Are Undercounter Gas Ovens a Good Idea?

Undercounter gas ovens exist as reconverted gas wall ovens. While US regulation doesn’t require ventilation, adding a direct source of outside ventilation in the proximity of the under-counter gas oven is crucial. However, it’s best to avoid gas ovens under the counter in favor of a zero-emissions electric oven.

Many people (including professional chefs) prefer gas cooking over electric cooking. It’s believed gas ovens make food taste better than electric ovens. While gas wall ovens exist they should not be seen as a priority due to safety reasons since there are thousands of electric ovens to consider for the kitchen.

This being said, a few companies such as Pennsylvania BlueStar, Viking, or American are still manufacturing wall gas ovens. In the right safety conditions, these can prove superior to electric ovens.

Do undercounter gas ovens exist?

Yes, companies such as BlueStar or Viking make wall ovens you can use under the counter, as long as there’s direct ventilation (wall hole) next to the oven to deal with possible gas leaks. This is not mandatory in the US (only in Europe) but it is considered a good safety practice.

There are just a few gas wall ovens left in the US. Small brands still make them. But these are made for large kitchens, just as electric wall ovens. They aren’t designed for small spaces where the oven needs to be tucked away beneath a counter.

While gas ovens vs electric ovens is a separate discussion, it’s worth noting electric alternatives are getting better and they’re more practical as well. In terms of advanced functions, there’s no comparison and many would reconsider the classic gas wall oven when working with a brand new electric wall oven.

Can you install a gas oven under the counter?

Yes, you can install a wall gas oven right under the kitchen counter. You need to measure your free space before ordering a gas wall oven for your kitchen and you also need to ensure proper ventilation below and above the counter. You should not put a gas oven directly underneath a cooktop, however.

Do in-cabinet gas ovens need ventilation?

Yes, in-cabinet gas ovens need good ventilation. Each manufacturer is required to inform customers on the proper safety measure of the gas wall ovens since US legislation is a bit more relaxed compared to EU legislation where gas ranges and ovens need to be installed following at least one hole in the wall that acts as ventilation in the case of a gas leak.

Why handling a separate cooktop and gas oven is difficult

Separate appliances such as an individual gas oven and a separate cooktop are designed for large kitchens and large homes. Ranges are ideal for compact kitchen spaces where having a separate gas oven isn’t possible with additional cabinets. If you can only find space for your gas oven under the counter you should reconsider your appliances to other best appliances for small kitchens.

The best alternative for a cabinet gas oven under the counter

Ranges are the best alternative for undercounter gas ovens. Made with considerable power (around 25.000 BTU), ranges provide the ideal setup for just about any type of cooking, especially for those who love food.

Ranges come in all shapes and sizes. You can find a small range or a large range to fill in the space under the counter and cut out the counter to clear the space for the cooktop area.

It’s best to avoid having any type of dangerous materials around the cooking area as a general principle. Extra caution is needed for gas ovens and gas ranges which can overheat faster than an electric alternative.

Final words

Installing a gas oven under the counter is certainly possible. However, this is not a best safety practice and it’s generally seen as a shortcut to make small kitchens look as luxurious as large kitchens that can accommodate separate large appliances.

While this can be an interesting look there are better options to consider. Among them is the classic range. On the other hand, if you can move your gas oven to a separate cabinet as a true wall gas oven you will have tasty food that’s often reviewed higher than food cooked in electric ovens.

A final note needs to be highlighted on gas wall ovens in general. These are a dying breed and even if you succeed in using one at home it will soon become an outdated kitchen space as almost all wall ovens are now electric.