6 Best Places to Buy Nuts and Bolts (Ranked)

Amazon, Tractor Supply, and Bolt Depot are the best places to buy nuts and bolts. Cheaper options are available through eBay and garage sales which tend to send nuts and bolts by the pound, often more than 50% cheaper compared to retail prices.

Have you ever wondered where is the best place to buy nuts and bolts? It turns out their prices are sky-high this time and you might not be willing to spend $3 for a single bolt at major retailers. So which options are the most valuable today?

The Best Places to Buy Nuts and Bolts Today

After comparing the major players in the nut and bolts industry you are surely going to agree the following options are the best.

1.       Amazon

Amazon is the best place to buy nuts and bolts online. It features clear shipping policies and an excellent (growing) choice of products. Amazon allows you to filter by inches or metric sizes. Thread size, head size, materials, exterior finish, and even grade class are all filters Amazon places on nuts and bolts.

A real-world example is when buying a 3 3/4in hex bolt. You can find it in various thread sizes such as 1-1/4”-7 or ¾”-16. Head style can be flat, oval, hex, etc. Titanium, alloy steel, and stainless steel are just a few materials the bolt is available together with a choice of exterior finishes such as black oxide or zinc. You can buy nuts and bolts in packs of 5 to packs of 100 typically on Amazon.

A unique advantage to Amazon nuts and bolts buying is their system of reviews. Since it’s one of the busiest online stores it also tends to gather hundreds and thousands of nuts and bolts reviews. This is why the best nuts and bolts are almost always found here as you can get a good idea of their performance by reading what other people recommend.

2.       Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is one of the suppliers selling nuts and bolts by the pound. Their advantage is a wide network across the country. You can find quality pieces here such as cadmium or galvanized bolts.

Quick checkout is a nice plus at Tractor Supply as well. Let’s say you want to buy 2lbs of nuts and bolts. The cashier simply weighs the items without having to waste any time counting individual items. A great store for busy home DIYers.

3.       McMaster Carr

Another valuable option for shopping nuts and bolts online is McCaster Carr. Quick delivery and an excellent choice of nuts and bolts are among their strengths. This is the type of place you shop at if you’re technical about your purchase. You might be more interested in durability, tolerances, materials, and shapes if you shop here. For the average person, this place can seem confusing. For a handyman with some experience McMaster Carr is a great place to buy nuts and bolts as well as other supplies such as jigsaw blades and grinding accessories.

4.       Bolt Depot

Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and fasteners can be purchased at Bolt Depot. From flat washers to structural washers Bolt Depot is one of the technical places for buying quality products. You can shop by piece here at what seems to be acceptable or lower prices compared to the competition.

5.       Garage sales

If you’re out of ideas on where to buy nuts, bolts, washers, and fasteners you can check out local garage sales. These might seem unlikely destinations for such purchases but you are guaranteed to find some gems at the lowest prices. A full jar of nuts and bolts can cost as little as $1 at garage sales. Sure, many of them aren’t new but they’re in great condition if you have the patience to look for them. The ability to negotiate prices is also something you can only find in your local community yard sales.

6.       eBay

eBay is one of the best places to buy specialty fasteners. As you might expect, there are 2 shopping methods here. You can buy products on the spot or bid for them in an auction. Some of the most dedicated nuts and bolts collectors have set up eBay shops so you might be in luck when looking for very specific products.

Final words

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s are starting to become a bit too expensive for those seeking quality nuts and bolts. Luckily all of those interested in home living, small home projects, or large construction projects can find great prices at the retailers mentioned above. It’s just a matter of figuring out which of these shopping destinations is most convenient to you.

If you’re still out of luck in finding the best prices for nuts and bolts there are smaller retailers you can consider. Micro Fasteners, Harbor Freight, Us Bolt Kits, Warren Fastening South, and Ottawa Fastener Supply (for Canada) are great places you can shop nuts and bolts at.

Deals and discounts are a great way of getting the best prices on nuts and bolts. If you aren’t in a rush you can always look out for discounts at these retailers and start stocking various products in your home garage. The best prices are often available in the winter season. However, you might only need them during the summer or in good weather. It’s always worth checking which products are on sale as you might do the same job with quality nuts and bolts but from a different brand at a lower price.