Are Pittsburgh Tools Any Good?

Pittsburgh is an entry-level brand of hand tools available at Harbor Freight. The tools are made with comparable quality to Craftsman but at a better price. Pittsburgh also offers a lifetime warranty on its products when purchased through Harbor Freight.

Have you ever wondered around Harbor Freight around Pittsburgh Tools? They are known for their tempting price but you might believe others will think less of you when you don’t own Kobalt, Craftsman, DeWalt, or Apex Tools.

What’s the Deal With Tools Snobbery?

Most users buy tools to use them a few times per year. But the same users expect to buy premium tools at the highest prices. Pittsburgh doesn’t make premium tools and it doesn’t even market these tools to professionals. Harbor Freight sells some of the cheapest tools on the market.

Are Pittsburgh Tools Any Good?

Pittsburgh Tools are entry-level products made overseas. Chinese and Taiwanese Pittsburgh tool batches make it to Harbor Freight. While it’s generally believed Taiwan-made Pittsburgh tools are better these are of the same quality as Chinese-made Pittsburgh tools.

Pittsburgh Tools is a brand that makes affordable handheld tools you can use in your garage. These are backed by a lifetime warranty even if they aren’t made from the strongest metal. Pittsburgh Tools are up to 50% cheaper than similar brands such as Quinn, Craftsman, Fleming Supply, or Kobalt.

Who Makes Pittsburgh Tools?

Harbor Freight makes Pittsburgh Tools under its brand. The store manufactures most Pittsburgh tools in China. A small percentage of these tools are manufactured in Taiwan. They are available in the US through retailers such as Harbor Freight and Amazon.

Which Pittsburgh Tools are The Best?

Almost all Pittsburgh Tools are good value for the money. According to user satisfaction and Pittsburgh tools, reviews here are the best products to consider.

  • Pittsburgh Tool Kit – 130pcs With Case

Without a doubt, these forged steel tools in a kit are the best tools Pittsburgh offers in value for money. The 16 hex keys, 40 bits, the ¼, and 3/8 drive ratchets are the best tools in this set according to what most guys say.

  • Pittsburgh Tool Kit – 225pcs With Case

While it costs three times as much, the 225pcs alternative from Pittsburgh is even better if you love working on your car, truck, or ATV in your garage. 3 ratchets, 115 sockets, short and long hex keys are all found in this set.

  • Pittsburgh Tool Kit With 4-Drawer Chest

Made from carbon steel and coated in chrome, the tools here are amazing. While not the hardest metal, they are great for enthusiasts and they even come in a drawer chest to help you stay organized in your garage. These are another great bargain from Pittsburgh.

  • Pittsburgh 13.000 Portable Vehicle Ramp Set

Made from polypropylene, the vehicle ramp set by Pittsburgh Automotive is a must-have if you’re tired of breaking your back with heavy steel ramps. Rated up to 16.000lbs vehicle weight they support tires up to 7-1/4” wide, making them ideal for just about any DIY car repair job.

Pittsburgh Tools vs Craftsman – Which is Better?

Both Pittsburgh Tools and Craftsman Tools are reliable, affordable, and sold with a lifetime warranty. These are entry-level tools under Duralast in quality, but also a bit more affordable as they’re exclusively made for home use.

Garages and professionals rarely use Pittsburgh or Craftsman. However, home users typically favor affordable tools and in this case, Pittsburgh is the first choice as their hand tools are more affordable than Craftsman’s tools.

Pittsburgh Tools vs Evercraft – Which is Better?

Napa’s Evercraft Tools are made with better quality than Pittsburgh Tools. Evercraft’s ratchets are generally better-regarded than Craftsman tools which are also a bit more expensive than Pittsburgh ratchets.  Both Pittsburgh and Evercraft tools are replaced by Harbor Freight and NAPA under warranty, no questions asked.

How long do Pittsburgh tools last?

Since these tools are under lifetime warranty it becomes a bit unnecessary to worry about their longevity, unless you’re considering them for a mechanic’s shop.

Longevity is great with Pittsburgh tools. Even when used constantly they show minimum signs of wear. Pittsburgh tools are expected to last 6-7 years before showing considerable signs of wear.

Are Pittsburgh Tools Representative to Harbor Freight?

No, Pittsburgh Tools do not represent the entire line of products available at Harbor Freight. You can rest assured there are good and bad tools to buy at Harbor Freight. Pittsburgh happens to be a brand or a line of tools that is good in the entry-level category.

Almost all major retailers from NAPA to Home Depot make their tools abroad and sell them under a certain brand. Many of these tools are even the same. It would surprise nobody if Pittsburgh tools would be sold without any changes but under a different name.

However, Harbor Freight has a very wide range of products and you cannot dispute their expertise in the field. After all, they have hundreds of stores across the US.

Final words

Pittsburgh makes honest and reliable tools that don’t cost a lot. They are mostly used in the DIY automotive space where drivers choose these as the main tools for their garage. Mostly available in tool kits they offer a great choice for those purchasing cheap automotive tools for the first time.

The alternatives to Pittsburgh are sometimes more expensive. They end up costing as much as 10 times more than these tools which is a price not many are willing to pay unless they are true professionals who need precision tools that withstand daily abuse. Otherwise, Pittsburgh tools are here to stay and the lifetime warranty you get on them proves you don’t have to overspend to take good care of your vehicle.