How to Make Wind Chimes Chime More?

You can make your wind chimes chime more when the pipes are truly perpendicular. Large wind chimes don’t chime when there’s no sufficient wind and their location needs to be changed to a windy spot.

My wind chime won’t chime, what can I do? This article explores simple steps you can follow with a wind chime that won’t chime or with a wind chime that can chime more.

How to make wind chimes chime more?

Given you already have a wind chime that isn’t performing as well you can start with one of these 3 strategies.

Avoid strangled support strings

The wind chime should hang naturally from its original string without added string pieces. This is the only proven method of it hanging correctly and chiming at its highest capacity.

Makes sure chime pipes are straight

How should chime pipes stand? They should stand perpendicular to the ground or parallel to each other. Wind chime pipes that sit at an angle can’t chime the loudest. This is why you might need to rearrange them for proper positioning for the loudest results.

Change the spot of the chime for more wind

You need a lot of wind for the largest wind chimes to chime. This might be difficult to find in reality. Most of us want the chime to be close to the house next to a window or a patio so that we can hear and see our chimes.

However, the closer a chime is to a wall the least amount of wind it’s exposed to. As a result, you should always find a spot for your chime that can get wind from all directions. This might mean moving it away from the house, under a tree, or under a lamp post. However, it’s better to hear more chime at lower decibels than to rarely hear loud chiming close to you.

Why your wind chime doesn’t sound like those you see on TV?

Wind chimes might look cool on TV or in movies but they might have changed their location a few times for them to chime properly. This is why you need to eventually try out different locations to see the maximum chime.

Can I hang my wind chime indoors?

Another strategy involves hanging your wind chime indoors. This is the place where you can benefit from a mild breeze with opening windows or open doors. Mild chime is what some people are after and you can also experiment with indoor chimes to see if you like the sounds better than when hanged outdoors.