Can I Plug a Treadmill in a Regular Outlet?

Most treadmills can be plugged into regular outlets as long as these are on 15 or 20amp circuits depending on wattage. Home use treadmills generally need a 15mp circuit while powerful gym use treadmills require a 20amp circuit.

Powering up a treadmill for home use is one of the most exciting times when you’re building a home gym. However, you need to plan its power use accordingly if you want to safely use it for a very long time,

What can I plug my treadmill into?

Treadmills can be plugged into 3-prong wall plugs with grounding either directly or through a surge suppressor. Standard 120V plugs are recommended for treadmills.

Each treadmill has specific recommendations on plugging found in the user’s manual.

Wall plugs where you plan to use a treadmill should be on a separate circuit. You should not be sharing the same wall plug with large fitness equipment such as treadmills.

This being said, it might be complicated to wire a new plug for your treadmill. This is why you need an electrician’s help when you plan on adding a new electrical circuit.

If you face blown fuses you need to raise the amp levels of your circuit. A 20amp dedicated circuit is the highest specification option for your high wattage treadmill.

10amp – these circuits are recommended for low wattage treadmills of 800-950W

15amp – these circuits are recommended for treadmills of at least 1.200W

20amp – these circuits are recommended for large watt use treadmills

Most treadmills made for home use don’t come with powerful engines that need a lot of power. However, many treadmills of 3hp and above are often recommended with 20amp circuits which you would need to install if you don’t have them in your house.


Can I plug a treadmill in an extension cord?

It’s not recommended to plug a treadmill in an extension cord. You can plug the treadmill in a surge protector and then into the wall to ensure all power variations are safely handled.

Can I plug a treadmill in a 220V outlet?

220V outlets are common outside the US. Treadmills made for the outside of the US are typically backed by 2-prong power cords which go into standard 220V outlets.

Can I plug my treadmill in a 15amp circuit?

You can plug a treadmill in a 15mp circuit if the manufacturer recommends it. Most circuits are designed to be operated at a maximum of 80% capacity which means your treadmill needs to work on less than 15amps most times.

Can I plug my treadmill in a 20amp circuit?

20amp circuits are sometimes recommended for treadmills with high wattages such as those made with a lot of horsepower backed by large TVs, multiple sensors, and fans.

Do treadmills need a surge protector?

Some treadmills such as those made by NordicTrack are made to be used with surge protectors. Most of these treadmills come without a surge suppressor so you’ll have to buy one yourself.

How much power do treadmills use?

A simple treadmill uses around 900W. A treadmill with multiple functions sues more than 1.000W. Treadmill wattage influences the type of plugging you can consider such as direct wall plugging or plugging through a surge protector.

Do I need to unplug my treadmill after every use?

Most treadmills need to be unplugged after every use. A user manual offers this recommendation and it becomes a rule if you don’t want to void the treadmill’s warranty.


You can plug a treadmill in a grounded (3-prong) wall outlet with or without a surge protector depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. More powerful treadmills run on 20amp circuits while average wattage (<900W) treadmills run on 15mp circuits. Low wattage treadmills can even run on 10amp circuits.


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