Are DeWalt 20V Batteries Interchangeable With Black and Decker?

DeWalt 20V batteries are interchangeable with Black and Decker tools by default. Physical differences prevent DeWalt batteries to be used on Black and Decker tools. Black and Decker’s batteries don’t work on DeWalt batteries either. Adapters are used to make these batteries interchangeable.

Technically you cannot use DeWalt batteries on any other brand of tools (except Klein). While the batteries are technically similar in voltage with 20V Black and Decker batteries there are considerable differences in physics or the size of these batteries which doesn’t allow them to fit properly.

However, third-party adapters are sold for around $25 to $35. These adapters connect to Black and Decker’s tools allowing you to use DeWalt batteries properly, without any losses in performance.

Are DeWalt and Black and Decker 20 volt batteries interchangeable?

No, DeWalt 20V batteries can’t be used on Black and Decker cordless tools. Using adapters for these batteries isn’t recommended by Black and Decker or by DeWalt. However, some users prefer to use adapters as DeWalt batteries are stronger and they have a longer life cycle than Black and Decker batteries.

A few common myths about DeWalt 20V batteries interchanged with Black and Decker

If adapters are the ultimate solution to make 20V batteries interchangeable, you’d see everybody doing it. However, this is far from the case. Here are a few common myths in the world of DeWalt interchangeable batteries and 20V batteries compatible with Black and Decker.

  • DeWalt batteries are going to make my Black and Decker tools run better

While DeWalt batteries are superior to Black and Decker batteries they aren’t going to make Black and Decker cordless tools for professionals. They remain Black and Decker tools that run well, but they’re still limited in accuracy and performance.

DeWalt is superior to Black and Decker. But you cannot cheat the system by using good batteries with cheap power tools in terms of performance.

  • DeWalt batteries with an adapter are a 100% certain method that won’t make tools fail

While people are using DeWalt 20V battery adapters for years, this doesn’t mean the method is 100% certain. There are electronics both in the tools and in the batteries.

Tests show a Black and Decker tool stops the low-charge DeWalt battery in time to prevent improper tool functioning. However, this doesn’t mean the electronic components of DeWalt tools are as good as signaling issues of overheating. There are no tests done with full hours of functionality with Black and Decker tools simply because most of those using these tools are novices, DIYers, or homeowners who don’t need to use the batteries intensely multiple times per day or hours at a time.

  • Black and Decker’s tools are too weak for DeWalt batteries

The other way around is a similar story. Black and Decker tools can power DeWalt tools, but only through adapters. Performance is similar on DeWalt tools with 20V Black and Decker batteries. Its durability that’s the major cause of concern using these cheaper DeWalt 20V battery alternatives.

You cannot expect Black and Decker batteries to have similar charging cycles durability to DeWalt 20V or 20V Max batteries. These batteries are made for professional use and this includes superior resistance to charge-discharge cycles.

  • 20V is 20 V – it doesn’t matter if it’s DeWalt or Black and Decker

Even if both batteries from these companies share the same power output they aren’t made to resist the same levels of intense use. DeWalt runs rigorous testing for battery reliability in demanding conditions so that they can run properly on construction sites. Black and Decker’s batteries are entry-level 20V batteries that aren’t made for intense daily use.

I can expect the same performance from using cheaper Black and Decker batteries with DeWalt cordless tools

If you plan to switch Black and Decker batteries to DeWalt tools you can’t expect the tools to run as efficiently as with DeWalt tools. From charging time to battery life, the performance is significantly different. Durability is the major cause of concern and you can expect Black and Decker batteries to fail quicker than DeWalt 20V batteries when used in DeWalt 20V tools.

  • You can’t leave DeWalt batteries inside Black and Decker tools

Another power tools myth comes with taking batteries out all the time. Li-Ion batteries are designed to be connected to the tools all the time, even when not in use. If your battery isn’t charging it should be connected to your power tools regardless of the brand you’re considering.

  • It doesn’t matter if you add a bit of size to your Black and Decker tool with the battery adapter

An adapter makes all of the Black and Decker tools larger and more difficult to maneuver. You’ll soon be left wondering how to even work with this DeWalt-Black and Decker combination in small spaces.

The biggest issues in small spaces are seen when using a 4Ah 20V battery which is about twice the size of a 2Ah 20V DeWalt battery.

This is why many of those choosing DeWalt batteries on Black and Decker tools mainly go for the 2Ah smaller size + an adapter to maintain the final power tool as compact as possible, particularly when working in tight spaces.

Final words

Using DeWalt batteries and power tools is to be celebrated. It means you’ve made it as a hobbyist or as a professional and that you can finally recognize the quality of the tools you need for quality products. However, it might not be worth forcing the company’s reliable 20V batteries on all types of cheap power tools in hopes of saving some money. After all, a Black and Decker 20V battery is up to 4 times cheaper than DeWalt batteries and you might even find it easier to buy Black and Decker batteries instead of running around all types of third-party adapters.



What batteries are compatible with DeWalt 20V?

FlexVolt batteries are compatible with DeWalt 20V tools. You can use DeWalt batteries on Klein tools as well.