Frigidaire vs Electrolux Refrigerators: Which is Best?

Frigidaire refrigerators are tailor-made for the US market. They are part of the Electrolux even if Electrolux also sells refrigerators in the US. Frigidaire is considered a residential consumer brand while Electrolux is considered a high-end refrigerator manufacturer partly available in the US.

Both Frigidaire and Electrolux make good refrigerators. While different in many aspects (as detailed below), these two brands are based on dynamic condenser technology.

This means both Frigidaire and Electrolux make some of the best no-frost refrigerators. The dynamic condenser’s role is to improve air circulation and the uniformity of cool air temperature inside the fridge.

This is the up-to-date alternative to static cooling fridges which were known for a higher temperature above (warm air always rises) and cooler air at the bottom.

Both Frigidaire and Electrolux have further cooling technologies that help preserve fresh food longer and better (without drying).

Is Frigidaire a good brand?

Frigidaire makes 48 types of refrigerators plus 6 beverage coolers/wine coolers. These are based on trustworthy Electrolux technology. Frigidaire fridges are some of the most popular in the US.

Here are a few characteristics that make Frigidaire fridges stand out.

  • A wider selection of refrigerators

The wide selection of refrigerators Frigidaire offers is a must. Freestanding refrigerators are the norm at Frigidaire since these are more common than built-in refrigerators (Frigidaire also makes professional refrigerators and built-in refrigerators). Both Frigidaire and Electrolux make counter-depth refrigerators.

  • Auto humidity control

Humidity control is automatic in many Frigidaire refrigerators. These come with automatic technologies to maintain moisture levels and even filter out gases eliminated by common foods.

  • Smudge-proof stainless steel

Frigidaire offers some of the best smudge-proof stainless steel refrigerators. Frigidaire’s smudge-proof stainless steel is considered superior to the smudge-proof of Electrolux refrigerators (some fingerprints are still visible around the handles of Electrolux refrigerators).

Is Electrolux a good brand?

Electrolux currently sells 4 types of refrigerators, 1 under-counter wine cooler, and 1 under-counter beverage cooler in the US. They come with a standard 1-year warranty but are known as reliable refrigerators.

  • Internal water purifier

Electrolux refrigerators are roomy. This means they have sufficient space for an internal water purifier. Most refrigerators don’t purify water. It’s a nice touch to have it already filtered by the fridge.

  • Optional stainless steel trim kit for a built-in look

Electrolux offers standard stainless steel kits for a built-in refrigerator look. You can make your kitchen space look seamless, perfect to counter depth, without interruptions in the cabinets by adding these kits.

  • Self-closing doors

Electrolux implements a self-locking doors technology on its refrigerators. This is a top feature for busy families or restaurants as leaving fridge doors open happens all the time.

Sabbath Mode

Electrolux makes some of the best Sabbath Mode refrigerators. These comply with Sabbath requirements by default.

Frigidaire vs Electrolux refrigerators

The wider product selection is the biggest difference between Frigidaire and Electrolux refrigerators. Frigidaire makes French door, side-by-side, top freezer, single door, and compact refrigerators while Electrolux only makes French door and single door refrigerators.

French door

Frigidaire is the superior option for French door refrigerator options. It makes French door refrigerators in multiple sizes, ideal for apartments, small homes, large families, and even restaurants or hotels.

The wider selection of food storage capacity is what makes Frigidaire superior to Electrolux above technology, which is similar.

Frigidaire French door refrigerators

  • 17 cu.ft.
  • 21 cu.ft.
  • 22 cu.ft.
  • 23 cu.ft.
  • 26 cu.ft.
  • 27 cu.ft.
  • 28 cu.ft.

Electrolux French door refrigerators

Electrolux only makes 2 types of French door refrigerators. These are the sole fridges sold under the Electrolux brand here.

  • 5 cu.ft.
  • 13 cu.ft


Frigidaire makes 9 good side-by-side refrigerators. These are made in both 33” and 36” standard counter depth sizing.

Not all Frigidaire refrigerators are energy efficient under Energy Star standards. However, there are at least a few fridges which comply with these energy efficiency standards.

Both black stainless steel and standard stainless steel Frigidaire fridges come with smudge-proof steel.


Electrolux sells no top freezer refrigerators here. Frigidaire sells no less than 18 top freezer refrigerators here making it one of the most comprehensive refrigerator brands in the US.

Frigidaire refrigerators reviews often fail to mention the widest selection of Frigidaire fridges is found in the top freezer configuration.

Top freezer Frigidaire refrigerators are known for storing more food than other top-freezer refrigerators. They’re available in the following sizes.

  • 1 cu.ft.
  • 6 cu.ft.
  • 3 cu.ft.
  • 18 cu.ft.
  • 4 cu.ft.

Single Door

Electrolux makes cheaper ($100 less) single-door refrigerators compared to Frigidaire. However, there are 2 single-door refrigerators made by Electrolux to only 1 single-door refrigerator made by Frigidaire.

However, Frigidaire single-door refrigerators are made with smudge-proof stainless steel, making them the superior option for families.


Frigidaire makes 4 compacts (under 5 cu. ft.) refrigerators while Electrolux makes no compact refrigerators. These can be perfect as a refrigerator for a nursery or as a refrigerator for dorm rooms.


Frigidaire makes more beverage refrigerators than Electrolux. It currently has 6 wine and beverage refrigerators in its lineup.

Electrolux beverage refrigerators are up to 50% more expensive than Frigidaire beverage refrigerators.

Electrolux beverage refrigerators have better shelf spacing for various types of beverages. Both Frigidaire and Electrolux have similar wine fridge performance.


The common assumption is that Electrolux refrigerators are more expensive.

In reality, only some Electrolux refrigerators are more expensive than Frigidaire refrigerators. But even some Frigidaire refrigerators can be more expensive.

Which refrigerator should you buy?

Frigidaire is superior to Electrolux through a wider range of products. It makes more French door fridges and more side-by-sides that its parent brand, Electrolux. Frigidaire also benefits from higher availability through the US, the target market of the brand.

Frigidaire makes refrigerators of various sizes. Both Frigidaire and Electrolux are known for no-frost technologies and stainless steel construction that keeps fingerprints away.


Are Frigidaire refrigerators noisy?

Frigidaire refrigerators are generally quiet. The fan (responsible for air circulation) is sometimes heard, especially when the fridge has to cool air inside from warm. The longer the door is open the louder the fridge is until it reaches optimum cooling temperature.

Are Electrolux refrigerators noisy?

Electrolux refrigerators aren’t noisy. The technology of these fridges powers other sub-brands such as Frigidaire known for their quiet performance.

Are Frigidaire refrigerators good?

Frigidaire refrigerators are found in various sizes. They are good residential use based on no-frost technology which means there’s no condensation on the back of the fridge to worry about.

Are Electrolux refrigerators good?

Electrolux makes high-end refrigerators recognized around the world. The Swedish company sells a limited number of products in the US under the Electrolux name as it has its Frigidaire subsidiary tailored for North American user.

Where are Electrolux refrigerators made?

Turkey and Chile are known countries of origin for Electrolux refrigerators. The company is international with a growing number of manufacturing facilities around the world.

Are Frigidaire and Electrolux the same company?

Electrolux owns Frigidaire. While Frigidaire is an old company founded in 1918, it’s now part of the Electrolux group.

Are Frigidaire and Electrolux parts the same?

Some Electrolux parts can be used on Frigidaire refrigerators. Electrolux owns Frigidaire and it’s expected for many parts to be interchangeable between the brands.