Is Walmart Paint Good? (Compared to Home Depot and Lowes)

Walmart paint brands include Colorplace, Behr Premium, Glidden, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. This makes Walmart one of the ideal places to buy paint for its large selection covering all budgets and colors.

Both interior and exterior paint is available at Walmart. Reviews show Walmart paint that is most popular is Kilz and Glidden. These are mid-range paints known for good coverage and relatively easy application without the price tag associated with brands such as Benjamin Moore.

Is Walmart Paint Good?

Yes, Walmart paint is very good. Kilz and Glidden (2 of its most popular brands) get a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 placing these paints in from of other brands such as Colorplace or Behr Premium. Popular Walmart paints cost up to $25 per gallon and they often come in a paint and primer combination.

The best part is Walmart sells one of the largest selections of paints so that you can go as specialized as needed. From eggshell to a satin finish, Walmart is an ideal shopping destination for indoor and outdoor paint.

Walmart Paint Reviews Tell It All

The system of reviews on shows both positive and negative paint reviews side by side. This should give you a clear indication of just how accurate a certain paint is. Luckily, we see that affordable Walmart paint that is versatile mostly gets good reviews.

What Walmart paint gets most credit from its customers

There are a few Walmart paint characteristics users are mostly found of. For example, ease of application is important as many go for the cheapest paint to find it too thick, too runny, or simply difficult to apply with a brush or a roller.

  • Ease of application

Ease of application is the most important quality of Walmart paints. The store selects some of the most user-friendly paints from the brands it carries and this can be seen in the positive customer feedback. Most customers using Walmart paint are DIYers with limited to no painting experience.

A paint that is easy to apply is a paint that tends to be favored by the general buyer. Walmart promotes these paints on its front page as well as on high visibility shelves in its stores.

  • Fast drying time

Fast drying time is the second most important characteristic of good Walmart paint. Customers want to paint that is dried in just a few hours since most can’t seal the area to prevent dust from settling on newly-painted surfaces such as decks, walls, or even furniture.

A typical Walmart paint such as Gypsy Plum Kilz takes around 30 minutes to dry and it’s ready for a second coat in 4 hours. You can repaint an entire room in one day, which is what most people are willing to invest in when it comes to time.

  • Low prices

As mentioned above, Walmart paint that sells well is the paint that costs up to $25 per gallon. While Walmart also carries premium paint brands these aren’t as popular given their higher cost.

  • Lack of odor

Believe it or not, most Walmart paint is low odor Low Voc paint. This means there are no paint smells to deal with and from the health perspective you won’t be losing out on buying paint here compared to getting it from Home Depot, Lowes, or a paint store.

  • Versatility

The paint that is applicable both indoors and outdoors such as Kilz Complete Coat Paint and Primer is the most popular and most reliable at Walmart. Good surface preparation is required but this paint doesn’t need extra priming and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The high versatility of Walmart paint makes it ideal for just about any DIY project around the house.

What paint brands does Walmart carry?

  • Colorplace
  • Montana Cans
  • Glidden
  • Kilz
  • Krylon
  • Rustoleum
  • The Real Milk Paint Co
  • Zinsser
  • Behr Premium
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Benjamin Moore

Walmart vs Home Depot vs Lowes Paint – Which is Better?

If you live in a busy area you probably have access to Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes to get your paints from. But which of these stores is truly better? You can read a separate comparison between Lowes vs Home Depot paint to get a clear perspective of the Walmart paint alternatives.

Is Walmart paint cheaper than Home Depot Paint?

Walmart sells cheap, reasonably-priced, and expensive paint. It’s mostly known as a reasonably-priced paint through its popular Colorplace, Kilz, and Glidden paints.

Is Walmart paint cheaper than Lowes Paint?

No, Walmart is not cheaper than Lowes for paint. 1 gallon of decent Walmart paint starts at $23-25 which means the store is competitively priced, but not cheaper or more expensive than Lowes.

Is Walmart paint better than Home Depot or Lowes paint?

Home Depot also sells paints available at Walmart, such as Behr Premium. Both stores run similar prices and the closest one to your home might be the best place to shop.

Walmart paint Price-to-quality ratio
Colorplace (not as efficient as Glidden)

Montana Cans

Glidden (only HEP and High Endurance lines)

Kilz (more expensive than Colorplace)



The Real Milk Paint Co

Zinsser (just for primers)

Behr Premium (cheaper on Amazon)

Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore














Glidden paint Walmart vs Home Depot?

General Glidden paint is cheaper at Home Depot. However, the best Glidden Paint at Walmart is Glidden Ceiling and Glidden High Endurance. Both are available for under $25 per gallon.

Who makes Walmart paint?

ColorPlace is a line of Glidden Paint sold as Walmart paint. It’s inferior to Glidden Paint available in other stores but it also costs less. It’s typically applied in a minimum of 2 coats.

Glidden vs ColorPlace – which is better?

Glidden applies easier but ColorPlace is cheaper. Walmart customers are known for always looking for a good deal and in this case, ColoPlace is the budget-friendly option, albeit at least 10% not as durable or easy to apply as Glidden paint.

Walmart paint match – is it possible?

Walmart can match any paint color. Walmart only recommends matching new paint and not matching old wall paint as there are color differences in old and new paint of the same tint.

Who makes Colorplace paint?

Colorplace paint is a Walmart paint made by AkzoNobel. This brand of paint used to be made by major US paint brands but it migrated under Walmart over the past few years.

Walmart exterior paint reviews are bad – should I worry?

Walmart exterior paint that gets bad reviews tends to be a combination of paint and primer. You should buy a separate primer sold by Walmart (see Zinsser above) if you want the best results.

Is it worth buying paint at Walmart?

Walmart is a discount shopping destination. It sells some of the cheapest paint in the US. However, the cheapest paint is not very durable. This is why it’s only worth buying branded paint at Walmart.

Paint and primer in one Walmart – which should I get?

Glidden makes some of the best paint and primer combinations available at Walmart. Glidden Premium is a line of paints + primer mixes that resist scratch and which don’t cost as much as other Walmart branded paints.