Ariens vs Honda Snowblowers – Which To Get?

Ariens snowblowers clear an average of 2.100lbs of snow per minute. Honda snowblowers clear more snow per minute (up to 3.000lbs) only on track drive. Wheel drive Ariens and Honda snowblowers have similar performance but different pricing since Honda charges more for its heavier snowblowers.

Ariens and Honda are two of the most reliable snowblower brands. You can use them for years and years. There are endless reviews of these machines working for 10, 15, or even more years. This is why they are among the few trusted brands when it comes to clearing snow.

Are heavier or lighter snowblowers better? This question answers the debate. Heavier snowblowers have better traction but they aren’t as easy to maneuver. Ariens makes lighter snowblowers while Honda uses thicker metal and stronger engines which makes their machines heavier and ideal for large homes or light commercial use.

Ariens vs Honda Snowblowers Compared by Characteristics

Ariens makes its engines as does Honda. Both are durable but for the same amount of money, you will get a smaller Honda engine as Honda snowblowers are more expensive. Both Ariens and Honda shine in single-stage and two-stage performances.


The main problem in choosing between Ariens and Honda is pricing. There’s no snowblower worth getting from Honda that is under $3.000. On the other hand, you can get a very good Ariens that costs anywhere between $1.000 and $2.000, particularly from the Deluxe line.

How much you pay for a snowblower is a matter of personal choice. However, you should separate the expected lifespan from the warranty. Honda surprisingly offers a 3-year warranty, which is what Ariens offers for its residential snowblowers (only a 1-year warranty for commercial use). This is why customer service is the same in Ariens and Honda and you will be dealing with any mechanical or electrical issues on your own after 3 years. Luckily, problems with Ariens snowblower and Honda snowblowers are very rare.

What $3.000 gets you at Ariens and Honda?

Since Honda snowblowers aren’t competing directly with Ariens given their higher cost we need to consider a high-end Ariens snowblower for a true realistic comparison (check out our Ariens vs Toro guide for a head-to-head brand comparison).


You can get the Ariens Deluxe 30 EFI snowblower for optimum performance and comparable results with Honda machines. This snowblower clears snow up to 50 feet in the air and it can be one of those machines that eliminate snow from your yard and throw it over the road so you don’t deal with large piles of snow.

Based on a heavy potent 306cc engine this is a heavy snowblower. Some people use it with its bare tires while others use it with snowblower tire chains, particularly in heavy snow storms since this is a high altitude machine.

With a 30in clearing width, this is more than sufficient for the average US home. It might even be a bit too heavy for those who only clear snow a few times per winter.


For the same amount of money, you only get a 24” snoblower from Honda. However, its performance is slightly better, even if you have to take multiple turns to cover up for the smaller clearing path.

Based on a Honda GX200 OHV engine, this snowblower is made to last. It clears snow efficiently, albeit not as close to the ground as Ariens. This best Honda snowblower also comes with hydrostatic drive, but it is a bit easier to maneuver as it feels more like a professional tool.

Its convenient controls are also something to get interested in Honda about. For example, it features electronic chute control. The use of a joystick allows you to enjoy up to 200 degrees of automatic chute control without manual input.

Based on a large gas tank the snowblower can also be used for large jobs. It clears snow up to 50 feet away, just like the Ariens. Its nominal snow-clearing power is 1.500lbs per minute, which is a bit less than the average of Honda, at least in this budget.

4 Short Ariens vs Honda Conclusions

While you can’t go wrong with either Ariens or Honda there are differences to consider as summarized below.

  1. Honda snowblowers cost more

Honda snowblowers cost the most. Even when you go for a small snowblower you will still pay more with Honda than with Ariens. This is why these two brands aren’t even in direct competition. However, if you can pay more you should go for a Honda for its proven reliability.

  1. Honda snowblowers with comparable Ariens pricing don’t throw snow further

This being said, you won’t throw snow further with a Honda than with Ariens. You pay more for the expected lifespan and not for the distance snow can be thrown at. You will get snow thrown up o 50 feet away when spending up to $2.000 on a snowblower either from Ariens or from Honda.

  1. Ariens has a wider snow clearing path

Wide clearing paths (of 30” and over) cost a lot more at Honda than at Ariens. You might even end up spending a few times more on an equivalent 28” snowblower at Honda as most affordable designs from the brand sit at 24” clearing path.

  1. Best budget snowblowers can’t include Hondas

Budget snowblowers are the dominating segment of the market. This is why Ariens is easily seen around your block when Honda snowblowers are rare. Most people will not pay three times as much for their first snowblower. Honda tends to be one of the concomitant snowblowers you get to replace your old machine as a step up. Ariens, on the other hand, is an excellent first snowblower choice.