How to Have a Built-In Toaster Oven?

If you want to clear your kitchen counter you need to find a storage place for your toaster oven. But all toaster ovens can’t be built-in your kitchen cabinetry as they overheat and they become a fire hazard. The only true solution is to look for alternatives to toaster ovens that don’t heat up on the outside.

If you’re struggling with a disorganized countertop you might be interested in hiding everything on it in cabinets.

This includes the toaster oven.

After analyzing all toaster ovens on the market we can conclude you cannot have their stores between 4 or 5 walls even if there’s sufficient top clearance for better ventilation. The resistance-heating of the toaster oven is made specifically to be used without any type of structure or walls around it.

Still, a toaster oven is ideal for a quick toast, unlike a built-in wall oven.

People have a clear idea of what they want a new kitchen to look like. Having small appliances on the countertop is not a dream, for sure. So what are some valuable alternatives and how do they compare to a toaster oven? Can they be built-in in the kitchen cabinets?

Can you have a built-in toaster oven?

No, you cannot have a hot toaster oven secluded by wooden panels. While occasional use can be possible when an oven is briefly used within a cabinet, it certainly becomes a fire hazard you need to stay clear from.

Toaster ovens are designed to get hot very quickly. This prevents them from being installed into built-in hardwood, MDF, or plywood cabinets. Furthermore, you can lose your home’s insurance as well as the oven’s insurance when using it in a confined structure.

Why can’t toaster ovens be built into kitchen cabinets?

Toaster ovens are created without wall insulation. This means the outer temperature of a toaster oven reaches a few hundred degrees within a minute. The high outer temperature would damage any type of surrounding wood panels or even other types of materials such as metal.

A few tricks to get your toaster oven off the counter

Each user finds personal creative ways of hiding the toaster oven. In most cases, this means saying goodbye to the rather practical toaster ovens in favor of its more modern alternatives.

‘Hiding’ your toaster oven on the countertop

Aerated wood panels such as those used to ‘hide’ coffee machines are sometimes used to put toaster ovens out of sight. While not completely safe, these allow for at least some type of countertop organization.

Investing in a U-shaped shelf under the wall cabinets

The cheapest method to have a nearly built-in toaster oven is to use a U-shaped shelf under the wall cabinets. The U shape allows the toaster oven to ventilate properly around all sides, given there’s sufficient top clearance as well. This cheap solution doesn’t hide the toaster oven, however. It simply clears your countertop for more cooking space.

Getting a small 24” wall oven

Wall ovens have improved considerably over the past few years. You can get the smallest wall oven as an alternative to the classic toaster oven. A 24” oven can be easily found from some of the most respected brands on the market. There should be sufficient space in your cabinets to accommodate such a small oven. The bad part is you might not get that delicious breakfast toast as easily with this oven as your toaster oven. But you can always use a pan for toast.

Getting a toaster

Additionally, you can always go smaller with appliances such as toasters. These might replace the entire usability of a toaster oven in some cases. Storing it away is not complicated after each use given just how small a toaster is.

Replacing a toaster with built-in speed ovens

Speed ovens are the perfect way of having built-in toaster ovens. Speed ovens combine the best of microwaves and wall ovens into a small package that can be built into the cabinets.

There are not as many speed ovens on the market as wall ovens. However, you can get one rather cheaply and you can clear your countertop if you want the oven to be built-in for that professional look. Essentially, you are buying an oven that heats up quickly, almost as quick as a toaster oven but without having to deal with the headache of clearing so much cabinet space a wall oven would need.

Final ideas on built-in toaster ovens

While some dealers are advertising built-in toaster ovens none of them are made with proper wall insulation so that you can have them close to other surfaces. This is why you essentially have to decide if you keep or ditch your toaster oven if you want all of your appliances to be built-in.

We’ve seen plenty of great cabinets such as Wolf Cabinets offers plenty of custom designer options. But which of these would guarantee your safety when it comes to a built-in toaster oven? Instead, you can replace your toaster oven with a small wall oven + a toaster. Alternatively, a speed oven might be a type of appliance that would get plenty of attention from your guests as it’s safe to be built-in, it’s great for cooking, and it heats up almost as fast as a toaster oven.