Are Ikea Sinks Any Good?

Ikea sinks look good, but are they as durable as they look? This article explains the reliability of these beautiful sinks for your kitchen and bathroom.

Ikea stainless steel, quartz-composite, and ceramic sinks last at least 5 years. Quality products, these sinks do scratch within 3 years, but not more than other sinks. All scratches on Ikea sinks are superficial and they last a long time.

The sinks Ikea makes aren’t always high on the list of priorities for many kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

It’s furniture Ikea is best known for. However, their vanity sinks and kitchen sinks aren’t bad at all as they all last at least 5 years, even with heavy use according to user reviews.

But what’s the real deal with the sinks? Are Ikea sinks worth it or do you need to look elsewhere? Here’s what we found out.

5 reasons why Ikea sinks are good

As with all Ikea products, there are good and bad aspects to consider. Luckily, there are more pros than cons for Ikea sinks.

1.       Minimalist designs

Durability and practicality are important when it comes to sinks in the bathroom or sinks in the kitchen.

But we all make these purchases impacted by what we think about how they look first. From this perspective, Ikea is among the leaders.

Their sinks look very good. We can rate Ikea 90 out of 100 for how they look and 70 out of 100 for how long they last.

2.       Great colors

Ikea sinks come in a stainless steel metallic look, a black finish, a gray finish, a beige color, and even a red/brown color.

All of these colors and finishes are ideal for matching the desired look of your kitchen or your bathroom.

White sinks are also made by Ikea. They can be used as front sinks are they give off an air of elegance.

3.       Good durability

Most customers say Ikea sinks last 3 years in pristine condition and more than 10 years in good condition. Surface-level scratches appear on almost all Ikea sinks after 3 years, but these aren’t deeper than the scratches Lowes or Home Depot sinks show after a few years.

The quality of the sinks is good and there’s no room for sizing error as all Ikea sinks are made to true size. Some smaller sink brands have known sizing issues where the bathroom sink doesn’t fit or the kitchen sink doesn’t fit as advertised.

4.       Great sizes

When it comes to sizing there are plenty to choose from when it comes to Ikea.

Most Ikea sinks are made for home use and not commercial use. This is why their sizes and durability are specific to home needs. You can find these sinks in various standard and other non-standard interesting sizes.

Long 29” sinks – ideal for a bit more lateral room

Narrow 8×17” sinks – ideal for small kitchen cabinets and small kitchens in general

Standard deep 21” sinks – great sinks for most situations

5.       Countertop with integrated sinks

Countertops with integrated sinks are the best kept Ikea sinks secret. This combination of a stainless steel countertop with 1 or 2 bowls is the closest you can get to a commercial-level sink in your home when shopping at Ikea.

Perfect for families, this large heavy-duty sink is recommended for those who like to cook daily and who need to do a lot of washing up.

2 reasons why Ikea sinks might not be as good as others

Some Ikea sinks aren’t as good as others. You should not confuse the quality of an affordable Langudenn with a premium Sinksjon.

In general, the drawbacks of all these lines can be summarized as follows.

  • Ikea sinks scratch within 1-3 years

Most people agree on all sinks scratch eventually. The sooner you realize this the less disappointed you become. Ikea sinks can scratch as soon as 12 months but they can also start to show superficial scratches not sooner than 3 years.

Most Ikea sinks show minor scratches after 3 years. These are only cosmetic damages as the sinks themselves don’t get structural damage even when using hot water to wash dishes every day.

  • Not the cheapest sinks

Ikea sells sinks at various prices. You can buy an Ikea sink for as little as $60. You can also pay more than $300 for an Ikea sink. The more invested you are in your kitchen or bathroom the more reasonable it is to go with a more expensive option.

What type of sinks does Ikea sell?

Ikea sells various types of sinks that come in different materials, sizes, and designs. There are many sinks with grooves on drainboards. There are even Ikea sinks with a countertop-like groove-less drain that works more than a countertop for chopping vegetables and food prep.


  • Stainless steel
  • Quartz composite
  • Porcelain/ceramic

Ikea makes some of the best-looking sinks in the business. Almost all of their 1-bowl and 2-bowl sinks look better than their alternatives that don’t cost more than $300.


  • 1 bowl
  • 2 bowls
  • 1 ½ bowl
  • Drainboard
  • Front sinks

Ikea vs Lowes sinks – which are better?

Ikea makes sinks that look and fit best with Ikea cabinets or Ikea vanities. Lowes sells sinks that can be matched with any-brand cabinets. You can choose Ikea sinks when you’re after a minimalist look and Lowes sinks for a cheaper alternative.

Ikea vs Home Depot sinks – which are better?

Ikea has a lesser number of sinks compared to Home Depot stocks. Ikea looks after practicality and maybe a better-looking option for small sinks while Home Depot makes more durable large sinks.