Can I Plug My Dryer In a Regular Outlet?

All dryers can be plugged into regular wall outlets. However, some require 220-240V circuits (50-60Hz) while others run on standard 120V circuits (60Hz) alternating current.

Most dryers are known to be large energy consumers. This means they need a lot more power to run. Standard 120V plugs in homes come with 15-20amp capacity, which is sufficient to run modern dryers.

What outlet is best for my dryer?

A standard 3-prong grounded outlet is used to plug in dryers. Some of these need to be connected to 240V circuits if the dryer is 240V while others run on 120V circuits if the dryer is 120V.

If you’ve purchased a 240V dryer and you don’t have a 240V outlet and circuit you can’t run it on a 120V circuit. In this case, you either install a 240V circuit or return the dryer.

Do dryers need to be plugged into dedicated circuits?

Dryers need to be plugged in dedicated circuits. Dryers made for home use need anywhere between 6 and 30amps. Even if the breaker allows high amps it’s still best not to have the dryer on the same outlet or the same circuit with other appliances, no matter how big or small they are.

Dryers don’t need special outlets

Dryers only need special outlets when they run on 220-240V circuits. Many modern dryers run on 110-120V circuits with just about any wall plug in the kitchen or in the laundry room.

Make sure to check the user’s manual or the product description to discover the recommended voltage of a dryer you plan to purchase.

Many homes don’t have 220V current running to the house which means this circuit might need to be installed for 220V dryers.

Do dryers run both on 120V and 220V circuits?

Dryers either work on 120V circuits or 220V circuits. A 220V dryer won’t start on a 120V circuit. Make sure to check product information for your dryer before making a purchase.

Can I plug dryers in an extension cord?

Extension cords aren’t allowed/recommended for most dryers. Large dryer brands such as General Electric and Samsung don’t recommend using any type of extension cord for their dryers, no matter how heavy duty those extension cords are.

Why do dryers not have power cords?

Some dryers still come without a power cord. Electric dryers can use 2-prong, 3-prong, and even 4-prong plugs. Gas dryers use standard 120V cords for 3-prong outlets. Hardwiring is required on dryers that come without a power cord.

Can I use the adapter for my dryer?

It’s not recommended to use plug adapters for dryers. Most manufacturers prohibit the use of accessories such as adapters and power cords for dryers.


Most dryers made for residential use run on 110-115V standard outlets. A small percentage of dryers use 220V special outlets (if there’s a 220V circuit in the house). Gas dryers (that use propane gas) also plug into standard 120V wall plugs.


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