Can Home Depot Match Benjamin Moore Colors?

Benjamin Moore colors are some of the best out there. They are always intriguing homeowners and guests are often asking about them.

But what happens when you like B.M. colors but don’t want to pay the full price to have your home look just as good?

Home Depot can match Benjamin Moore’s colors on the spot.  A Benjamin Moore color sample is needed for Home Depot staff to replicate it. Behr paint is used to recreate Benjamin Moore colors.

A spectrograph is used to replicate Benjamin Moore colors at Home Depot. The final results are mostly similar to the colors of Benjamin Moore, with subtle differences.

A top method of getting final color that looks as close to Benjamin Moore color is to use a sample from the same material you want to paint. Materials impact the final nuance as it dries considerably.

How Home Depot Matches Benjamin Moore colors

Home Depot staff use Behr paint (possibly PGG paints or Glidden paints) to match certain colors. The differences in the final results are small.

If you’re the type of person that really cares about colors you might still see subtle differences as Benjamin Moore uses slightly different pigmentation. For most people, the color differences aren’t visible.

Home Depot uses a spectrograph to match Benjamin Moore colors. The process only takes a few minutes. This machine can be used to match any color from any brand.

A spectrograph is used to determine colors and mix pigments

Ideally, you’d use a real sample of Benjamin Moore painted surface, be it drywall or a piece of wood. This sample is introduced in the machine which color matches it with Behr paint sold at Home Depot.

Some people say they can match the colors of the smartphone.

There are a few issues here, screen brightness is the most important. A real painted sample is still a more realistic sample than the pixels on the screen. However, these are the realistic results you can expect since Home Depot doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore paint.

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

You can bring your own Benjamin Moore color sample

You may ask a friend to offer you a drywall sample painted with Benjamin Moore paint for a more accurate color matching.

Some of the most common colors people like to match at Home Depot are Benjamin Moore White Dove or Simply White. These are some of the most awarded white colors out there that everybody seems to want to replicate.

A clerk paints a surface for you

Customers don’t actually do the color matching themselves. Even Home Depot staff has limited input in the process.

The colored sample is introduced in the spectrograph which automatically detects the color of the staff.

Drying might follow for color accuracy

One of the key elements of the process is as Home Depot clerks to dry a painted sample when the paint is finished for you. Dried paint looks different from wet paint.

One of the common complaints of those matching Benjamin Moore colors at Home Depot is a yellowing or a slight darkening of the color. This might be eliminated by painting and drying a sample in-store

A few reasons why Benjamin Moore color matching might fail

A few other technical details help you color match Benjamin Moore at Home Depot accurately.

  • Improper finish selection

Staff members might ask you about different paint finishes which also impact the final result. Satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, matte, and high-gloss are your main options.

All of these finishes impact the final result to a large extent. You want to be as close to your sample as possible. Staff members can detect the paint finishing for you.

  • A spectrograph that isn’t used correctly

A spectrograph might interpret results inaccurately when improperly used. You might want to ask staff members to color match twice to compare the final results just to ensure the machine is interpreting your Benjamin Moore color sample correctly.

Some of the most common Benjamin Moore colors might already be memorized by the Home Depot spectrograph. This means not all Benjamin Moore colors need samples.

  • Applying the paint on a different surface

Have you seen White Dove on a wall and you want to paint a fence with it? This might not be the most realistic approach to color matching.

You should only try Home Depot color matching for Benjamin Moore colors you want to replicate on a similar surface.

Do you have to pay for color matching?

No, Home Depot doesn’t charge color matching. Even more, Home Depot has a color database that allows them to match the exact color you’re after even without your sample.

The database shows how much of each color needs to be added for the final shade. This is why Home Depot is one of the most convenient places to find Benjamin Moore alternative paint.

Can Behr match a Benjamin Moore color?

Behr can match Benjamin Moore colors at Home Depot. Behr paint is used in an automatic spectrograph that detects Benjamin Moore colors and mixes the final results. A Benjamin Moore paint sample or painted sample is required at Home Depot for correct Behr paint color matching.

Will Home Depot’s Benjamin Moore color-matched paint work for me?

Matching colors at Home Depot is just the technical step. But you also need to ensure the paint color matches your home.

Even some of the most popular Benjamin Moore colors might not work best in certain situations.

This is why you need a visualizer.

Use The Project Color app

Home Depot has its own color visualizer app. Project Color app is a smartphone application that allows you to visualize basic colors (some similar to Benjamin Moore).

The way it works is simple. You take a picture of a room or your home and then choose a color to see how it would look it that particular color.

The app is intuitive and quite easy to use.

Pro tip: don’t use the Project Color app if you want to visualize white color. It has a poor visualizer for whites, but it works for other colors.

You can try Menards instead (if there’s one closer to you)

You can match various paint colors including those from Benjamin Moore at Menards. This service is only available in physical Menards stores and not online. Pittsburgh paint and Dutch Boy paint is used to recreate common colors from brands such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.


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