is a good paint for a top-quality finish. It’s not known for having a large comparable share of stores like Benjamin Moore. However, its specialized paints and professional line of paints is worth it.