Are Frigidaire Appliances Good?

Frigidaire is one of the affordable appliance brands you can shop in the US. Most Frigidaire appliances are made in the US (North Carolina) and they offer a reliable option for durability and affordability.

It’s quite difficult to pinpoint an exact mark on all Frigidaire appliances since they can be very different in reliability.

One of the first reasons to consider Frigidaire is the high quality of all its electric appliances that can be used to furnish an entire kitchen. From refrigerators to ovens, you can have them all from a single brand, which can be important for some people.

However, Frigidaire also makes other types of an appliance such as washers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

Now under the Electrolux umbrella, Frigidaire appliances have country-wide recognition and excellent distribution through Lowes, BestBuy, Home Depot, Howards, and Amazon.

There are a few benefits and a few drawbacks to owning Frigidaire appliances, just as with any other brand. One of the best news is that most reasons are positive with just one really negative point associated with the brand as follows.

Made in the US

Made in the US is an important trade characteristic in the world of appliances. From specific energy efficiency standards to reliability standards, this is what matters most for the American consumer.

In fact, appliances made in the US are in higher demand today when many of them are simply made overseas.

Owned by Electrolux

Frigidaire appliances are made in the US under the Frigidaire brand. This brand has been producing and selling goods under the Electrolux umbrella. Electrolux has international recognition when it comes to appliances.

As good as Whirlpool, GE, and LG

How does Frigidaire compare? Client experiences vary from one brand to another. But Frigidaire is as good as GE, LG, and maybe the same as Whirlpool. Many clients are declaring themselves satisfied by Frigidaire appliances.

It would be difficult to compare Frigidaire to Maytag or other similar brands that are a bit more expensive. However, this comparison is still made to this day. Frigidaire has nothing to lose in front of expensive luxury appliances apart from maybe materials, as the reliability is still there.

Some Frigidaire appliances easily last more than 10 years. This is the standard upgrade timeline recommendation of NEC that hints customers should replace 10-year-old appliances with new ones which are more energy-efficient.

In other words, you are likelier to replace Frigidaire appliances 10 years+ ahead due to newer appliances using less energy than to replace Frigidaire appliances due to a malfunction.

A wide range of appliances

Frigidaire makes all types of appliances. Ranges, all types of fridges and built-in refrigerators, ovens, air conditioning units, microwaves, and wall ovens are all available for purchase.

These are known to share some technologies and some design characteristics. All Frigidaire appliances are made to work independently. You don’t need to purchase all of them for your kitchen.

90-days return policy

Standard return policy might differ from retailer to retailer. Frigidaire is a trusted brand as it allows appliances to return within 90 days. This means you should be able to get a new oven whenever you aren’t satisfied with your new oven or get your money back for whatever reason the appliance of your choice isn’t up to standard.

Live chat

You can always discuss more Frigidaire appliances with retailers directly. But you can also ask questions on Frigidaire’s website where live support is known for good responsiveness.

One of the most important reasons to trust Frigidaire is that you can have all your brand questions answered in advance.

We recommend discussing expensive appliance purchases in advance with Frigidaire’s customer support staff. You might find out the location of a good dealer or you might simply find out various specifications about Frigidaire appliances that aren’t offered by dealers.

You might have recently read about the issue of refrigerators, not fitting which is often avoided when you get the true measurements directly from the manufacturer.

Full kitchen design

Another good reason to consider Frigidaire above other brands is full kitchen remodeling. This is when you have the perfect chance of choosing all-new appliances and all-new washers and dryers for your laundry room from the same brand.

Why is this important? You might get clear warranty policies. Most importantly, you can get all the information on your appliances in one place which essentially saves you time.

Short warranty for ovens

The biggest problem with Frigidaire appliances is that some of them are sold with 1-year warranties. This is a short policy that is often offered as a standard by various retailers. A 3+ years warranty is mostly only possible by paying extra.

It’s worth exploring all of your Frigidaire warranty questions directly with the brand itself. Things change fast in the appliances world and you might be able to find a good deal where you least expect.


Frigidaire makes cheap and reliable appliances. Some of them are only available with short 1-year warranty policies. However, the quality of these Made in the US appliances recommends them over other overseas products.

A true benefit of shopping Frigidaire is supporting the local manufacturing economy. You are essentially saving US jobs when shopping for Frigidaire appliances made in the US.

Most importantly, your kitchen, laundry room, and your home benefit from some of the most reliable and still affordable appliances out there.

Overspending on appliances is easy. But what’s the difference between an affordable oven that works and an expensive oven that works? This is a question only you can answer.

It’s great to see US-made appliances being available for all budgets.

Sure, little inconveniences exist with all brands. For example, some customers are unhappy that Frigidaire only offers top-loading washers and no front-loading washers.

However, Frigidaire kitchen appliances are what the brand is known for. Frigidaire kitchen appliances are superior to Frigidaire laundry room appliances.