Can a Garage Have a Basement?

A garage can have a basement either for storage or when it’s built on a slope. A garage basement is cheaper than filling in the ground when building on a slope and cheaper than buying an extra property for garages in prime downtown locations.

Garage basements are a bad investment only in areas with sufficient building space that don’t necessarily require excavation.

You can build a garage basement when building the garage itself or add a basement later on. Depending on the choice of materials, the basement might need to have a support column in the middle. Garage basements can sometimes be engineered without a support column as the main garage floor cement slab rests on the basement’s wall which doubles as a foundation.

Why would a garage need a basement?

Adding a basement to a garage considerably increases its cost. In fact, a basement with a similar footprint to the garage can equate up to 50% of the final garage’s cost. However, there are good reasons to build a garage basement in some areas.

To avoid filling up ground when building on incline terrain

A suspended garage is a popular choice in many areas of the country. The terrain is rarely flat and perfect for construction in most areas, however. This is why you can create a suspended garage that doesn’t require bringing in earth and filling in the gaps. It creates at least a partial garage under the basement.

The cost of a suspended garage can become higher considering the material you use. The more concrete you use the more expensive the garage can be.

To add storage space

Basements are great for storage. In fact, a garage basement can be the perfect alternative to a house basement or to a double basement for the house when it comes to saving money and still benefiting from the extra underground storage space.

Garage basements ensure your home stays dry as many basements are known for high humidity that eventually makes their way inside of the house.

To create a unique project

A garage with a basement is a unique project. In a world where everybody wants to stand out with their innovative plans, it can be one of the most interesting projects for your home.

This is not a DIY project, however. Garage basements need engineers and architects. They require proper planning and a solid budget. Once calculated correctly, a garage basement is a unique project that involves unique skillsets.

How to make a garage with a basement

Building a garage with a basement is similar to building a small home. You cannot build one without the right permissions. Here’s what you need to do to have a basement under your garage.

Check local permissions – local regulations vary from state to state. Make sure to check with your local municipality to see if you can even build a garage with a basement.

Discuss the plans with architects and engineers – architects and engineers are needed to make up a plan for your basement under the garage. Structural integrity is important as the design itself.

Dig out the earth – you can proceed to excavate the ear of your construction. Keep in mind you might have to excavate the road to the garage as well.

Build the foundation walls – the foundation is the most important. Make sure to check building regulations to construct according to legislation.

Lay the concrete slab – the concrete slab is laid on top of the basement. This is also the floor of the garage which means it has to support the weight of the car.

Build the garage – you can then proceed to build the rest of the garage.

Suspended garage alternatives

Garages with suspended slabs are an alternative for garages with a basement. These are typically built above the ground and they tend to have a less permanent nature but still a very durable result.