Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Home Depot doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore paint. It sells its paints such as Behr. You can use Benjamin Moore color codes to recreate your favorite paints at Home Depot. The final result is the same in terms of color but different when it comes to coating and durability.

Benjamin Moore is not stocked by any big brand stores such as Home Depot. It’s mainly sold through Benjamin Moore stores and a handful of independent retailers. Apart from Benjamin Moore stores, you can find this paint at Ace Hardware.

Where can you buy Benjamin Moore paint? You can only buy it in Benjamin Moore stores and at Ace Hardware. The closed commercial strategy of Benjamin Moore paint doesn’t make it available at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

If you’re after Benjamin Moore paint you’re after some of the best products to decorate the inside and the outside of your house. You should also check for the perfect conditions when applying this or similar paint for the best results, as you see online. Perfect conditions involve certain temperatures, humidity, tools, and wall preparation. Make sure to read the full recommendations on the paint can to enjoy the ultimate results.

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

No, Home Depot doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore paint. This paint’s commercial strategy prevents it from being sold outside Benjamin Moore stores and some independent stores. It will never be sold by Home Depot.

Home Depot sells several types of indoor and outdoor paint. It can mimic Benjamin Moore colors by using color codes and color catalogues. It cannot offer the same paint consistency, however.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Home Depot sells paints which have an open commercial strategy. It also sells exclusive Home Depot paints such as Behr. However, the retail giant cannot sell paints such as Benjamin Moore due to legal reasons. Home Depot and Lowes paint doesn’t include Benjamin Moore products.

Can Home Depot Sell Me Paint Colors Such as Those From Benjamin Moore?

Yes, Home Depot can sell several types of paints such as those from Benjamin Moore in coloration. These colors might come in different codes or names.

Each Benjamin Moore color has a corresponding number. There are 12 main colors Benjamin Moore uses and these are then split into thousands of shades you can recreate at Home Depot.

Can Home Depot Match Benjamin Moore Colors?

What’s The Best Home Depot Benjamin Moore Alternative?

Behr is one of the most common Benjamin Moore alternative paints. You can rely on it in case you don’t find Benjamin Moore paint in the area where you live.

Are Home Depot Paints As Good As Benjamin Moore?

This is a tricky question.

Benjamin Moore paints cost twice as much as Home Depot paints. You get what you pay for even if Home Depot sells some of the best paints on the market.

The idea is Home Depot can create just about any color similar to Benjamin Moore just by browsing through their color catalogue.

It’s best to do this on your own as staff can sometimes push a certain product and you should have enough time to analyze which of the colors is as close to Benjamin Moore as possible.

Should You Be Buying Paint From Home Depot Anyway?

Yes, you should be shopping at Home Depot as it’s one of the best places to get quality paint. However, you should not be expecting the ultimate guidance here.

  • It’s often better to try out some paints yourself

Home Depot staff only has experience with HD products. They can’t compare Benjamin Moore with their paints. But in most cases, Benjamin Moore covers walls better in one coat than some mega-store paints. You will need to try paints out yourself as many tend to have limited results in less-then-perfect conditions.

  • Staff members have limited experience with other brands

HD staff member go through extended training. Bu they don’t have direct experience with Benjamin Moore and sometimes not even with the products they sell. Most information staff members have is theoretical, without real-world experience.

  • Don’t overlook painting tools

While Benjamin Moore and Home Depot paints are great both will fail to provide optimum results if you don’t use the right tools. Make sure you use the right brush or sprayer according that what each paint brand recommends. It’s often wroth skipping the cheapest painting tools as these will offer lesser results.

Final words

Home Depot doesn’t currently sell Benjamin Moore paint. It will never sell this brand as Benjamin Moore has a distinct market approach through its stores. If you don’t have a Benjamin Moore store near you Home Depot can match your favorite colors in their paints.