Are Home Gym Machines Worth It?

Home gym machines are worth it only if you’re serious about training. They cost more than free weights also taking up more space. Gym machines can sustain entire workouts by themselves but they can also be used with free weights.

Buying dumbbells is one thing but buying home gym machines is different. The upfront investment is larger and the footprint of these machines is considerable.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a garage gym or a basement gym, there are multiple machines you can consider if you want something more than free weights to train with.

Are Home Gym Machines Worth Getting?

Home gym machines are known for high versatility and good results when it comes to the ultimate strength and muscle gains. They’re superior at working your muscles in isolation compared to free-weights training.

Here are a few good reasons to get home fitness equipment for your gym.

Home gym machines are multifunctional

A standard home gym can offer complex routines or workouts as it covers all major muscle groups. However, when referring to gym machines, people often understand a leg press, a chest fly, or any other piece of equipment that only works for a single muscle group.

Both general home gyms and dedicated isolation exercise home gyms machines are certainly as worth it as home as at the gym.

This is not to say you cannot build a great physique without home gym machines. Dumbbells are enough for home training in most cases.

Home gym machines promote strength gains

Home gyms are ideal for adding extra weight to a given muscle group. You can load those plates up for legs exercises unlike you’d be able to load your muscles with free weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

Fitness machines have been designed to work a single muscle very efficiently. This is why they can be superior if you want to work a certain part of your body more.

Home gym machines get you motivated

Home gym machines have something motivating about them. You see a pair of dumbbells on the floor and you need to get creative.

A gym machine doesn’t require much thinking. You just use it for the exercise or exercises it has been designed to perform.

Fitness machines complement free weight training at home

Home gym machines don’t need to exclude free weights in your home gym. You can use both to get that ultimate dream physique even without a gym membership. However, you will need a lot of space and you might need to free up a room if you don’t have the storage in your garage.

Squat racks are some of the most popular gym machines for home gyms

Squat racks or multipurpose squat racks are some of the most common home gym machines purchased after free weights. Squat racks offer very good versatility for the chest, legs, triceps, and back muscles. Both men and women can use squat racks for a fitter body.

You can buy only the gym machines which you feel get you closer to your goal

This being said, you don’t need a very home gym machine for your garage gym or your new basement gym. Your home gym can be populated only with the machines you need to reach a goal.

As an example, you might want to build your glutes for a round derriere. This is where a StairMaster can do a very good job. You might only want large legs in which case a leg press machine is a very good addition.

Some men want a large chest, a bench with a barbell is the ideal setup in this case. Others might be thinking about perfect abs. All those ab machines out there are worth it as they work abdominals from different angles with weight plates, which helps abs become more visible.

When home gym machines aren’t worth it

There are always people for whom the entire idea of a home gym isn’t worth it. People without sufficient space or those unwilling to spend so much on weights upfront might be tempted not to buy a gym machine for home use.

  • When you can’t find a good deal

Home gym machines can be expensive. The current pandemic also rarely sees them in stock. The days of considerable discounts on home gyms are now gone. You won’t see considerably lower prices on weights and gym machines anymore.

Most of these home gym machines are made outside the US. Shipping is involved. Considerable shipping delays also further increase prices making home gym machines even more expensive.

  • When you don’t have sufficient storage space

You might be thinking about that incredible leg press you have at the gym to buy it for home use as well. However, you need to think about the space needed for such large machines.

These take up a lot of space in your home and they also require plenty of space around them. You want to easily move around any piece of home gym machine so that you can load and unload plates (if it works with weight plates).


A home gym machine is always worth it if you have the finances and the space for it. Gym machines are efficient at eliminating many mistakes you can make as a beginner in fitness such as poor positioning. These are easier to use for beginners as they don’t require any creativity for certain exercises as dumbbells or barbells do.

The good news is that you can choose one or two home gym machines you like the most to work on some of the best areas of your body. If you have a large chest naturally you’ll want a machine to work the chest. If you want a large bum you’ll want to invest in a glutes home gym machine to get there sooner.

All of these machines can be used in circuit-style training as well as on their own to train at home just like in the gym. While they cost more than free weights, gym machines are also highly motivating.

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