Behr vs Glidden vs PPG – Home Depot Paints Compared

Home Depot sells Behr, Glidden, and PPG interior and exterior paints. Behr has the ultimate 1-coat coverage followed by PPG. Glidden is more affordable but less durable.

When you’re after a good paint at Home Depot you mainly have 3 choices. Behr, Glidden, and PPG are the paints you can go for. Sure, there are always other stores and paint shops you can go to. But this article focuses on Home Depot paint, its qualities, drawbacks, and best use tips.

There are 4 Behr lines stocked by Home Depot. The store sells 2 PPG lines and 2 Glidden lines. You can pay as little as $5 for a sample Home Depot paint that comes in an 8 ounce can. One gallon of paint costs around $60 at Home Depot on average.

Behr Review – Is it Worth The Hype?

Behr is Home Depot’s signature paint. It comes in 4 lines with different qualities and prices. Behr is a valuable Benjamin Moore alternative as well as an affordable Sherwin Williams alternative. Let’s see which Behr paints you can buy at Home Depot.

Behr Dynasty

Behr Dynasty is a low odor and low VOC paint. It’s the main Behr paint to consider for 1-coat application with maximum durability. It blocks stains and it is easy to clean. This paint costs a bit more than Behr Marquee. Durability and cleanability are characteristics of Behr’s Dynasty paint.

Behr Marquee

High-performance Behr paints to block stains are found under the Marquee line. This paint is ideal for adherence and easy application gave it comes with a primer as well. Behr Marquee is ideal for beginners or non-professionals as it sticks to all surfaces easily.

Behr Ultra

Behr Ultra is cheaper than Dynasty and Marquee. This paint shows proper scuff resistance. Since 1 gallon of Behr Ultra costs as little as $36 you can consider it as a value for money choice if you love Behr in general.

Behr Premium Plus

A paint that resists dirt and grime for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms is available with the Premium Plus Behr line. This is the cheapest Behr Home Depot sells, but still a valuable choice both on coated and uncoated surfaces.

Behr Dynasty vs Marquee vs Ultra vs Premium Plus

Behr Dynasty and Behr Marquee are premium Home Depot paint for indoor and outdoor paint jobs. Skilled painters can use both of these paints for 1-coat premium results. Behr Ultra and Behr Premium Plus are cheaper versions of these paints with at least 2 coats needed for similar results.


Glidden is the most affordable Home Depot paint. 1 gallon of Glidden costs half as much as premium Behr paint. You can cover anywhere between 300 and 400 square feet with 1 gallon of Glidden. Painting large areas on a budget have never been cheaper.

Glidden Premium

Glidden Premium is a bit more durable than Essentials but less durable than PPG and Behr paint. Regardless of the surfaces, you’re painting you need at least 2 coats with Glidden Premium.

Glidden Essentials

An even cheaper option comes with Glidden’s Essential paint. It’s a bit less durable which can be translated into 1-2 years of reduced resistance compared to Glidden Premium and about 4-5 years reduced resistance compared to Behr premium paints.

Glidden Premium vs Essentials

Glidden Premium is only a bit more expensive than Essentials. Easier to apply and recommended for large surfaces, it can be the main paint you buy for your home while Essentials can be used as a backup for touch-up work.


A midway choice between Behr and Glidden, PPG is a good value for money Home Depot paint. You can get 1 gallon of PPG paint for around $36 which is sufficient to cover 400 square feet. Here are the 2 main lines PPG paint is available at Home Depot.

PGG Timeless

PPG Timeless acrylic paint is ideal for interiors that last. You can use it on walls, ceilings, trim, and other details. PPG Timeless interior paint is cheaper than PPG Timeless exterior paint by about $10 per gallon.

PPG Diamond

PPG Diamond is the cheaper option. This paint is great for large surfaces without stains as it’s not designed to block any marks or stains.

PPG Timeless vs Diamond

Both Timeless and Diamond PPG paints are available in matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finish. Working on difficult surfaces which require stain-blocking paint is a job for PPG Timeless while all other clean surfaces can be painted on with PPG Diamond.

Behr vs PPG

Behr is comparable to PPG for general jobs. Applicability and durability are areas where Behr is superior. You won’t see the real difference between these 2 paints for at least a few years as a result. You can also read more about PPG vs Sherwin Williams to find out how this value for money paint compares to premium paint.

  • Behr – 5*
  • PPG – 4$

Behr vs Glidden

Behr is vastly superior to Glidden paint. It gets high marks for 1-coat results, durability, color choices, applicability in exterior and exterior application. Glidden is more affordable, however.

  • Behr – 5*
  • Glidden – 1*

Glidden vs PPG

Glidden is inferior to PPG in color choices and durability. It’s hard to recommend Glidden as stain-blocking paint. It should be considered a cheap backup paint or paint for perfect areas without moisture, stains, mold, or other such previous problems.

Behr vs Glidden vs PPG

Behr is superior to Glidden and PPG in durability. Behr is also the easiest paint Home Depot sells for cleaning and longevity. PPG follows as a value for money paint, ideal for residential use. Glidden is an inferior paint to be considered for touch-ups rather than for the ultimate magazine-like painting results.

Behr vs Glidden vs PPG pricing

You will pay most for Behr paint. Its prices sometimes mirror Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore discount prices. You might even find some Behr paints look as good as Benjamin Moore as Home Depot can color match the paint for you.

Glidden is the most affordable Home Depot paint but also the choice you should stay away from. Given surfaces are painted again after years you should save up either for PPG or for Behr for lasting results.

PPG paint is ideal for entire homes, garages, decks, or any other large projects where you need to be on a budget. However, as with any large painting project, it’s labor that is going to cost the most so most shoppers are encouraged to step up to Behr paint instead.

Behr Glidden PPG
Durability 4/5 1/5 3/5
Cleanability 5/5 0/5 3/5
Stain-blocking 5/4 1/5 3/5
Coverage 1 coat 4 coats 2 coats
Price $$$$ $ $$$


How long do Behr, Glidden, and PPG paints last?

You can expect Behr to last the longest. However, even Behr paint won’t last 10 years as other premium paints. Behr covers surfaces the best while Glidden needs up to 4 coats to cover as efficiently. PPG paint lasts similarly but still less than Behr.

Are Behr, Glidden, and PPG paints comparable to Benjamin Moore?

Neither of these paints is truly comparable to Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, or Sherwin Williams paints in durability. While the application is as easy with Behr as with Benjamin Moore, it’s the lifespan of the paint where the difference is made in favor of the more expensive specialized paints. You can also consider paints from other stores, read our Lowes vs Home Depot Paint guide to get a clear picture of your options.