Are Ikea Bathroom Cabinets Good Quality?

If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom you’ll soon find out there aren’t many furnishings you need.

However, a lot of steam and constant humidity means that bathroom furnishings have to be of high quality.

Ikea makes various bathroom sink cabinets which are some of the most affordable at the moment. Their most important characteristics are as follows.

  • A long list of Ikea bathroom vanity designs
  • Various modern minimalist Ikea colors
  • Option to go with an Ikea sink for the vanity
  • Option to go sink-less with the Ikea bathroom cabinets

When it comes to quality, people are unsure due to lower Ikea prices.

Ikea bathroom cabinets are good quality and can last years if properly assembled. Since they aren’t entirely made from solid wood, Ikea bathroom cabinets need to be tightly assembled so that the panels and drawers don’t wobble for them to last long.

It can take a bit of practice to learn how to assemble Ikea bathroom cabinets. You should have no problems if you’ve assembled Ikea furniture before.

One of the first things to remember is that engineered wood panels that are present in various percentages in these types of bathroom vanities need to be tightly screwed or joined as wobbling wears them out more than solid wood panel wobble.

7 reasons why Ikea bathroom vanities last

Given your Ikea bathroom cabinets are properly assembled, you can expect them to last a long time. Here’s why they last a long time.

  1. The pieces of wood sit well together when properly assembled

Ikea has simple but efficient designs to hold cabinet panels, drawers, and doors together. If you install them correctly at the beginning and if you don’t brute-force them, they ensure the bathroom vanity lasts for years.

Some people say hardwood bathroom cabinets last up to 60 years. You can expect Ikea bathroom cabinets to last at least a few years given you take care of them (no water leaks, proper bathroom ventilation, not forcing the cabinets by pulling or pushing them down).

  • Made with quality bathroom countertops (the area most likely to be in contact with water)

You can get your own wooden vanity countertop at Ikea. This is practically the most important part of a bathroom cabinet, especially when the sink is smaller than the cabinets themselves.

In contact with water, splashes, and humidity daily, the countertop needs to be of high quality. Since these countertops also sell well on their own, Ikea is renowned for good quality countertops that last and they are the most important piece of quality bathroom vanities at Ikea.

  • Many Ikea vanities sit on legs or float

Some people prefer floating cabinets while others like them on legs for a more classic design. Both options are excellent for bathrooms where you need to mop frequently and where water leaks from the shower or the bathtub are frequent. Elevated bathroom cabinets make Ikea bathroom vanities last longer.

  • Quality drawers

Drawers are the least durable part of Ikea bathroom cabinets. But they are still more durable than many other drawers.

You can expect a drawer’s mechanism to give out after a few years, probably sooner than the cabinets themselves. Corrosion and friction make moving cabinets of furniture last less and Ikea is no exception.

  • Open designs with no need for drawers

Ikea bathroom cabinets come with drawers, without drawers, or in a combination with drawers with open designs. You can choose to store items such as bathroom towels on the open shelves of these cabinets and smaller items in the drawers to expand the lifespan of the bathroom cabinets further.

  • Compatibility with any faucet

Ikea bathroom cabinets are compatible with all faucets. The Ikea drainage kit might be needed for some of the smaller kitchen cabinets but you can add any third-party faucet to Ikea bathroom vanities with or without a kit sink.

  • Good range of bathroom vanity sinks that fit

This brings us to the last advantage of these bathroom cabinets. They come with single or double sinks of various shapes and designs.

A wide range of modern durable Ikea sinks makes these products an excellent choice for just about any home.

What Ikea bathroom cabinets are not

There are a few minor drawbacks to these cabinets as well. For example, you need to buy the standard sizes Ikea sells.

Not luxury cabinets

While they look modern, elegant, or even timeless, these bathroom vanities Ikea makes aren’t luxurious. You’d need to look at other dedicated brands for something a bit more luxurious, but at other prices, of course.

Not customizable

Ikea bathroom cabinets cannot be customized in terms of size. You should ensure the bathroom sink cabinets fit in your space (including the space to open cabinet doors and drawers) before placing an order.


Ikea bathroom cabinets are among the best in the affordable to mid-range bathroom furnishings. They might show premature signs of wear whenever they aren’t properly assembled.

If you fear your technical skills aren’t up to standard you should not shy away from hiring a handyman to install these bathroom cabinets for you. In the end, you only do it once to then use the vanity for years and years.


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