8 Key Differences Between Ariens and John Deere

Ariens and John Deere lawn garden tractors use Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton engines. While Ariens is durable and affordable it’s John Deere that gets the most long-term praises regardless of its higher maintenance cost.

Ariens and John Deere make both riding lawn mowers and some of the best zero turn mowers. While the brands are highly respected they use engines from third-party manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Briggs and Stratton. Ariens makes simple riding lawn mowers while John Deere offers superior mulch control and a more comfortable ride.

Ariens vs John Deere – 8 Key Differences

While generally more expensive and (still) seen as a premium brand, John Deere is more expensive than Ariens. Other differences between the two brands include the following.

  1. 42 to 60-inch decks are John Deer’s diverse cutting width range

The largest cutting deck is seen on some of the best John Deere lawn tractors. From riding mowers to zero turns John Deere riding mowers there are plenty of good options to consider. If you don’t have a large yard you should limit your mower to one of the smaller designs. Some would even argue small yard owners are fine choosing an Ariens lawn tractor.

  1. Comfortable seats are a priority for John Deere

We don’t know who makes John Deere mower seats but they appear to be more comfortable than the seats Ariens uses on its mowers. This is also one of the reasons why seniors prefer John Deere. It also seems the heavier John Deere chassis reduces engine vibrations more efficiently working together with the more comfortable seats to boost overall mowing comfort.

  1. Reliability is the true strength of Kawasaki Ariens mowers

Simple mowers are always mowers that last long. While you can always choose a complex riding mower with all types of features and accessories this is not going to be the long-term solution so many seek given many of the extras tend to fail within a few years. It typically takes 4 years to start seeing electrical or mechanical issues on Ariens or John Deere. These issues don’t require specialist knowledge to fix.

  1. Kawasaki John Deere mowers are also reliable but a bit more difficult to maintain

Speaking about extras it turns out John Deere is a bit more complex than Ariens. Some of its features such as MulchControl are impressive but not fail-proof (MulchControl is extra on most John Deere lawn tractors). If you don’t need all the latest features you might as well go with an Ariens instead.

  1. John Deere uses 13 gauge steel while Ariens uses 11 gauge steel

Some users believe John Deere uses thicker steel than Ariens. This is correct. John Deere is largely using 13 gauge steel while Ariens uses 11 gauge steel for the frame and chassis. This makes John Deere a bit more durable in chassis resistance but also a bit heavier.

  1. Ariens is highly affordable

Ariens remains one of the most affordable cheap lawn tractors out there. You get a lot for the money. You can even get the same 22Hp engine John Deere uses on its yard machines. This is why the brand is highly appreciated by customers. Ariens exceeds customer expectations while John Deere meets customer expectations.

  1. John Deere has a higher resale value

What if you decide to sell your tractor a few years from now? Which of these brands is going to offer a better return? Both Ariens and John Deere hold their value a lot better compared to brands such as Cub Cadet and Craftsman. However, John Deere is going to offer a better return given it has better materials and more features.

  1. John Deere is guaranteed for at least 300 hours

Warranty is often subject to personal choice. For example, John Deere offers a selection of either a 4-year fixed warranty or 300 hours warranty for its products. This is above the market average and it should signal a potentially better product compared to the 3-year warranty offered by some MTD alternatives. You

Final words

While there are other characteristics to consider, it’s clear John Deere is superior to Ariens, but not by much. Small differences between the brands are only worth it if you have a larger budget. Otherwise, Ariens remains the best purchase in this comparison.

Some might take the discussion further to design. From this perspective, it’s hard to find a lawnmower that looks better than a John Deere or a Ryobi. But yard work isn’t defined by how great the tools look but rather by how great the yard itself looks. This is why these 2 brands serve different customers. Ariens is great for residential use on small to medium yards while John Deere with its large displacement motors is perfect for large lawns where using a push lawnmower is almost impossible.