Do Refrigerators Have Wheels?

Most refrigerators have wheels that move forward and backward. Refrigerators have either 2 or 4 wheels. These are also known as casters and they are situated close to the leveling feet.

Most refrigerators such as those made by Samsung, Whirlpool, and LG, come with wheels or casters. These are added from the factory which means you don’t have to add them yourself. They are located behind the front leveling feet and in front of the back leveling feet.

Samsung fridge wheels

Samsung refrigerators have 4 caster wheels. These are only usable when the leveling feet are adjusted to a shorter height than the actual height of the casters. You can remove and replace Samsung fridge wheels during regular maintenance.


Whirlpool fridges have rollers in each of their 4 corners. These rollers sit close to the retractable leveling feet and are solely used to move the fridge. All Whirlpool fridge wheels are only designed to move the fridge on a flat surface.


Only freestanding Jenn-Air fridges come with built-in wheels. However, you can purchase individual wheels for built-in Jenn-Air refrigerators as well.


Wheels for Kitchen Aid refrigerators are sold separately.


Electrolux refrigerators have at least 2 casters for easy transportation. These are made out of plastic but they withstand the weight of a full fridge.


LG refrigerators are designed with 4 wheels. 2 wheels are in the front and 2 wheels are in the back. You can tilt the fridge forwards or backward to push it into and out of its position.


Maytag refrigerators have wheels. These aren’t visible as they’re located behind a plastic grate, together with the leveling feet.


Miele refrigerators are made with at least 2 casters for transportation.


Bosch refrigerators have at least 2 wheels. Large French door Bosch fridges are designed with 4 wheels for easier transportation.


Most refrigerators are made with at least 2 caster wheels to easily move on flat floors. These are used to push the fridge to its final location. Refrigerator wheels are also used to move the fridge to clean behind it. You should not pull a fridge out of its position while it sits on its leveling feet for cleaning. Fridge wheels aren’t appropriate for moving refrigerators up and down the stairs either.


Do all refrigerators have wheels?

Most refrigerators have 2 wheels. Fridges with 2 wheels typically place them in the back. New refrigerators are now made with 4 wheels. These wheels only allow for forward and backward fridge movements as they rarely allow multidirectional transportation.

Are refrigerator wheels adjustable?

Refrigerator wheels are fixed. Only the leveling feet are adjustable. You need to reduce the height of the leveling feet for the fridge to sit on the wheels and to be able to move it.

Do refrigerators have leveling feet?

All refrigerators have 4 leveling feet. These allow micro-adjustments of up to a few inches for a perfectly level fridge that runs at optimum cooling performance.

How to move the refrigerator upstairs?

You need a dolly to move a refrigerator upstairs. The fridge needs to be tilted at 45 degrees and transported up the stairs easily using a dolly.

How to get the refrigerator out of the basement?

Refrigerators can be taken out of the basement using a dolly. This is a 2-person operation. One person needs to pull the dolly up the stairs while another person needs to push the dolly and the fridge up the stairs. Refrigerators should not be moved out of the basement relying on their wheels. It’s best to tie the refrigerator to the dolly to avoid accidents.

How do I move a refrigerator to clean behind?

You need to lower the fridge on its wheels so that you can pull it out for cleaning. First, you need to remove the plastic lip covering the front leveling feet if these aren’t visible. A 3/8in socket wrench can be used to shorten the leveling feet so that the fridge can sit on its front wheels. You then tip the fridge slightly forward while pulling it out to clean behind.

Why do refrigerators have wheels?

Refrigerators have caster wheels for transportation. These are made out of hard plastic that only works on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood. Fridge casters aren’t appropriate for moving the fridge on the carpet.  Brands such as Jenn-Air and KithcenAid make commercial refrigerators which are more difficult to move compared to residential refrigerators which can sometimes be moved even without help.