Deep Base Paint vs Medium Base Paint [Solved]

Base paint is a type of paint made for color mixing or tinting. You use base paint when you want to combine multiple colors for a light, medium, or dark final colors.

Deep base paints are made for dark colors, medium base paints are made for vivid colors, and light base paints are made for white versions, beige, and other pastel colors.

What Does Base Paint Mean?

Paint base or base paint is a type of paint mostly sold to professionals who want to achieve a certain paint tone of a custom nature. Most paints are available in ready-made colors. But base paints can be tinted to achieve light, medium and dark colors.

But what about regular paints? Can’t they be used to make new colors? Yes, regular paints can be tinted just as deep base and medium base paints. However, deep base paints and medium base paints have free room inside the can for extra tint or paint to be added for the mixture.

What is Deep Base Paint?

Deep base paint is used as a base for rich deep colors such as blue, burgundy, green, and other darker tones. It has less white pigment than medium base paint.

What is Medium Base Paint?

Medium base paint is a type of base made for mixing lighter vivid colors. It has less white (titanium dioxide) than deep base paints.

Can I use paint without tint?

Yes, you can use paint without tinting. Medium base and deep base paints are made for better coverage and for mixing vivid, light, or dark paints.

What are paint base 1, base 2, and base 3?

Base 1 paints are made for light and neutral paint mixing. Base 2 paints are made for darker colors such as reds and yellows. Base 3 paints and base 4 paints are made for deep colors.

Do I need to use deep base paint and medium base paints?

No, these paints are made for professionals to mix. You can find alternative ready-made paints for most DIY painting projects.

How are deep base and medium base paints different?

Both deep base paints and medium base paints aren’t intended for direct painting. They are made for paint mixing. Deep base paints are ideal for dark colors such as navy and green while medium base paints are recommended for lighter colors such as yellow and even white shades.

Can I use medium base paint without tinting?

While you can use medium base paint without tinting there are more affordable ready-to-paint alternatives. Medium base paints are made for vivid, neutral, and bright colors achieved through paint mixing.

What is medium base paint used for?

Medium base paints are used to mix light paints, white paints, and vivid color paints. You can mix medium base paints for unique characterful colors which you wouldn’t otherwise find in ready-to-use paints.

What color is deep base paint?

Deep base paint is not a color but a layer paint that needs to be mixed with dark colors as it has reduced white pigment. You can mix deep base paint with navy, dark blue, dark green, red, and burgundy colors for unique tints.

Is base paint the same as primer?

No, primers are used as a pre-coat which is applied for paint to stick better. A base paint is used as a base for mixing some type of paint color that isn’t readily available. Primer is applied first while the mix of base paint is applied in after in one or 2 coats.