How to Clean Bee Poop From Cars and Windows

Cleaning bee poop can be complicated. Beep poop has a waxy thick texture that sticks to the car and windows easily. Removing it is impossible with a simple pressure washer. You need to insist and use the right products to get bee poop off.

Cleaning bee poop off the car is not the most pleasant activity. Cleaning bee poop off windows isn’t pleasant or easy either.

What Are Those Yellow Spots On My Car?

Small yellow spots on the car represent bee poop (or wasp poop). These spots tend to harden within minutes. They rarely come off when washing with clean water, even when using a pressure washer.

How to Clean Bee Poop-Off a Car

When it comes to cleaning bee poop off the car you’ll need a lot of patience. Hundreds of these markings are visible on the car. This is why it can take hours to clear all of them if you allow them to build up. Here’s what to do.

  • Soak the car with warm water

You first need to soak the car properly. Water softens bee poop, but only when it’s warm. This is why you only need to soak the car in warm water first. This process is repeated a few times. When the car is soaked 3 times you can move to the next step.

  • Use a sponge and car wash soaps

A large sponge with car wash liquid soaps is essential. A simple sponge doesn’t have the cleaning power of car soap. You use a bucket with warm water, car wash soap, and a sponge to clean beep poop off the car. Circular motions are best to clean off excess poop on the hood and the doors.

  • Repeat the process

If you see that bee poop isn’t coming off easily you still need to repeat this process. You start over by soaking the car with warm water and using the sponge to scrape off all excess poop.

  • Rinse the car

Once the poop has been removed you can proceed to a final car rinse. This can be done with warm water. Applying bug spray on the car can help keep bees off. However, bees are attracted to bright color cars which are reflective and which are also warm. Bees love the warmth emitted by cars left in the sun. It always helps to park your car in a shaded place.

What are the small yellows spots on the windows?

Yellow spots on the windows represent bee poop. This substance is dropped by bees when they fly next to windows attracted by their reflection and heat radiance. The warmer the window is the more heat it produces and the more bees it attracts.

How to Clean Bee Poop off Windows

You can clean bee poop off windows using vinegar. Soaking is required before spraying vinegar so that the bee poop softens and it becomes easier to scrape off. Here’s how to do it.

  • Soak the windows

You first need to soak the windows in warm water. This is easy to do with a sprayer. You can add warm water to a sprayer bottle and spray the windows 2-3 times allowing a few minutes to pass between the sprays.

You can also soak the windows using a garden hose if the windows are within easy reach. Ideally, the water in the hose would also be warm so that it softens bee poop before you begin scrubbing.

  • Use a sponge and vinegar

A sponge soaked in vinegar is the best solution for clearing bee poop off the windows. You can use a 50-50 water-vinegar mix. If the bee poop doesn’t come off easily you can soak a sponge in pure vinegar and try scrubbing it again. Circular motions, as well as back and forth sponge scrubbing motions, are ideal when scrubbing bee poop off the windows.

  • Consider the fingernail if needed

If your efforts are in vain you might need to use your fingernail to remove hardened bee poop. Alternatively, you can use a round head plastic knife to remove bee droppings off windows.

  • Rinse the windows

You can then proceed to rinse the windows with lukewarm water or cold water. Make sure to rinse off all excess poop as it can warm up in the sun and stick to the windows again if not completely removed.

How to keep bees off the car and windows for good

If bee pooping on your car or bee droppings on windows is a large problem for your home there are small steps you can take to minimize these risks in the future as follows.

Avoid bright colors

Bright home colors such as white and yellow attract bees. These insects are attracted to bright colors and you might even consider painting your home in dark gray or similar darker or neutral colors.

The same applies to cars. You can choose black cars or neutral color cars over yellow cars, white cars, or pink cars which all attract bees.

Wash the car or the windows with water and essential oils

Some types of essential oils deter bees. Eucalyptus, mint, and basil essential oil have been shown to have a strong aromatic effect that keeps bees away. You can add a bit of essential oil around the windows to keep bee droppings away from walls and windows.

You can add essential oil on your vehicle’s doors, hood, and roof to keep bees and other insects away. The effect of the essential oil wears off in a maximum of 48 hours, however.


Cleaning bee poop off the car is not easy. Even when you try to clear bee droppings off your home’s windows things aren’t easier. You need to intervene with a fingernail or a sponge with vinegar to clean the poop off.

While alcohol-based solutions aren’t recommended for clearing bee poop from the car you might use an alcohol-based cleaner to remove bee poop off the windows, on the other hand. Alcohol is a more potent alternative to vinegar. For a low-impact cleaning solution, simple natural vinegar is ideal. It helps deal with all those yellow marks that are sometimes mysterious but which are bee or wasp droppings.