Are Refrigerators Cheaper at Costco?

Refrigerators at Costco are generally cheaper. They are cheaper than refrigerators at Home Depot and Lowes by up to 30%. Costco refrigerators are similarly priced or cheaper than Amazon refrigerators.

Further savings apply when buying refrigerators at Costco. 2% cashback rewards are offered on each refrigerator purchase while an extra 2% annual reward can also apply to some customers. In total, up to 4%, extra savings are offered to those buying already cheaper refrigerators at Costco.

How much cheaper are Costco refrigerators?

Refrigerator Costco Amazon Home Depot Walmart
Frigidaire 7.5 cu ft Compact Refrigerator – EFR751 $399 $549 $476 $545
Danby 7.0 cu ft Frost Free Refrigerator $569 $569 $700 N/A
Samsung 21.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator $999 N/1/ $1.200 N/A

As seen from these examples, Costco refrigerators can be considerably cheaper than refrigerators at Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart. Amazon refrigerators are similarly priced to Costco refrigerators. However, Amazon fridges are never cheaper than Costco fridges.

Price differences vary considerably depending on the type of refrigerator you plan on buying. You might not even find a cheaper refrigerator at Costco for a certain model from a certain make.

However, you can expect a compact 7.5 cu.ft Frigidaire refrigerator to be up to 30% cheaper at Costco compared to all other retailers.

You can expect a French door Samsung refrigerator to be up to 15% cheaper at Costco.

Smaller brand refrigerators such as Danby refrigerators are up to 20% cheaper at Costco compared to Home Depot. However, these fridges are priced matched to Amazon fridges.

Walmart fridges are never cheaper than Costco fridges. Lowes refrigerators are never cheaper than Costco refrigerators.

5 reasons why Costco refrigerators can be even cheaper

Savings rarely end with the final price at Costco. You can save a bit of cash with your loyalty when you become a Costco member. This is in form of cashback so you can spend that money at Costco. Here are all of the savings which make Costco refrigerators the cheapest.

  1. Included delivery

Costco includes delivery for its refrigerators. You don’t have to arrange your own delivery and you don’t have to drive to the store putting in your own gas and time. Once you decide on the refrigerator you want, a Costco contractor delivers it to your door.

  1. Included installation

Installation is also included when you purchase a Costco refrigerator. This means you save money as you don’t have to hire a professional to set the refrigerator up for you. Of course, this is a service you can often do on your own. But more advanced refrigerators always benefit from professional installation.

  1. 2 years Costco extended warranty

Costco can come with serious savings down the road for all major appliances such as refrigerators. Most brands offer a 1-year warranty for their refrigerators. Costco extends this to 2 years.

Fridge repairs are very expensive. It’s not uncommon for a faulty refrigerator to cost up to 50% of its acquisition price in repairs soon after the warranty’s expiration. Costco extends the warranty to 2 years for all of its refrigerators which is a major advantage for almost any type of customer.

  1. 2% cashback reward

A standard 2% cashback reward applies to customers buying refrigerators from Costco. So how much is this in US dollars?

You save $7.99 when buying a Costco refrigerator worth $399 through Costco’s 2% cashback reward.

You save $11.98 when buying a Costco refrigerator worth $569 through Costco’s 2% cashback reward.

You save $19.98 when buying a Costco refrigerator worth $999 through Costco’s 2% cashback reward.

These savings are small. But they add up to a price that’s already lower than the prices of the competitors.

  1. 2% annual reward (executive members only)

Costco members are clients that are part of the Costco membership plan. These clients qualify for a further 2% reward at the end of the year.

This means a refrigerator you buy for $999 at Costco will get a further $40 discount when you’re a Costco member.

This policy has its exceptions, of course. One of them is that you have to be a Costco member. If you’re a frequent Costco customer you need to know the 2% annual reward is capped at $1.000.

However, these further savings make Costco one of the cheapest places to buy a refrigerator from.


Refrigerators at Costco are cheaper than those at Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. They are only marginally cheaper or similarly priced to refrigerators sold by Amazon.

Refrigerators that are similarly priced to those on Amazon are actually cheaper through Costco policies which offer further 2-4% savings. These are cashback savings that Amazon doesn’t offer technically making Costco the cheapest place to buy refrigerators.

If your sole concern is pricing, Costco is a cheaper place to buy appliances. Refrigerators here are considerably cheaper than refrigerators sold by other stores.

The extended warranty is one of the policies which is often overlooked by those buying refrigerators elsewhere. However, a 2-year Costco warranty ensures customers don’t have to deal with costly repairs that add to the initial cost of a refrigerator.

Cashback savings might be limited to in-store purchases. But these savings are worth it if you’re regularly buying appliances or other goods from Costco. But if you aren’t a regular Costco customer, the 2-4% savings might not be a sufficient incentive to consider shopping there instead of other places such as Walmart.


Is Costco cheaper than Lowes?

Costco refrigerators and appliances are considerably cheaper than Lowes. Costco refrigerators can be up to 30% cheaper than Costco. Further savings are offered up to 4% for Costco members (Costco members need to pay $60 in annual fees).

Does Costco install refrigerators?

Costco delivers and installs refrigerators. The company offers these free services together with an extended 2-year warranty. All of the refrigerators at Costco are professionally installed and subject to discounts.