How Long do Viking Refrigerators Last?

Most Viking refrigerators last 7-10 years before parts need to be replaced. They last more than 10 years on average. Viking built-in refrigerators last more than 20 years.

Viking makes built-in refrigerators, freestanding refrigerators, and under-counter refrigerators. The company also makes range tops, ranges, ovens, microwaves, wall hoods, and dishwashers.

Viking sells refrigerators between $3.000 and $5.000. Most people asking themselves how much these fridges last start to see some parts starting to give out.

The most common part of a Viking fridge that fails first is the fan. It’s not that the fan fails immediately, but that it starts to make a weird noise after 7 – 10 years according to what current Viking customers say.

In this case, it’s always worth repairing the fridge as Viking refrigerators can last even more.

Do Viking refrigerators last long?

Most Viking refrigerators last between 10 and 20 years. Some of their cheaper refrigerators show the first signs of wear within 10 years while the built-in line of refrigerators lasts more than 10 years without any parts to be replaced.

Viking is one of the most trusted brands in the refrigerators market.

People commonly buy Viking refrigerators at BestBuy.

However, BestBuy only sells Viking refrigerators with a 3-year warranty which might prompt some people into believing these fridges don’t last as long as claimed.

Should I repair my Viking refrigerator?

Most people recommend repairing Viking refrigerators if they’re up to 7-8 years old. If these fridges are more than 10 years old you might need to address the cost of the repairs before making a decision.

Some refrigerator parts are really expensive. It’s best to avoid very expensive refrigerator repairs for any brand, not just Viking. As a result, if your repair is not too costly and if your fridge is not a decade old you might be better off with the repair itself rather than with a new fridge.


Consumer Affairs says Viking refrigerators last around 10 years. All market research companies publish average data. This means a Viking refrigerator might need servicing within its 3-year warranty or that it might work without servicing up to 20 years. The truth is somewhere in the middle.


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