Can Plexiglass Shatter?

Plexiglass or acrylic sheet doesn’t shatter into small pieces similar to glass. It breaks into just a few pieces when broken, particularly close to the area where most force has been applied. It’s not unusual for plexiglass to break into 2 pieces only when highly concentrated force is applied to its surface.

Plexiglass or acrylic sheets are some of the ideal glass alternatives. Made from plastic and known as plastic sheets, polycarbonate sheets, or clear sheets in some countries.

How strong is plexiglass?

Shatterproof acrylic has a minimum resistance 6 times greater than glass and up to 30 times greater than glass in thick sheets (around 2”). The average plexiglass panel has a tested tolerance of up to 18.000lbs per inch. It breaks under higher loads but it never shatters into tiny pieces.

Plexiglass is strong enough to drill through. A wood drill bit is ideal to drill through acrylic sheets. You cannot put a small nail through plexiglass as you need to drill a hole for the nail to go through first.

In comparison terms, plexiglass is a few times stronger than glass. It protects your house when used in windows or doors as a glass replacement. While it doesn’t have the same insulation quality it has a flexible nature which means it takes more force to break plexiglass than it takes to break the glass.

Plexiglass resists shocks well. This is why it’s recommended on doors that are slammed all day. Some people add plexiglass on top of wooden doors to protect them from weather changes as well as from potential damages from cats and dogs scratching doors.

Can plexiglass shatter?

Plexiglass or acrylic doesn’t shatter. It breaks into 2 or more large pieces but it doesn’t break into as many pieces like glass. Plexiglass is typically transparent and it doesn’t change color when under heavy loads to indicate potential breaking. Plexiglass bends to a certain limit before breaking.

Cab you break plexiglass with a hammer?

Yes, you can break plexiglass with a large hammer. Smaller hammers lack the physical impact capacity to break plexiglass from a single strike. Large hammers you hold with 2 hands have the weight needed to push the plexiglass beyond its maximum bending point breaking it on the spot.

Does plexiglass break easily?

Plexiglass doesn’t break easily given it can be up to 30 times more durable than glass. Higher tensile strength needs to be applied on plexiglass to break it, typically beyond 18.000lbs per square inch PSI.


Can I use plexiglass for windows?

Yes, you can use plexiglass for windows. Some of the most durable windows are those made with plexiglass. If you need higher resistance for windows that get intense use or if you need to make cheap garage windows plexiglass is the first choice to consider.

Can I use plexiglass for a greenhouse?

Yes, you can use plexiglass for a greenhouse. You can have it cut to size and you can install it yourself adding insulation or fixing it in a way that keeps cold air out of the greenhouse.

Can I use plexiglass for a windshield?

No, you can’t use plexiglass as a windshield for cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can only use it for ATVs and other utilitarian vehicles that aren’t used on the road.

Can I use plexiglass for a shower panel?

Yes, thick plexiglass can be used as a shower panel. Make sure to prioritize thick plexiglass panels as thin plexiglass can bend under the high heat specific to bathrooms when taking a shower.

What is plexiglass used for?

The acrylic sheet uses or plexiglass uses include garage windows, safety glazing, greenhouses, impact shields, furniture, and garden furniture table top protectors. Plexiglass can also be used as cheap walls for carports as well as cheap and lightweight glass replacements in picture frames.

Does Home Depot cut plexiglass?

Both Home Depot and Lowes cut plexiglass to specific sizes. You can have it cut to your specific measurements at the moment of purchase. Make sure to note down your sizes so that staff members can cut out each plexiglass panel to your custom sizes.