Ariens vs Troybilt – What Are The Differences?

Ariens and Troybilt make affordable and durable snowblowers. Customer service is better over at Ariens whole Troybilt has the advantage of 3-stage performance. Ariens is the better option for residential use compared to Troybilt which suffers from the same MTD longevity issues seen in Cub Cadet snowblowers.

While Ariens is more dependable Troybilt benefits from accessible prices. Beginners are often the main target of Troybilt snowblowers as they’re easy to handle. One-touch power steering is one of the button-based benefits Troybilt has over other brands.

If you’ve to debate an Ariens over a Troybilt you need to know what to avoid first. It’s best to avoid Ariens snowblowers with a small engine (under 300cc) as these struggle in deep snow with a clearing path of over 28 inches. It’s also best to avoid Troybilt at full retail price as it has little originality and no proven benefits over other MTD machines.

Ariens vs Troybilt – 6 Key Facts

While direct competitors, Ariens and Troybilt have multiple similarities rather than differences. The biggest difference between Ariens and Troybilt is durability. Ariens easily last at least 10 years while Troybilt isn’t known as a snowblower to keep for life.

Here are a few other facts about these 2 brands which show how much they are like each other in other regards.

  1. Ariens and Troybilt are normally sold with a 3-year warranty

While more durable, Ariens still only comes with a 3-year warranty just like Troybilt. This is why you’ll only be covered for a short period. Snowblower repairs are expensive and if you are planning in keeping your snow clearing machine for at least a decade you should prioritize Ariens. Made to handle easily, Ariens is on the same level as Honda (Read an Ariens vs Honda comparison), Toro, and Simplicity snowblowers even with a shorter warranty.

  1. You can get both brands on wheels and tracks

The difference between wheels and tracks in snowblowers is seen in traction. Tracks are better in extreme snowstorms. If you live in states such as Montana you want to take a closer look at Ariens and Troybilt snowblower with tracks for that extra traction.

However, both show limitations in how fast they can clear snow up to 300cc. Traction isn’t everything and if you live in the Northern states you can prioritize larger engines as well.

  1. Ariens and Troybilt are cheaper than other snowblowers

Ariens costs up to a few times less than a Honda snowblower. Troybilt snowblowers cost anywhere between $1.000 and $2.000. This puts the 2 brands on equal grounds when it comes to pricing.

A small advantage when it comes to pricing has to be recognized in favor of Troybilt. Since the brand makes fewer snowblowers than Ariens it also has better prices with a reduced price range. Ariens now makes even professional snowblowers which can cost twice as much as a regular Troybilt.

  1. Chutes are customizable to 200 degrees

Customizable chute angle is something you don’t care about until you see your snowblower missing one. Both brands offer either plastic or metallic chutes you can angle adjust when throwing snow.

Snow is typically cleared away from the house and public roads. It’s always nice to go with a real snowbloer that can angle adjust its chute.

  1. 50 feet is the maximum snow-throwing distance you can hope for

While different in many perspectives which often include pricing, Troybilt, and Ariens snowblowers have similar maximum performance. In ideal circumstances with low or medium snow, you can expect the machines to blow the white powder up to 50 feet away. This also depends on the type of snow you’re clearing as wet snow will not travel as far. At the same time, clogging happens with both brands, especially in deep snow. It’s best to clear the white stuff as often as possible during a snow storm to avoid such trouble.

  1. Both can struggle in very deep (28-29 inch) snow

There’s a fine line you can cross with a small engine large clearing path snowblower. Most people tend to think 28” is a minimum clearing path. But if you don’t go for one of the powerful engines of these brands (such as the 420cc on the Arctic Storm 34) you won’t be able to enjoy maximum performance. All snowblowers from Ariens and Troybilt should come with a 24” feeder when dealing with smaller 200-300cc engines.

Maybe this is why Arctic Storm 30 is a Troybilt best-seller. This snowblower comes with a 357cc engine. A few other tips can be applicable when buying Troybilt. The company makes both polymer and steel chutes which is important when you let the snow pile up. Users should stay away from polymer chutes when possible.

So which snow blower should you buy between Ariens and Troybilt?

While both brands are still gaining in popularity it’s unlikely for Trobilt to catch up to Ariens in customer satisfaction over the next 5-7 years. Ariens has already proven itself and those who aren’t sure about it can easily check the high resale value of old Ariens on Craigslist and similar websites.

  • Get an Ariens if you can save up more

While Ariens sells some of the best snowblowers under $1.000 you should aim at getting the best Ariens snowblower from its mid-range lines or high-end lines. It’s these machines that are going to work the longest. Ideally, you’d buy these from respected dealers as not all Ariens are available at big box stores.

  • Consider a Troybilt (but only with a metal chute and 357cc engine)

Let’s say you want to avoid Ariens at all costs. In this case, you shouldn’t opt for one of the smaller 243cc Troybilt snowblowers. The best Troybilt snowblower (often the Arctic Storm 30) comes with a larger engine which is made for all types of weather.

Final words

Ariens makes better snowblowers at 24” feeders while Troybilt makes affordable track-drive snowblowers for those who live in areas with harsh winters. Long-term reliability recommends Ariens in almost all aspects which include possible mechanical or electrical issues which are rather common at Troybilt and other MTD brands.